We hear that talk all the time of the problem there is that I cannot deal with concerning Media and Popular culture people as well as Politicians to that effect – I wouldn’t know anyway since the reality is that all they want to do with their time is seek the services of my books but ensure they never buy it, they want to be able to rip it up, lay out like a carpet and trample all over it, then share with others and become popular and important or even wealthy or all of the above, so I have to take steps to prevent that from happening. I had completed a run off of the things I needed to do in order to be ready to start selling my books by the end of the last year, so I am really keen on paying attention to my finances and getting my books sold from then on – so it is a simple case of the fact that the patents will be enforced and they think I am bluffing while their behaviour is amusing to them, which I don’t mind anyway, all I am saying is that the owner of the books is around it now and if that is not important to them they can continue and stop complaining about the outcome but if it is, they know what to do and they know what is acceptable behaviour. I am not saying it is a problem for me; in the last three days alone two very big issues have come to play on the matter – the first being my position on terrorism is made clear through my books and its contents but they will not be good with the benefits of my books, no, what they want to do is make sure the sales do not happen, then lay the benefits and contents of the books out like a carpet they even share with celebrities who are wealthy enough to afford the books without realising they did just so they can get pictures from the celebrities and splash them on tabloids and glossy magazines, then wrought as much destruction as they can on anything else left of it and share the proceeds with others, so they can get to tell me I am running around in circles, from kissing the bums of Obama people to that of Hilary Clinton and so on looking for trouble with a big mouth: apparently they want a welfare state in the US as well which I suppose I owe them some debt of helping to bring about as it were, for those that are successful in that Country are stupid hence and it is what we see every single one of them want to do at the advertisement industry these days as well – set out the part of my work that is involved with the companies can be owned by them because they have connections which can make that possible, then make advertisement people pay in millions for and run again and again and again and again on that while people become more and more and more and more miserable because of the sort of nonsense they have to listen to from them. Now the most recent issue that has emerged of late is the matter of strangers in other people’s lives, concerning which Royal Prince sets out security equities and packages them into writing but whilst they make noise about harming somebody over the problem, what they want to do with his services is hand it to celebrities for free and they want to do that, serve themselves with it, destroy everything they have not used and share with others to get followers and fans of their own and we still remember they really like to tell me that people like them who hate the NSA and security operators in the US should actually have been my biggest fans and I have no idea whom they suppose they are talking to anyway or what it is indeed they want from me but I do know that I don’t want any of their problems being solves or resolved because my books offered a solution, I priced those books more so to exclude them in the first place.

We do hear them speak of how the governments rhetoric on those who live on benefits is beginning to make sense to them and I wouldn’t know anyway since it is a matter of what people say as far as I am concerned and either way if they do get off to say one of those things we see them say on Media equipment that create a sense I am being pelted by vegetables while I have to do some government imposed work to earn my £70 pw, what I did when they did while I had to attend to a legitimate job will look like a picnic when I am done as well. I can see they believe the way it will work will be the one we have been doing so far that is all about punishing politicians who give them money every time they do it and feel like making me scream in pain to share my personal life which I have refused to share thereby courting their wrath and ending up in a place where they are sharing problems with me to have it anyway – all I can say is that if they are expecting me to write a personal diary that will not happen as all the personal diaries are full and none will be written any further in order to manage them as a problem around here; they are still living their stupid lives in my personal space, seeking the piece of the UK that is a function of my existence and running their stupid concerns around my company stifling the book sales for reasons that range from greed to one about reducing the number of super rich people in the world starting with those who have a potential for it and are still making out they control me by making me hysterical all the time and even my personal life is suffering mishaps like an inability to forge relationships because of their sharing abuses that mean somebody cannot like me as a person if the view of the relationship I have with male and female societies as a result of my Royal work stares them in the face all the time, while they completely rip up my book sales to chase their needs over me as well, in order to look like a bloody tax payer, even now what I have said will be copied and the abuses of their community croons will continue to extricate a limitation of my movements so they can own it in a condition where they are superior to me with a big mouth, talking nonsense about insanity besides which it always meant looking for trouble in the first place anyway - so it is all a matter of what they say again if working for benefits were to be the case.

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