Of course the great old tale is that there is nothing I can do but we have seen them off for another 24 Hours yet making sure I have no other job but that of writing my Books through which they barricade the sales and ensure I make none and can get no other job while they need my career to express themselves with and then showing it all on Media Ė barricading people of which was my strong point in the first place whenever I needed to ensure that when people work on me for money instead of their jobs, they listen to what I have to say to them as well without any joys of naivety involved and no modernisation to play with. Of course there is talk of Celebrities in the Company Court but that was because some hated the idea that the fact I am in a place where I end up fighting for greater good means that other have to either bully me because it is convenient or bully me because such a position while in terms of governing others and living above them I am not necessarily a saint means their chance to gain some real power; so they ended up there and the rest who like to think they are famous as well do of course understand the statement that their activities are a function of their power while they are naive about how it affects me while we see them ensure every photograph and every article in their name is patented and cannot even be used by somebody as an illustration unlike normal entrepreneurs just like they will scratch your eyes out if you dared look in the direction of their small shops and restaurants in Town will not suffice. Especially when they all claim I bring it all on myself like their society idiots do, that I bring it all on myself by doing all I do in a condition where I am not getting publicity for it. So they do say I do not know what I am doing whereas every time I settle up on the reality what people really want from me is Friendship my ratings go through the roof, while they then get out of their Beds to play the part of the Friends that were actually enemies and the insults of their behaviour being a function of Social responsibilities performed on my behalf is really an example of a structure of abuse that knows no limits. All Entrepreneurs provoke Celebrated idiots by using their own sweat and hard work to make money - the reason is that it is how it works, so when somebody handles your property you can recognise it, not Patent every picture and every public appearance and get after other peopleís income on a daily basis; I mean the big idea is that One cannot control the fact that those He had paid to sell his products for him should not get hurt or killed and if able to control that should never be able to control whether or not those he has paid to sell his products for him will ever be successful. So we see them at it all the time with ragged tagged producers come forth from the idea there is nothing I can do whereas itís all a matter of Boys that grew up maintaining their special circles and connections that mean that they actually want to become the owners of certain atmospheres in the City on account their plan is to be the strong Men that sell goods and services for the Companies that operate in it, while the Celebrities are the idiots who go off to take advantage of those they bully to make fame and fortune - they know that the idea there is nothing I can do is actually wrong. The great tale is that I would never have lasted if the UK was not an ally of the US and it is utter nonsense as being twice my size does not give an American Society idiot to turn up here to play bull Capitalist games with me and get into a habit of showing he does not like what he calls crony Capitalism which question nobody actually asked; I is the protection that Celebrities get from them which causes the fame freaks to assume that they can do as they please with others and more so the risk is worth it if it is to be temporary; it was never a crisis for me, just where my main objectives are. The Power freaks do say I am never successful at it because The real Men who work on Media and Politics have to ensure these kinds of goons get only half of what they want while I get only half of what I want so that there might be a balance of power and it can only continue until I chose one of their denominators that are commonest and find where that their anus is too and start to factorise them with it and then it will become a lot more real, since we all know itís a matter of my Habits and how I get punished for it which actually began when they needed to ensure I did not complete academic work and financial issues until the problems were devised for one unique to me and made to settle around me in order to create filthy grubby, dirty soiling grafting when it comes to any endeavour I might engage in, because they had dream jobs putting a name to their stupid faces on my Television - the excuse around it being that it is the Women I work those habits with that had to do all the suffering. So I am not stopping any of it and if they put their homosexuality in face again which part they recovered I will cut it up again and as for the pain and suffering, itís all fantasy now and since there is no pain for the women we win all round and since it is fantasy its carnage for them - the Christian that is guaranteed not to be able to defend himself as it were. We also hear that it all means I have come to know what being in their position feels like and all I can say to that is that they can run such a show if they want but it will only get serious if I confiscate the entire perspective again - this behaviour on my part started out as asustainable way of making them pay for the insults and will soon develop into an asset too; the Books themselves were obviously written by an idiot in their view and it is not hurting badly enough yet too; hence the reason that itís all what happens when a reporter got the news slot he did not want but for the Celebrities usually a matter of how they got 10 Million pounds in the last year while their Managers got 50 million pounds which means the source of the ideas for their fame must be punished by being made to enable them to make 50 Million Pounds in the Coming year while their Managers make 250 Million Pounds and the whole process continues in circles and which is why they must not be stopped.

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