I do have to clear up this case where people get to think I spend my time getting caught up in problems which I then set about solving to make myself look the part of something that matters, it is not how it works; the way it does work is the bit where I have to decide on the pressures people appoint themselves to place on me, which pressures are going to help me and which ones are not but the ones that are built up because I have written a Book and a group of self-seeking idiots want to please themselves with my income being done with impunity is the one that gets me interested in the reasons celebrities are so destructive, gets me interested in whether such a behaviour is the acceptable way to get involved with peoples Literary work, gets me interested in whether celebrities take up publicity that others have developed for a product because they consider themselves to be products and so on – they however believe themselves to be a threat but are apparently not the flash boy type that thinks he is really good looking and needs my public image to get rich or indeed the bad person type that pick up guns because there is senselessness in the Country, they are the queer gay type in the middle whose stupidities and need to re-establish control of me and continue to work towards the prognosis of the link between bullying me and acquiring higher paid positions on media jobs leads to the threats and abuses we see on Media Publicly all the time. So we hear them complain I clip their fame of course which is largely a matter of the variations people create of my literary work and how much of a threat to my income those are being curtailed but we can see here that there was nothing suggesting I was talking to them when I mentioned giving people assurance I do nothing as stupid as get out of bed every day to get involved with problems and to sit about solving them like I am making something of myself – what happens is this madness being performed by these celebrated idiots and media scum with such impunity I have to get involved with those problems and see what they are made of as well; the chronology so far started in 2003 when there began the Iraq war and I was set out as the means by which they will clean up their messed up lives when the war in done but the bit about a link between bullying me and getting a higher paid job at media establishments and film industries began in 2005 which has now progressed to publicity that involve such nonsense as the very people who have published my Books being a problem for them, never mind that my Books cause nostalgia and I should be thinking about tearing it up and writing something different. So if I said I wasn’t talking to them I would sound like a racist, since these things are behaviour they really need to perform, linked with their pay and their job description as it were, not the fact it churns my tummy because people keep hurting me badly and I keep doing nothing about it; so talking to them means making out the bit where everything I do, ranging from involvement with journalists and celebrities and members of the Public builds up to Publicity which only purpose is to sell my Books and this publicity does not actually belong to them; this is me talking to them, let’s see what they are made off starting with a process where they get off my TV to blow off their big mouth.

I do get told I am not handling these matters thoroughly but I am; I am not just never giving them economic separatism in anyway whatsoever; Companies should be able to decide where I matter and where they matter, they do not get to decide by beating me down to please crowds of idiots and forcing me to serve customers in ways that will bring about social equality otherwise I have no right to an income with that big mouth; so, I win again. I mean its Royalty and a Wealth, Power and Privilege prerogative here if I must supply information to move them and disincentive these stupidities – I have been taken out to see high society and taken back down to see the bottom of it and it is not as if I have not pulled off conditions in which I can run a successful intellectual property Administration business empire alongside either, I am being what I am, they need to be what they are and spend their time stupidly-waste their time somewhere else. The denial of economic separatism works really well of course every time it’s about my turn to beat them down and ensure they are being humiliated by the customers they get to serve and yes they do say I should not be spending time with poor people but we all I am not spending any time with poor people – its again being helpful here supplying information about a half priests office that can either fulfil its purpose or not; other pressures may come in but the most important that tends to take over is the one where people want to face the world and do what they must in it without getting involved in something bad by using my public work and office as an anchor and I can be an Arch Prince or not be one; they can always mess with this too – it’s an old story about whether a prostitute being seen handling my public image is defiance and public disorder or the fact she is aware prostitution is a dangerous job for instance, so it’s well playing with it but nobody here wants to tolerate the stories of sexual assault either.

The Politicians have this very offensive things to say about how they need to work on the aspects of society they have not been paying attention to, thus the reasons I get out of hand and we all know it’s the kinds of behaviour which means they have trained themselves and acquired some skill on that, so the only way anything will be a serious matter to the fools will be when I acquire some skill of my own on their case that will suit them really well indeed. It beats the imagination that people get off running into government to be safe from dangers in the open world; we can see that if I got home from a long day and somebody abused my wife and I lashed out ended up killing them, the Law Courts will not necessarily think I committed murder but so we see the reasons these militant political goons express themselves at Government buildings like they do all the time is that they are not aware that is where it is actually made, even when they complain about me often due to their insults. What we have here really is a small business of paying attention to my bottom, so those who want to strike it might get my full response but nonsense such as these mean I can never do just that, end up with abdominal pains and an inability to concentrate on anything important, angry and frustrated and they end up with complains because of my actions but continue the interference that is causing it. Like we hear we British behave in ways which means we cannot control what our tummy does while if what I did was carefully considered, it would be seen as a process of stifling the expressions and freedoms and music of this goons since the theory is that they have these things and it helps them ensure their tummy is never a mess while the British smell due to a process of their involvement stuffing people’s lives full of what the victims repeatedly express as offensive or distressing or unwanted and then they play up the racism to ensure it got under our skin and decide what we do about racism at the same time. They always say I work in a very uncivilised manner, which is utter nonsense as I use swear words in what I say and do because it is supposed to set the stage for the question of what connection they have found between chasing my private parts and making money, why it is they believe it will end very well for them if it is supposed that when they owned my Royal estate Homosexuality will be gone for good in the world and can blab some violence over it if they so desired too, why it is they believe those threats of theirs will not lead to outcomes where I might become very interested in places they are seen chewing snacks and sleeping with girls in order to show them I am good at watching my back as well; the point is, some do say I need to take the matter seriously but if I did so as to strike, I know I will never stop i.e. I am a Christian and the teaching is to worship God, love your haters and be good at what you do, so I know what happens with business is a process where I am to go into partnership with consumers, decide what the Capital is supposed to be and when the profit has been made after I took charge and provided leadership and sold a service they could not do for themselves because they were busy with work, how much will be ploughed back into the services to optimise their earnings because the more they earn is the more income I will get – that they are running business that tells me how to exist while they strike my bum and distract me from everything important over the power of their money – the power they do have by being totally reliant on a process where I waited for them to damage and destroy everything around here, so as to get into a position to ring friends and prevent me from getting or keeping a job before I classified their behaviour towards me as damage that must be responded to accordingly, the power they have by being tolerated. So obviously it’s another style of business and industrial leadership to chase peoples private parts but I am lost as per which part of keeping off my case especially my Books, not showing up around the Royal Public image they cannot pay for with money they claim to own but I can account for better than they can, that they fail to understand anyway; the women are pretty much of the same attitude – 24/7 clinging to my public image to pass insults that will ensure their children can make boy bands and each time I challenge it find them appeal to public transport operatives, all good of course but now they hate my social media profile and I am making an example of them to stream line their quasi criminal activities in order to facilitate security service jobs, I have no idea if they have noticed their behaviour is a form of career crime yet. I do therefore get told I am at odds with anything culture which is not really the case; what happens is that I spend 90% of my time responding to that thing a Celebrity or journalist said on my public image, which society responded to and then share the remaining 10% between study, work, Book writing and self-care. Like it is said the media is a threat to me or that I am wrecking all that was done for me which I am not and the media is not as well; it’s all culture obviously and we have not had time to enjoy it before we have ended up stuck with the domination, violence and oppression bits, which then also determines how I respond to it and the reason my response is always one where they are done already as well and yes they always say this will lead to future conflict of course, utter nonsense in my view, as there is nothing CV faking, women hating, bottom chasing, society loving goons can do with their evil if you had not let them in. The rest of the time my civility is measured by the effects of Obama’s surveillance systems that were built to help them gather money making information from around the world, which I always handle in a way that means they attend some errands for me as the reality of their insults are usually that they do not like to be cracked but they love to be nasty – I set out 3 years to support women on gender inequality and it takes a decade of my time as they got really busy exploiting the weaknesses for example – does not like cracks but enjoys doing this sorts of things, right up to the point where doing it can determine how it dresses up in public. I know I can get around Industry and ensure I am saying what I need to say, doing what I need to do to impact their profits and ensure they listen when I want them to keep off my Literary Empire and the Royal Estate, so it is apt that I had spent some time tolerating them first; I am rather certain it is not too much to ask.

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