I am told now that most of my problems are due to the fact that I am at odds with the Men and yes I am, since the last time in 2003, it started at the point where I had enrolled in a University to study Law and Economics which their more superior Children who had to be me should have been studying, especially the fools that show up on Public media and like to express something which suggests that they found their gimmicks amusing. So, the girls went overseas to bring in goons that will get me dropping out of University in the course of working for the future that women should be having, 12 years down the line and even sex will no longer satisfy these goons, so they had come up with a new plan to enlist the support of the other gits who claim they were here first, the entire time of which their stupid children are still raised to get imagination and fingers up the bum of people five times their age, where the beginnings of processes where I get to decide how they spend their time on earth will be the part where I had decided what they preserve from that nonsense should be shared by Communities who expect me to take drastic action for their stupidities and will never find me put my career at such a risk any time soon either. The escape route has become one about their two face tart German friends all together and it all together feeds into the impending war on Celebrities who spear head tales peddled by big brothers and big sisters of a pipsqueak like me getting near the Monarchy while superior idiots like themselves were more worthy, taking for granted the prospects that taking a Royal Hermitage from a certain kid as insultingly as their stupidities can muster will result in utter carnage too. The other more serious issue naturally is the way it feeds into Liberal America and its gimmicks; where people get involved with the Armed Forces if their relatives were fond of blabbing about doing other peopleís lives and careers and they are now caught in a very difficult situation which means that if they prick those people who are risking their lives for public safety by a small margin, the Republicans will be voted into Office for a very long period of time. Here in the UK itís not a matter of the individual but a matter of Queen and Country where Armed Forces operatives are concerned and I cannot understand how a handful of idiots showing up to win their battles over me, would become something they thought had become a threat to me all together. it goes without saying as I have warned before that if I spent time building publicity for a process where I too was a self-righteous git with ideas about how neither myself nor their stupidities contributed to the up keep of gangs and criminals, I would be able to abuse their Celebrities and fashion fools who never get involved with peoples livelihoods the legitimate way, in order to make myself rich too but let us say that is not what we are taught to do at a Hermitage, so the likelihood is that I will certain rip apart whatever it is that gets to their stupid heads at my expense for it too and those their Men are good with the threats naturally Ė I am only interested in the part where their stupidities do not affect their incomes hence I am always paying the price for it, otherwise it is not so difficult to see that it would not cause me any trouble to invent my own campaign as well, where I couldnít get on with the Men and wanted to do something about it on a National stage, especially when they were black like me. The rest of the time, we know they cannot stop making money or deciding professional development on the idea that their Offices and work places was the best thing that happened to the planet and mine was so deserving of insolence that it actually affected my income margin all together Ė where the idiots hang around getting involved with media equipment to talk through to me all the time with short videos that are about insulting me which they claim added up to advertisement endlessly and we know the biggest problem to be that I smell on account they are always handling my person to work on me each time they chase money, which then adds up to the benefits of their civil and criminal disobedience growing into a tale of the financial benefits that had since come from it, meaning if I tried to stop them, I will be stopping the insulting and disobedient stupidities from having a livelihood and we know there are no other group of people that work on others in such a narcissistic fashion, whereby the only way to burst that stupid idea that they are needed is to assess how over 90% of oneís career activity involved a process of getting involved with or establishing a relationship with them, besides which products here that they have handled over a period of time to end up in such a disposition as insultingly as possible which their families now need to be fully informed about, especially for the Americans.

The rest of the time is a story of people provoking them by fighting my battles which does not show them what their social disposition was at all i.e. a bunch of social pricks from overseas, ranging from idiots who claim they are much the same as me because they used to decide what punishment should be in the Middle East, or the other fools from Africa about society and culture power to make young people fight, alongside their idiot children who want to get rich from a process whereby abusing me in the worst possible way should get me sharing some civil rights ideas, as stupidly as possible, who think they have the better of me because they can hide their future from me, like the human stupidities that really need to be researched, especially when it hangs around somewhere comparing social beauties at my expense like something I should end up in prison for. The other story being that they target me because I am mentally ill but I am not in anyway, the most times I feel that way is that these things I do to manage these matters apply to me as a habit and when I let it get the better of me, I will beat myself even further for beating myself down with it in the first place, right after I had spent time thinking that it is possible to recover lost time which it isnít. I donít think it is an issue either, itís usually a price worth paying for a process of getting culture and society fools stuffed full of what I know, so they carried it around like PR, since I have not been able to make sense of their interest in me even though I am not spared of the industrial implications, having been it has wrecked the University studies and other important things Ė so the other aspects come to bear, where they follow Celebrities around as well and learn how the jobs of Politicians work, so when Politicians tie my hands behind my back until they got the better of me before releasing me to do anything about it, they will show up at the later day to tackle me because they thought they saw me with an idea on how to go about it before they did. Itís not really a problem for me, I just need to slow down every time I think it is too thorny as such: I mean I am a Hermit and the Bible has said that if the world orders your steps instead of God, you will tend to run into things and we can see they only needed to order it a little bit and Politicians had said that I had a personality which I stole from them being they were the ones making decisions that put criminals in prison, never mind this idea that those who had an 8 Hour shift and had done 7 and were plodding on the last one were pretty much in the same position because such idiots and Celebrity friends really needed it. I mean this took up a global stage and have not looked back after just a couple of month of my black relatives ordering my steps as such Ė we know from history over the years that they do nothing else naturally.

The biggest problem however being that it is said I donít have control of it which is what people want to see and that I claim I am Royalty which creates problems too; the reality is that I had written a Book to cater for anything associated with all those issues involving a process of magically finding yourself in a position where over 90% of career activities were to be done with characters who set up business to hurt people claiming to be traders and a group of American fools had spent time since rounding me up like sheep, having succeeded, they are now trying to sell my Books to a group of idiots whom none that has ever gotten involved with them has ever lived happily after, telling me they are nice people to top up race politics and personality gimmicks all the time, while the destruction of the small market my Publishers who are American as well, had built for me once they had placed patents on the Books lay wrecked and unavenged. So to control this, I would need to write another Book and whilst it is a lot of work for me with German narcissism seen all over my Office, it will be difficult to preserve the creation of such a control process through blogs on my website or social Media. All together they show up to claim that I am the whimper, whimper of the British clinging to Empire, so I guess it is what happens when enough of them had gathered around a person. They always say the risk of my activity is that people served me in the Course of National service which is utter nonsense Ė what happens is that they make up their own ideas about whom The Queen is, so they cannot see that The Queen controls the two areas of general living where one part is a people who learn their profession from an Academy where everybody wears a Uniform and they earn ranging between £18,000 and £75,000, while we know £40,000 makes a comfortable professional who takes a Holiday overseas twice a year and also controls another House where they earn within the same range but at the Parliament itís about civilians and a process of recognising the security services are not at their beck and call and they needed to work out how to perform their daily tasks safely. Their problem in my case is that I can do the municipal security and Celebrity popularity better than they can, so I am inundated with gits from overseas with power corruption gimmicks to engage themselves with since last they wrecked my University studies and their Celebrity bullies have never stopped pillaging what is left, meaning these facts had become important enough to indicate I am set to torch what matters to them and ensure they had to get into the fight of their lives to safe everything that protects them from the smell issues for my part as well.

I am said to be in need of success at this stage and it is so annoying what success people think I need when they deliberately make a mess of my finances by inventing ways I can be used, rather than show up to read what I have written, in expectation of support from their abusive German friends who will support me only after their superior black people were wealthier than I am at my expense first and of course they are still hanging around at Buckingham Palace to run small businesses that send out a constant stream of perverse messages about how I go there to assist The Queen and the Royal Family had gotten involved with an inferior black person which needs to change. Then they show up at some stage to point out the fact I am still single is a social problem even when they know that it will be too much of a risk to get involved with people that Industry goons who wreck the lives of the public to make money, normally use as tools to accomplish their aims, the same way it will be too great a risk to get involved with those that are normally used by society goons in such ways, especially on the matter of getting off to fight my battles at the Monarchy, so the theory is that since Celebrities usually fit into both categories, I am likely to get into an arrangement with people that are poorer than they are, this said, the character they claim they have found which was a match for me, knows that I log into my Social Media account everybody but prefers to get through to me via the homosexual communities they built to introduce alternative lifestyles to people at Government, the Armed Forces and the Royal Family, then complain about the effects of my current financial condition than I am complaining about it myself. Some have asked me about the prognosis of these activities being they are a huge issue but itís the old story where we think that Gold digging was never a career, while it actually is and in my case they have presumably got me so well cooked, they had made my rules and the reasons I get into the most trouble are those points where I describe them as utter idiots and incredibly stupid people, which again I will point out continues to refer to the fact I am not interested in their problems as this is a Bookshop which has been abused by them for way too long, such that continuation will mean an inventory has to be kept of the daily effects and it will all be added up for further action into the future. They speak of the root cause of this and the root cause is their need to invent a plan that allows them become more important than I am on my own public image and the outcome which has produced this conversation about success I needed is due to the lack of respect shown towards my livelihood while they are certain they had placed their salaries beyond me and we see the same behaviour displayed by the hoodlums who most make use of communities they build up to get imagination up peoples bottoms, being that itís the type of persons that have got their social lives and careers placed beyond those that may want to resist such activity. They say they want me to stop bothering them naturally and I would like to but the destruction of my academic pursuits was responsible for the happy character I have not become, expressed through the destruction of the idea they should be paid for being popular and they are now showing pain associated with the idea young people should lose the future of their social lives in such ways because the decision to lay off my case and drop to obscurity is one they are now too selfish to make. The most recent destruction they occupy themselves with is the attack on my Books and the consequences are beginning to come through as well i.e. I will never let them keep their media and celebrity culture if it is destroyed.

They always like to point out that I needed to be contained and it is utter rubbish as well, as what happens is that I donít have to introduce my business empire to them and secure their approval before I ran it, just like the nasty business of them making a mess of peopleís bodies then hang around somewhere complaining about the effects and offering the victims no solution for the issues. What they do mostly is spend their time picking up processes of selling products to people who have obtained service from my Bookshop and have not yet paid for it or read my Books, which I intend to delay and ensure we continue in the process until there is real economic recovery and the reasons for this are that they donít care, they simply want to wreck local wealth and get counted among those who control what is left of it because they wanted a better life for themselves, which was a conundrum that was solely the problem of the Government. They do say that I am insane, as it is impossible to track a process where the persons people sell things to at random on the streets are people who have obtained service from the Books, like they say I got to Buckingham Palace to assist the Queen and when I point out the consequences associated with such statements being directed at random members of the Public, I get told I am not a random member of the Public, which I actually when whenever I said so as it were. The reality is that it is a Trust system and I have built Publicity for operations and I have built publicity to detach us from Crowds we do not wish to engage in, so itís not as simple as they think, a matter of do what you like with peopleís property and talk about freedom. Here they say I am stirring up problems I cannot control which is utter nonsense too as the reality was more a matter of the fact their abusive CEOs are doing such a thing Ė I have a Royal Commission with which came a Public image and seeking another is inviting trouble that will harm others if I am not damaged as a person by it too, so my main concerns is that whilst I have a Hermitage in which women pick up equity to chase money and provide for their needs so they might pursue my interests, others think they ought to make sex products from it, the result being when I have a certain colloquialism with Armed Forces Operatives, especially the Police on the Culture and Social support I gave being one of keeping an eye on the large penises that are criminal activity, their stupidities play into it all the way to Asia, contrary to what happens to their CEOs being that the belief multinational profits can only be pushed by befriending local hoodlums is something that must be managed. We know at this stage that the consequences of the Obama White House is still the business of consolidating abusive Germans and Japanese with Oil money muslims to invent ideas about how anything that comes up will be sorted out by the British Ė a testament to the fact that the world is currently enjoying a condition where Countries do not get after each otherís Interests but the USA is the one Country that avoids working on its interests, makes a mess of other National Interests and invents a plan to rule the world, while its failure to work on its own interests leaves a leadership vacuum. Where I am concerns being that every little trading block in the world must be conquered by them literally, so what I am doing with China based interests is generally being swarmed for all the wrong reasons. My view is one which looks into the long term i.e. the setting is one that takes these facts into account to make sense of the fact the main threats are the Russians whose activities are unpredictable but what we know is likely to happen is sympathy for terrorists and Tyrants particularly from the Middle East, Americans who spend most of their time consolidating abusive friends in Europe and Asia to claim the British will fix arising problems knowing that we have little Natural resources in the UK and the Government wholly relies on tax revenue from people, which has made the problem a very difficult and destructive one to clear out, and of course the oil money muslims that are a constant threat due to the prospects of people taking from them people that they usually dominate to feel good about their existence while we know that not taking action to remove such persons from their care generally means terrorism showed up on the streets of the UK and then we find them spend their money on some media attention where they copied assets until they could do it as well. I am taking a long term view that involved removing the ability to decide how events developed from their care and this primarily means that we look at the problem as a mobility issues and not a military one Ė this means that we are able to secure communities, trading opportunities and education the world over in an environment where their ability to kill people on our behalf can be controlled, the future outlook being that when there exists characters that want to fight for the interest of peace, to prevent them picking up DIY weapons to tackle advanced militaries while spending any other spare time on terrorism and sympathy for crime, it is possible to temper this in terms of the fact that as we progress with the number of cases and more difficult enemies, there were bound to be casualties left behind and we can therefore prevent it. Itís like they say the Russian case is a matter of British influence overseas while reality is rather that it is a matter of the fact that Russian businesses love to trade with the UK and since their Government is unpredictable, as their numbers are considerably high, itís difficult even for their government to decide which percentage will become spies, as a whole therefore it becomes an interest that requires protection and sets off a case between the Russians and British which seems to run for eternity.

The other theory raised is that this fosters elitism while what we know about elitism is that Socialists foster it and complain about it at the same time, more than any other group of people Ė the same wreck the lives and careers of poorer people to facilitate their social progression which allows them get involved with rich people to create equality Ė at the same time the neighbourhoods are filled with society gits that attack people to keep them off the streets and public transport to make it acceptable a place for rich people to use and the Media has not stopped supplying leadership for such nonsense yet, the Celebrities and Fashion goons never get involved with peopleís concerns the legitimate way and their alliances with fair minded shop goons generally means that people cannot keep the smell of their food within Ė all together which itís never clear how you keep them off if they are prevented from attending school because they are dirty or keeping a job because they are ill. So itís always socialists, the fringe benefits for their goons being the abuses by which sales are made, while they can preserve the health and ensure that rich people didnít write them off, working hard the entire time to get the population living off the Government.

Now it is said that I am overactive and this creates problems for people all the time but itís not true in anyway whatsoever Ė what is the overactive factor in all this, is Public concerns and we know that it has a reputation for being overactive. Itís like they say I had a problem with civil rights people which is utter nonsense as what happens is that of their personal decisions and a history you had with them deciding what your relations with them looked like i.e. when it comes to the history in my case, itís a series of activities that have now succeeded in wrecking my University studies and is also hunting down my Bookshop as well, somewhere in the middle of how the processes work is a history of things I had done to improve general state of affairs in the communities being completely destroyed, then once they find their position had become a threat to their safety and wellbeing, they remember two things, first is that they are bigger than and can exert violence on me without worrying about fear of suffering it, the other is that they remember I had done something to improve their community and so it kicks off as soon as they decided what schedule was available for me to make myself into a god basically. The personal decision bits is the lewdness and the immorality and the total reliance on the activities of those that are engaged in criminal activity or are planning to, like we see quasi criminals build up my concerns so they might tell me my life is over due to what I got up to when their imagination got up my bum after years of building pressure for my tummy and bottom because of what they thought my personality should be used for and their Celebrities alongside the Media has built a global stage gimmick out of it to make money and fame with on my public image; the personal decisions that facilitate the failure after failure after failure, which failure now stands as a state of affairs on which livelihoods depends and must not be changed even though the state of my civil rights must be improved Ė so it causes people to reach those personal decisions where sleeping around to blame them for the consequences was the main thing. Their friends from the Middle East claim itís a matter of being handled for the way that I have a joined up with oppressive systems and we know it is utter nonsense since itís a constant battle with those involving people I had befriended turning out to be character they usually exerted dominance on in order to feel good about their existence; so we find that they hang about my concerns getting imagination up peoples bottoms on my behalf because they wrecked the academic work and are now chasing my Bookshop having acquired a habit over me and seen the state of a likelihood of enduring some suffering for it too, which period of doing so has so far lasted 16 years of them doing it and spreading violent lasciviousness that ensured they had whole communities joining in, because I had revenge for this destruction by taking from them their Fashion and Celebrity connections Ė in like manner of which we can see their Fashion and Celebrity gits never get involved with peoples livelihoods the legitimate way because they were probably terrorists. Here they will say itís another example of everything their stupidities have done to stand up for themselves being thrown out of the window, the same way that listening to them is a game of indulging a skill they have all developed very well at becoming somebody else i.e. identity theft, while reality was a question of how we end up with some leadership in the Middle East that is not a gift to goons fooling around with Public security and its systems, while making themselves a threat to the real security operatives who work in a more advanced military than their own, if even the Media can never stop telling lies. So they say I must understand that public service operatives are fatigued and yes I do but we must also understand certain decisions have been made to suggest they were super human such as the relaxation of dress codes during Royal Ascot. I mean we are talking about a condition where itís impossible to convince public service operatives that getting around with a group of people who build their own publicity over other peopleís publicity and then once they had occupied it, are given money by industry twats so that their position gets on the nerves of other people perpetually, while as soon as they had acquired the money, they were then able to progress toward building an alternative publicity for their victims, which said that such victims should be getting into a fight with gangs and criminals to make them comfortable and important in broad daylight, claiming itís part of the difficult decisions people make whenever they want to be successfully famous people, that upon being fatigued, getting involved with them a little bit longer will not improve the current situation. So they do say that Celebrities must be controlled and yes they must which for my part is the reason I have a Court system and we know they have already built themselves Publicity over it which suggests that a little twerp at the monarchy needs to vacate his position so that big brothers and big sisters may occupy it Ė precisely the way that a taking the bait situation for them was intended by me, so we can see that volunteers who do not really want to have been stocked up for the future.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland