On the matter of perpetually getting into a brush with trouble makers and finance idiots with a need for a deserved self-improvements a use of my personal space because of where their choices got them, we hear I have found a way to make good my mental illness by ripping up the lives of important and successful people which is utter rubbish; what I have is a personality people cannot stop raising publicity for as something they can use to make fame and fortune while I put up with something and we see that Media fools cannot seek any higher salary without doing something to ensure I am either in pain or deeply distressed, so after being manufactured into fame by Industry fools they have since returned with the money to dominate me talking rubbish about being famous the whole time and will never be free of me too, I expect them to make the experience uncomfortable, especially since they have found a way of Public and verbal abuse by which to toss their problems into my personality a practical jokes and build a sensation that provides the conveniences and narcissist happiness that creates sales and fame as well as disobediently and also violently with their big mouth as they possibly can. They are too fond of asking others to get stuck somewhere so that public image can be deployed to make fame and fortune for the good looking and are especially too fond of asking it of me and this is why they have become obsessively interested in attacking and tackling me because I have gotten them stuck somewhere until they are past it, to ensure they understand the real impact of their demands.

It’s much the same as the talk of Bitcoin; where it is said that I have an opinion that disagrees with it because I am an establishment conformist but we can all see that the way it works is the usual way of something big happening in a manner that means those who think the law and legal system is a conformist interference can do whatever they like and after which those who do not will join up at a later date to clear out the mess, the same way that it has been with the Internet and it will look as though it is the way things work, while they have just decided what my whole life and tolerance should be used for while I have not asked their superior insanity a question at any point in my whole existence, which has apparently amounted to some people who are out of my league putting me in my place in such ways. Much the same too as when they claim I get my ideas from media while the reality is that I have a Court of Female Journalists and there is so much interference and bullying from them that although the work I do here is intellectual property administration, it has become impossible to write a single paragraph without mentioning  point at which they had performed a nefarious involvement and the reasons is still the same as ever i.e. to top up their salaries the way the guy who became a talk show host the week before did, same extremely destructive group of idiots handling people and issuing threats at the most public places as ever, which I have discussed here not because I am helping them ride that wave where leaders think that those who are doing the right things know what they are doing while people like them do not and hence need to be educated about the consequences of their actions but to ensure the facts are cleared out, I do not get bothered in the future and reality is expressed where another incessant mention of the vandalism they cause here because a matter of the excuse that I take my ideas from media I will make them squirm for it.


Now they say they are not actually aware of an exact thing that constitutes the strains I am engaged in with people but that is usually the theory or what people see on the outside; the reality however is one where the insults and abuses are usually a matter of the need they have to deploy my personality for the purposes of making money and getting rich quickly which puts my life at risk on account I am a resistance factor to them having it all together, otherwise it ranges all the way down to the bits about how I am female character and then made to understand the secret is that when I am pushed into a homosexual relationship, each time I am fucked up the arse, I would have been getting punished by those that are actually the Men. So it does lead to this outcome whereby each time I get out of bed and think I will not retaliate because I am a better person, there is always a reason it has to be done, coupled with the fact they spend most of their time setting out an explanation for their bullying which says that the last essay I wrote at University did set out the explanation or my job did, until I lose the job or drop out of University; in the case of my University bits specifically, I dropped out 10 years ago all together while it continues unabated still, compounded by that other bit whereby I smell like my loo and get threatened by them for it all the time – so there is also a sense they do not understand what ‘leave me alone’ actually means and it has reached a stage where it has to be done; a stage where the popular culture must pay the bills and if it winds me up further it will fund the academic work as well otherwise it will never be over. They do claim my problem was that I call people stupid all the time and that my Books provoke them specifically; with respect to calling people stupid of which the problem ranges from goons taking class a drugs and making out their civil rights adds up to a process of getting involved with me to Media idiots who love to chase deviance to a point where they need to decide if they wish to be homosexual or not making out I am the person with a body type that can tolerate all applicable bullying and let people go free and then the party piece where their Politicians say they have found somebody that understand high religion in a lay man’s terms and are free to pile on the cardinal sins and do whatever they like because he has enough for everybody – the Books therefore provoking them thus provokes them because they are likely to buy and read it all together the last time we checked as it were and I am meant to find another word other than stupid to describe it lest I get into trouble as they are aware of how I will say it and where and when and with what all together as it were. I do get told I need to place public understanding of the source reasons so that it might be prevented but the source reasons have always been as simple as showing up to build a crowd that will help ensure I have to make a living the hard way and so when I am made to suffer the setbacks at high academic environment to a point of giving up on the studies, their own case with me begins as I then become very interested in doing things the hard way and learning a trade in a method that will cost them a lot and cause them a lot of pain and for the Media ones, we are only avoiding a process where their families find out the kinds of nonsense I put up with each day they go to office and claim my career is how I explain and accept liability for the bullying, when they had ended up in hospital for some reason; so the simple reality is that of an incredible stupid people that are very fond of their civil disobedience until it goes terribly wrong. The other question would be the part where I am told that I never really set it out as seriously as it is until they got the better of me and had statements attached but it is because it is easy to build a crowd with a campaign attached, that wants to beat up stupid people as well and since I am not doing that, I have my ability to get out of bed and decide I do not wish to do the same because I am a better person, when I want to. The same way they claim I take civility matters too seriously but whilst the reality goes beyond blowing off the big mouth while fighting for its life after clinging to my property to claim I sleep with the wife at the end, it is a case of say kissing women without their consent for instance, while we were all one thing that says you cannot look at a pretty woman and get told she is married, which means as the basic fundamental sense of our humanity is the creation of some new back breaking work that will not pay a penny and what the bloody idiots do with this after is usually the source reasons whole countries burn all over the world. Then there are the other fools who have the longest serving history with me on the matter altogether; the interest in my academic pursuits being that it needs to ensure it is in a position to better the opportunity to practice some form of narcissistic behaviour on me by consent and so it regularly gets to that stage where it believes Government Office and the Media both are places where it can do whatever it liked, places where there were no inhibitions to its wickedness and so it at least needs to give alive the prospects of homosexual sex with me if it sees me eliminate it by going to Church through processes of ganging up with fellow motorists to get feeling from me as I walk down the streets for example, never stops until that and headlamps come up to celebrate the evils of the day being completed is something I take up as well as a means of expressing what I think about it, especially when it comes to processes of addressing me as insultingly as possible because they believed they were successful enough to do so.

At the heart of the matter is this sense too that my whole life and work is very challenging but it is not at all; I have only just stated since getting my Books published in 2009 that it does reach that stage where I get out of bed and think I will not act on it because I am a better person but then get pushed to a stage where I decide it has to be done - so we are here after years of being bullied and having my academic work wrecked because according to them they really needed my personality doing things the hard way and learning a trade so that others might be able to make use of it, since then which they have now ended up paying for the Books I have wanted to write and the Trade I had wanted to learn as it were and now it has become a real issue that they got to keep those insults they channel at me because they believe themselves to be insulting enough to and this is not their own lives, nor it is their Books I write and need show up here only if they want a Book I have written and have got money down to pay for it (I do get told it would only get copied but it’s an intellectual property administration business here, my schedule is going as well as it should; I was meant to resolve this financial issue of my Book sales being blocked by those who claimed it provoked them within the month of April in 2018 – the date in which the work has been completed and this blog set up is the 12th – so I do believe I am doing rather well, need to take my time and take it easy. I am obviously doing things the hard way now; learning a trade, so they can bully and copy the personality and I suppose they are loving it too.).

People who claim it will only add to their bitterness and need to waste your life in order to serve busy body Celebrities and Media fools but it only works for me in the sense that when they are not deploying their hospitality on Public transport so people can move from A to B or Politics so Public Policy might be decided or Media so people might get their daily updates on what is happening around them and get on with what matters, it will be obvious that they are not – they were warned an abusive behaviour of these kind will drive me insane and I will drive their own as well, long before they started 17 years ago.

I. Uno I

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