It is a simple process that begins from abusive access and develops into a slash and burn on media attitude to establish power and then grows into robbing me of anything that makes me comfortable because I am anal about people’s idea of what their personal freedoms should entail with respect to what they need to get rich as a result of access and familiarity and then moves straight onto accusations of laziness after the financial destruction wrought, which sets the stage for violence with a big mouth and it is never enough to just say it is better to be cleverer than you look anymore as it were.

Now there is claim all over the place that I get myself into the kind of trouble that means ethnic minorities and white people both want a piece of me as orchestrated by ethnic minorities because I talk too much about things, I know nothing about. The fact is rather of course that I talk too much but about things I do not wish to have knowledge of, not the other way around - I know it is confusing, but I can assure anybody I know what I am doing. I have had that silly question in my mind for some time of whether they are trying to kill me, while their transferred violence that costs me my academic work and ability to commit to my Company and distant aggression they lace with media and intrusion and fashioned from their insults and plans to gain from my work without any necessary courtesy paid becomes the answer to every little thing to make them comfortable in their stupid little lives, which if I did something to bring an end to would lead to a process where the level of power I will have in society will be incredible. I do wonder if this was the reaction they were expecting too, so am I aware I have lost my temper and am determined to distract them until I affect their social lives and financial activities and academic work as well, otherwise that stupid insolent confidence will know no bounds especially for the girls and their stupid fathers.

Now on the matter of handling other people’s history and messing them up I do not see any happening; the reality is that the process where you come across people and in four seconds they have damaged everything they see about you and are on their way is something that happens because they are misogynists and so they need to stay off my books and all effects of me and cease to use those to explain it away because that will always make it provocative. These are incredibly stupid men I don’t fancy testing me at all as it were regardless of those insults about how they are teaching a kid important things in life we hear all the time – all they do is try and handle women and try and handle children to ensure the two groups are doing things to help them get rich, I find the idea they have a history and more so which I handled to be very testing indeed and they do need to zip it as well to that effect. I don’t dwell on the handling women and children bit, it is their appetite for breaking stuff because it is always my stuff or public property that get broken whenever they think that doing so will help them gain from the little salary they have immense power over those who have been robbed by the damages they have done and as for the Politicians and their female idiots, apparently I am eternally grateful but never the less believe they have done enough and do need to move on.

Of course when the issues about women and morons who complain about how people hurt them and hurt innocent people to get attention and make their point on the assumption nothing will happen, coupled with International community whores I pay for without using is considered from the point where I have done all the things I have done to them and collected trophies with which to write blogs on my websites and books to run my Intellectual Property Administration business some might say it is enough but exasperating me and fucking my feelings and being that intensely and violently familiar to a point where every good thing I do leads to a bad feeling in my anus that they later brag about means it can never be and I accept that feeling that it can never be enough as well as a good thing and in that way the idiots should have a lot more to do at my expense for every black person in the world too and they can force it on them as well if they want but the complains nobody wishes to hear anyway.

It becomes so important to take these matters to heart especially when they are being worked by Political and Media idiots - these matters that mean that One is trying to provide leadership without financial success and so it is a matter of a leadership in kind that others have bullied out of him and will get one way or another anyway and it is the reason for some actions carried out which amount to subjugation because it is not in their interest to see a case apply where the financial success will only remain a concept while the leadership is provided anyway and hence they therefore get to test whether or not the financial success existed and was actually damaged by them according to the nature of the leadership which means their civil rights is not making any progress but losing progress it has made so far and implies they will have to make public place noises is exactly the usual way. Such realities as girls and women who know what they want not mixing with Christians but the outcome of it is dependent on whether the Christian provokes them by daring to own what they desire instead of letting them have it and then discard it before owning it.

Of course it is not true I am concerned about young people being indoctrinated about profit - what really happens is that when people have businesses they set me out to their foolish Children as the next threat to their inheritance, then cross their own lines into mine to pretend they are anything like Royal Princes because they have made some money to buy some privileges with and in the process stifle my finances while their silly wives cannot make advertisement in any other way or appear on them in a different way other than one which suggests I extract pocket money from their Company because they continue to handle Ones Possessions without permission and cannot see it is a human right to earn a living as well: hence the understanding people might want to deploy their monies for advancement so they are not counted as the rest of the population but the really bad attitude to consider: especially in light of the fact that whatever the outcome they always deploy Royal Property and get better off then believe that all that elbowing and pushing with media does not hurt violently enough for decided action to me marked out for and against it for the time being.

One is aware of course of a talk of a lack of clarity about my actions and activities and what I say etc - I can understand, the trouble is that it is only those who enjoy wrecking my finances and calling me a bum in the most sexually abusive way imaginable that love to make out there is a lack of clarity about my activities and they know that my increasing prejudice against that stupid popular culture is not in any way unusual to that effect as well. The rest consider themselves trouble makers at Royal Circles - none of which bothers anybody since the real issue is that they think themselves people who have an exclusive right to amuse HM, and we do see their corruption all over the Cities of the UK and some exported and displayed on media for it too - so I can only assume where their revenge will satisfy them will eventually turn out to be the point at which the whole Royal Family racism story has been reset all over the world at my expense.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland