The great case made of recent is that I have set myself out as some new censor of other peoples activities but I have actually done no such thing what we know is that since I got my Books Published, Liberal USA had decided they needed the market I built for it because they were more in need of money than I was, then their genius Mr Obama got along with that, to the tune of this result that seems to show what happens when Americans who hate the British gain access to money i.e. they have since bought shares with the company that published me and cannot keep their hands off my bum because they are my employers, spending my equity on themselves, taking advantage to get rich quick about which they would kill for fame and had since showed up on social media to make my whole life toxic there as well, issuing those stupid threats they cannot live up to all day long. So I do not suppose it is that complicated to see that there is no need for further evidence if a process of black people getting involved with me, builds me a reputation for being a character everybody may familiarise with, giving them the means to ensure all I own and worked for exists in a condition where there are no rules and getting me dropping out of University, that these are very stupid individuals who really need to allow their victims some space what they think is going to happen about the fact I have the same black skin they have therefore it is my curse, is that I would not be able to say so where it really mattered. So it does eventually come down to this fact that they have this sense of culture and society that means if they said I should not do a thing, if I did it, the repercussions will be undeniable, letting them live in the delusion that they make the laws around here as long as they claimed it was part of their personality and human rights, such that if I took it from them, they will then get to depend on me for the rest of their lives, however which the reality is that I can say what I want where I want as they are not really important and do not make the laws around here, just the same as their media fools and my mind has not in any way been affected by the fact that their culture and society exists hence not really the sort of person they want to provoke and insult and abuse like so every day. Its not that difficult to get their compliance when I say I do not want them building popular music on anything I have done at this Office especially the fact I had a Book written in an ideal world, so the probability of such blabbing is that they are bluffing and I am not, the part where everything I worked for and studied for now exists in a world where it can belong to any that is able to beat me up, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about, especially the American providing that stupid leadership on what they will do with what I have and how I need to swallow what I was about to say down to the tummy and make a bad smell, then get beaten up for it with a big mouth. So it does lead straight up to this sense that I am vulnerable to the Media which I am not the media are like squatters and unless they have ended up in that situation that means you got the law involved in getting them out of your concerns, then set about getting the law involved in making them pay for damages to furniture and property as a whole for squatting in it, nothing about journalists running off their career on publicity built for a product because it makes them feel good and then building a crowd that will attack you if you tried to stop them, knowing it means you will have endless financial problems and then letting society goons claim that the concerns about these financial problems adds up to a process of being afraid of them and therefore affording them mobility and then attacking you for getting involved with important and famous people, which as we can see is a process that is not linked to their front porch with a road extending from it that leads to the world and nobody disturbing them over it, linked to the way they get their services at home or disturbed it, linked to their ability to enjoy the home they live in and their family life it is linked to the need to build up communities of goons with ideas about what to do to me because they are out of my league, so when these communities blow up on my public image I will lose my life and career to Celebrities, linked to the business of spending my personal life and public image on themselves while befriending members of the Royal family in the process, all of which are not attached to the job that gets to their heads in anyway whatsoever having left their lives and spent all their time on mine in such ways without reason for purpose, meaning they have so far been complaining that I am obsessed with anal sex, while they had no evidence of me having anal sex with any person, a measure of how much they love obscurity but do not want it dished out for them all together, which is what I am not interested in, as I am more concerned with whether or not they bought a Book around here and I had to deliver it to their pathologically lying addresses. So the part that began with respect to the Media, from the business of me being a personality that will be used to tidy up leaders after the Iraq war, stem straight from the fact they preferred acquiring power from some guru to take advantage of people for money, rather than work for it on account they and their gangs were afraid of the bottom hurting issues associated with money so we see those media and popularity threats alongside claims we are better off sharing every time and yet before then they were people whose parents never stopped punishing, which we do not need explanation for since our bottom hurts without reason and they need give me my space, especially the blacks, has now ended with me gathering up enough facts about their daily work, to ensure that since they always tend to report the same things and then run off over and over and over again when it comes to the big news that makes them the most money, they needed to be at each others throats with me in the middle the entire time a measure of their love for obscurity as it were but the more serious parts are the ones where a simple case of women supporting me because I was doing something about culture and society trouble makers who were a threat to their five figure salaries, gave way to cracked up out of my league building up communities of local boys that will blow up on my public image and ensure my whole life was now the property of media and celebrities, further developing into a case of when I get financially desperate leading up to a stage where they were first before me on civil rights matters, meaning that we have now ended up in a situation where they understand clearly that the prospects of being disturbed with anal sex being that they love obscurity so much if near inexistent, if they do not disturb me at this Hermitage. The other part about being an Arch Prince being seen as something that is disputed while I got involved with the media being a story that stands out on its own; I like to think those who want me to stop being an Arch Prince need to make me as it is a calculable risk of renting property from a white person, the blacks are done at this stage, fighting my battles, about which I did think the whole case was over when their complains about me added to the fact my Books did not help, became a global phenomenon but they started all over again with my personal life and relationship prospects, claiming what I did on the internet was a sign I accepted liability for what happened with armed forces personnel on the field so they might chase my bum, so I had to settle it down as the new culture that they are never important unless they are doing some war or tackling some crime; hence it seems the whites want their own as well and the only chance they have got is working with the Celebrities which they have little leverage for as I am after the fashion ones from the hell on high streets because of their links with glossy magazine industries to quick fashion prom day dress outlets, never mind the Celebrities as well themselves all together, so now they realise that the business of the road that leads outside of where I live to the rest of the world being trifled with to make me smell like my loo every time I step outside of my door, will not suffice and that I am only interested in whether or not they bought a Book around here whereby I had an obligation to ensure that it was delivered to their addresses such that we can see them spend time relaying information from me to the rest of the world via their private security industry systems and when they have stopped doing that, I will have privacy that helps me run a writing career without interference from them and hence win again; so we see how it has worked out i.e. they all hate my guts because they have wrecked the academic work and some other very important things around here, making statements of me encouraging women to do bad things without giving me a checklist of what these bad things were, instead becoming more interested in seeing me complain about women to ensure they were never wrong now stuck with women and this whole situation playing out for them so well, if they do not disturb me at this hermitage there was not prospect of them getting disturbed as well. I am fed up with the Celebrities running off their fame that is not as profitable as mine on my publicity to extract money from my person and work, fed up with Industry fools needing my assets to win contracts and secure highly paid jobs instead of buy a Book for my equities if it mattered to them so much, sick of Media running off their jobs on publicity I have built for my Books like a question on how stupid human beings really can get big idea is that I am afraid of them buts its just a bunch of fools that will become a much greater public problems if they are not dealing with bottom hurting issues associated with everything they are afraid of with respect to the dream of getting rich quick and without working for it, as we can see it is the only view of they have of what they think my Public position and Office should be used for where Government Office is concerned and the business of the day settled, it goes without saying that I am not afraid of them, half as much as they make me out to be all day long. They do claim I opened up my world to encourage people and then set about punishing them, which is utter nonsense, just like excuses they make when they destroy wildlife and so on; the creative equities I brokered with companies at this Estate had been all but damaged with them clinging to the Publicity that emerges for the Companies to trade with as well and they have not got a good behaviour to facilitate the need for their stupidities using it to make Celebrity culture, while I am cash strapped on account they have not been buying Books while attacking those who want to - so if they want to change a behaviour I am good to go. We understand that they have created the same toxic environment on social media and talk of me setting out censorship for people has been developed around this too, while what I have rather done is set a stage for pillaging, linked to every process where social media owners make rules that affect me adversely on their account, that they might patent aspects of my life and work to their stupid names, such that when we pillage on both sides we meet in the middle and go our separate way unless they had a mouth too big for their own good after all they have done here, also means social media people have to do the job properly lest they lost vested interests.

So I am told that I am some unsuccessful low life who want to decide how people live, it is utter nonsense naturally as what really happens is that the men have been chasing me around on account they want me to do something about women, leaving them to feel comfortable with themselves and have since ended up stock with these women to tell tales of what will come forth of the process of making something of my flesh man body all the time which has left them complaining about me on a global stage for it too the women rather want the label of bum to stick on me because they fancy if I were a bum the financial benefits of insulting me will go through the roof; hence all together its all going very well like it should, like pervious events that got them talking nonsense about hating my guts and the next time I see them follow me around when I attend the academic institutions for it, I am definitely going to give them the trouble they seek in return as well they do not make the laws around here and are really a bunch of very insignificant twerps. They have continued to make out its largely a matter of people chasing me about over the business of getting married and settling down, which does not make any sense to me; what really happens is that they show up here to take up anything that has to do with how I would organise work and play with the one person I spend the rest of my life with and then set about getting rich for the purpose of being insolent and abusive with media and celebrity and have not been the better off for it too, so the stupidities associated with how some people think they should behave on account they are women aside. They have pointed to something specific firstly about other members of the Royal Family and the Monarchy courting me which has no basis on reality as they were never compatible on any level whatsoever but to make it worse, were largely interested in spending most of their time befriending Celebrities ad berating me over money issues, then claim that what culture and society trouble makers think of me, which has also affected them is who I really am and all my fault and the reason it affects them is due to my involvement with them when they were out of my league. So have another matter been pointed out of somebody finding me compatible but I never visit Buckingham Palace anymore where I could meet the person, which might be true and might not be true either way; what is certain however is that they have assumed control of the way I organise work and play with a partner to spend my life with and the purpose is to punish me for my disrespect of women by making me gay and I intend to see what will become of it when I begin to chase the relationships issues more seriously for my part in the matter as well I mean they have always loved to wreck the academic work over their gimmicks that their Celebrities love to make a mess here with all the time, have always loved to make a mess of the finances and spend time abusing me over financial matters, claiming also they want a man they can dominate and its not in their interest for such a man to be financially comfortable but all it really means is that they show up here in a life I had organised such that the media and the celebrity and the fashion and politics were all matters of fun which are not in any way compatible with the business of being serious minded enough to write and sell Books for a living to make a mess of themselves and make a mess of me, then find they cannot keep their mouth shut after that. Its very simple is people find me compatible do they think they can handle the celebrity, fashion, media and popular culture as a matter of fun that a spouse organises with their partner the way that I have in preparation for a wife and do they think they can help me to be a serious minded person enough to make something good of my writing career and for the part everybody shows up here to take advantage of, only to get financially comfortable and blow off the big mouth at me all over the place, do they think they have a little bit of money to work a Literary Empire with an Arch Prince by? There have been suitors blown away by me they say but none of these individuals in question were compatible with me on any level whatsoever; general assumption being that I am unable to tell the difference between somebody who wants to get rich quick and somebody who knows what a relationship with another human being entails and so they think I am nave of the fact it is impossible for the former to handle anything without breaking it and to get involved with me without leaving me thinking that time heals everything eventually, that I am unaware they have no sense of commitment with respect to the personal life and the fame that we see them talk about and will not let people breathe the free air for all of the time and of course I have set out my social media profile such that any person may get involved with me too, which we all know gets them all thinking of what the Celebrities will say should they find a husband on social media all together, meaning that the social media profiles I had set up is not enough for them while they think they were compatible with me at Buckingham Palace. The primary premise of their position is that when I say these things, I am vulnerable but anybody who wishes to play up some stupid horsing around is free to start, I have not been stopping them from doing so.

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