Now they say what I am doing is not clear and that it is a threat to others, that it even encumbers the ability to communicate and I would not know anyway; the detailed facts will be that the whole purpose of their Media and Celebrity jobs is to gain a Public disposition which means that they are always putting up questions such as these and when I put up an explanation its a thank you very much I will take that as I do have the media that allows me to response like I play with their salaries the same way all together, the effect is that they have found that they can and so enjoy so much the need to get involved with what I am doing and undercut me at the points where they can see I have done my best career job and this is the bottom line of all stories about me being a threat to people. Overall however the reality of the threat is one they had created for themselves i.e. I have written Books that involve taking up fundamentalism that should not be explored and set about making a living from it tidying up the moral fabric of society and they have appointed themselves the people who should decide if I can have money or not by tackling the sales and then complaining about the resulting problems that have not been dealt with because the Books are not getting sold, in order to build a crowd that will love them; so I have never really mentioned it in terms of the fact that they need to help me sell the Books each time they are complaining on account the issues bother them to such an extent as National Media must pass their pain around. Apparently it seems that if they disengage from this business where each time they feel as though they are journalists but in their heads they can be something else if they tried, others generally have no right to a sense of normalcy, they will lose their minds but this is not my problem, they have continued to engage in these nasty behaviour they feel like exhibiting all the time because if push came to shove they will hold an advantage and here we are but push has not yet come to shove so far just yet the only purpose of their behaviour being one that helps to keep up the business of wrecking my Book sales to create financial needs for me and then making sure the problems that were resolved to write the Books have to be again and again and again with that big mouth wagging all over the place; this then sets the stage for the fact that I do not like being upstaged and insulted by them like they have claimed that I do, I am in control here and they are not, so we hope to sell the Books soon without a process where I have had to build a Public image on it too all together.

Nobody here is arguing with their stupidities over who owns all the money in the world as it were, for everything I do with my career and Public image we always find them set about beating me down until I smell like my loo and yet these scum cannot mind their business well enough for me to simply get on with the Book sales. The others are the poorer people who have more money than I do and are therefore more important and cannot keep their insults to themselves until I suppose the warnings I have issued over being provoked by them gives way to this business of damaged Book sales that cause me to get a job and clash with that stupid history of theirs, how they got to the top and what people want to do with it, turns out a process where I report back to them with some attrition attached before they find it is possible for them to keep their mouths firmly shut. The women ones will be the ones that copy this business of men inviting themselves into my concerns to make use of my Books and make a mess of the finances which is about to end only when I make them squirm for it too it seems, they show up here to show my Christian concerns the meaning of treachery all the time and yet all the treachery they needed to worry about an anal sex gimmicks was the Men that they have made a deal with, to beat up people so they might get comfortable with what others have worked for and have now become quite used to processes of targeting me to set me up as a punching bag for these Men in order to get out of where their decisions have placed them so I think all together they might want to keep off my concerns and stay away from my Books if they are also complaining about the number of people that have gotten killed. I mean they say I get after it all the time even though Celebrities are bad for me both of which are wrong - Celebrities are not bad for me because they are Celebrities, they are bad only when they use my work or processes of being friendly with me as a tool that helps them at home as well as work, leaving me with the fall out that business and pleasure are in the same place in my life and so when they had decided to get around taking the friendliness to a stage of earning my income instead of working for their own, they must have had it all figured out and we know people put them up to it, stupid Men at Industry mostly and of course I do not get after the Celebrities either, I am not a love of Celebrities if the Media is complaining about it every day.

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