I do get asked if I have worked out why these things target me and it is a good old game as it were; we know it is all because people are chasing money, much the same as I have warned them with damage to my career and academic work to show, that chasing money around my concerns wrecks my whole life. What we find instead is that if I cleared out every stupidities associated with pee, pee, pee creep into my concerns and deploy my asset to make a stupid women they claim is a socialite comfortable in order to ensure nothing I did mattered when it came to the way they wanted to handle me, I would see another that was built five days ago show up in its place to plug income gaps for their stupid suit wearing twaddle all day long, irrespective of being perfectly aware of the disastrous way in which it affects my earnings, they continue to blow off that big mouth at me that I think I can handle them but what I will do can only lead way back to contributions I had inadvertently made to their earning pot and they were going to provoke my stupid self-further by just attending to a day job and it will only likely continue like that to expect somebody talking and withering whenever it comes to action while he does whatever he liked for the rest of my life, being rich by being so stupid at my expense, until I had built myself a Public image which means I want to observe the bloody idiots deploy my Assets to win their jobs and contracts in the city, ripping up family finance bases around here just one more time as it were. So if this was a question I am meant to respond to; it should be quite clear here that they now have enough money to cushion their laziness and find a way to work for what they need instead of getting around being a suit wearing twat that thinks it controls people and the City alongside its friends, shooting off insults at me – I do not want to see their rich persons stupidities show up all over the numbers for this Royal Hermitage Literary Empire any one more time than it has already done over the last decade.

Now I am said to have created this numerous problems on the basis of thinking myself to be superior to others and we know its utter rubbish – the truth of it is that these are a handful of nasty villains; they are either always engaged in the business of gathering a Crowd to ensure that somebody is a security forfeit because they wish to ensure that the problem of being worse off was resolved through the persons existence or they ensure that the health they need for the bad things doing which they found exhilarating depended on the same completely innocent victims they have selected to kill off their lose image by. It’s as they say that bullies always do things others had done to them and hence never really worth it to respond to their insanity but this only works when you are listening to the criminals – the truth of it is that none would set about making sure the health by which they will do bad things depended on completely innocent victims they had selected for their abusive behaviour unless they were making an antagonistic statement that affected those who put themselves in the land to protect the Public i.e. these are people who always work on the basis that their health was the Primary line of defence. It is not that much of an issue – writing Books is not meant to be a physically demanding task and earning from it on an ambient basis is not supposed to have been impossible as well, save when idiots like these act in a way which shows they are convinced I don’t have a penis as well; we see it go right up to the top, where there might be a scenario for instance where somebody is being made to steal from a Local shop by another person, who goes to the Police about it, concerning which the Police responded in a way that means a sting operation was set up with the person and the main bait, should the person act in a way which means they appropriate something from a shop in a course of this operation, charges or warnings will not be brought against them and if the person who needed to be apprehended were to be stopped before they committed the Crime, the Police only needed to show they had intention to Commit that crime and this means Judges only had to dish out half the sentence, meaning the system was being developed in a way which showed that it was true the prognosis that incarceration does not solve crimes but we then find the Politicians break it to pieces, allow their Media fools get up on Public places to provide a certain leadership for these communities of villains, reduce Police numbers and make the problem worse, such that more people get incarcerated. They do boast of how there isn’t a thing I can do about it while we know it is getting nearer the stage where they will be made to pay attention to the parts they signed a Contract for whenever they have a stupid media career to fool around with as it were – we are where we are because it has grown to an unprecedented degree, the business where the problem is that of matters I resolved to write some Books and how they wish to make use of my work without paying for it, effectively making me work for them, to produce sensations of decadence developed around an outcome in which I was not paid and ended up in a sense of cycle that was built around daily difficulties, like we see their stupidities share the ones they have with others the last time we checked. I have made it quite clear the next time they follow me around at University, I will build those stupidities a powder Keg and I will light it as well.

We have seen them try to get around the prospect of such consequences by claiming my problem was due to the fact that people fought my battles at the Military, while we all know the security services have always kept an eye on what I got up to and it has always facilitated their jobs – what has happened is a collection of goons who have picked it up and corrupted it but once done they set about building from what we see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get up to and it means that another Royal Child now exists who will be the one I lost my Office and Estate to, as stupidly as possible, among many things they make of it which is not based on fact but affects public life as if it was a life and death situation. As I mentioned, it is now past its sell by date; it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around – needs to stop its media abuses and the business of making an announcement of my tummy issues all day long, complicating my writing careers and my revenue processes unnecessarily while the Celebrities who benefit the most from this nonsense issue stupid threats because of the way it has fed into the lives of criminals that they know as well with a self-harming big mouth – writing Books should not be such a complicated matter and selling them on an ambient basis when I am not yet ready to sell it full on should not be demanding on my health to a point where there is an announcement that I smell and the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions, I will build them a powder keg and light it. I mean they complain about something similar that I do in my position as well, where I am good at fighting back instead of looking for trouble and they cannot stop churning my tummy because the health for it will rely on them, there is no part of it associated with people making the selves superior to their stupidities.

The range of the provocation I levy on them apparently includes the neighbourhoods being developed around abusive lasciviousness targeted at me, such that the general fantasies people have about my bedroom window, includes using their cars to make some noise that will draw up an announcement of my tummy issues at in the morning, while the Media curates leadership for it around 5.00 am which runs all day long and for instance like the subject matter we are discussing here, I don’t know that anybody asked them a question on a business of me bringing about trouble associated with pretending I am superior to them either, never mind all the abuses associated with the fact they were nearly more important than I am after years of their stupidities exhibited around me, before I had the effrontery to get involved with them from a distance as well. The provocation specifically I guess, includes wanting to be more famous than I am using my own public image which began in the early months of 2002, some 17 years ago, which their stupidities have achieved as we speak; at that time people said that according to the dead weight of their money being the reasons for the behaviour, in a vacuum, a feather and a deadweight will be of the same Mass and now we know there is a lot of discussion about why I don’t need to make myself rich to justify my existence to their stupidities. The provocation they need to discuss all the time naturally being what I have done to their culture and society which is largely a product of feeling sore all over because I am being disciplined at random by idiots whose names I don’t know and we likely then get to see if they discipline their own children as well but they don’t, what they do with those is hang around the Communities and send them out to run people down, deploying peoples public image to try and become Celebrities, turning neighbourhoods on its head to plan their stupid lives on other people’s wallets and then we hear that it is the same way that the Police disciplines them, beats imagination as such how people get into trouble with Police as a Community and why ever it has something to do with me because they believe a race I share with them was a curse. I did not think that writing a Book will mean they used my career as a means for making a mess of me all the time on account they had access to something closer to my heart but here we are – so what they are complaining about is just stage one; the part where I get disciplined at random by very stupid people whose names I don’t know, so when we find them complain about their culture and society and how a war will break out or I will get killed, it makes me think they want to screw around with me a little bit more as it were; their Politicians can always build them new societies on the patent structures for my Books if they wanted, as nothing will come of it like we can see it hasn’t.

I. Uno I

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