The prevalent atmosphere is largely that most of my actions jeopardise my Office and take me away from Royal Property while others who decided I must lose it are gaining social ground and its utter rubbish this nonsense goes all the way to the part where State Provided security allowed the security services to gain access to what I do with myself in terms of Royal Order sensibilities, these idiots are happy for that to fall into the hands of either Russians or Islamic terrorists but will fight tooth and nail to corrupt my State provided security and ensure the Country is not safe enough for them to be denied the stupidities that will help them get rich quick at other peoples existence, expressing behaviour such as these they normally say I cannot back up anything I say with my mouth but I never bring up these matters and its difficult to tell why it is that when they can clearly see any response from me is usually very expensive for them but decide they cannot keep their mouths shut around my concerns or keep off corrupting my State provided security on account they were getting along with Celebrities. Even now, know what I have said here has not provided public order as intended, it has only served a controversy that helps their stupidities make some advertisement on Media and get rich quick and it is the audacious insults that never stop until they get a response from their victims not me losing Royal Office because they are everywhere.

I am not the one beating up my own Body, Royal duties do not stress me in anyway, not even when I must sandwich it with Hermitage duties and academic work, I am not the one responsible for the smell this causes, and none has been able to determine what their stupidities want so far.

I do get asked why I suppose they behave in these ways but its never an emotive issue that they behave in these ways either all I know about it is that for some reason, a product I set out at hermitage to run my affairs by is the tool through which they will speak to 4 managers and 15 fat Cats at a Company about why they should be the ones to address the AGM this year and its all because it has not gotten a problem solving dimension of a response from me regarding its Daddy character insults blabbing my direction endlessly as if it was paying my Bills. They boast about making my life difficult the way I have made their own but that was only after I dropped out of University and they had spent a decade of my time showing everybody it was not that bad for me because of their big brother Status, now they have their civil disobedience to play with and need to stop blabbing about Royal duties around here, which stupidities gets me doing it repeatedly. They do claim I end up doing Royal Office duties over and over again because I am being attacked by others at the Royal Family but then again if Prince Harry got married and doing so placed me in a worse disposition than it did him, so he can make a mess of my concerns all of the time, its difficult to locate what part they play in it, save running off their stupidities on Media at my expense like we see them do constantly and unnecessarily every day.

The Duchess of Sussex will want confirmation from me that she is superior to me all the time for instance but if I wanted to build publicity for an Actress that Married a Prince and is still spending more time on the Actress bits because she believes that Her Husband must not be worse off on my account, what we are looking at is a series of misunderstandings which culminate in a divorce, so I am lost as per which part their stupidities are playing in my case. It goes without saying that although they are charactering whose insanity I should be concerned with every day, the bits about what Royal property and work I have lost goes too far and needs be stopped if people want to avoid a response from me which goes too far as well. The problem with other Royal Family members is that they dont have money issues, but I do and it makes the abusive activities at Sussex so unacceptable I will speak of economy issues and find myself hurtling down a Rabbit hole to face up to hoodlums and paparazzi getting out of hand on my income margins but this is not what Sussex are dealing with and hence none can explain why they are always making a mess of my concerns in order to fan the flames around it. The controversy about me is simply that HM is Head of State and makes decisions on National security, there are people who think these decisions have not been made to suit them and these people will end up in a certain part of HM concerns I should be stuck with that part only if I am being punished by the Queen but I am not being punished by the Queen and have no idea why gimmicks are always running off from them to make a case of themselves at my expense because others have got Media and Celebrity jobs anyway so this is the controversy i.e. that if I have money issues, I solve it and I am not being punished by the Queen; blabbing about which Royal Commission I have lost all the time, is soon going to get a response from me that people will hate; they needed to know obviously. They claim to be Allied to The Prince of Wales naturally but that does not change anything about the tiresome business of them making a case of it on Media as if I am being punished by the Queen; mostly they think they can take me on but we know I am not the one beating up my own body every day and will soon be getting them off to their own bad habits that will ensure Industry people loved me more as well - it can keep its mouthing off my concerns and stay away from the Monarchy if it found it uncomfortable if it wanted obviously.

Their civil rights, freedoms of expression, now includes the business of making stupid statements that I have lost a Royal Commission, everyday - if I start out with making sure the Public is constantly fed with aspects of their lives they want to keep to themselves, it will be said I had gone too far but the effects is exactly what I have learned from their stupidities here and this is what I am going to do next every day, to ensure the affairs of the day runs well and Industry people like me better than them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland