Of course the most popular of the stories I have not actually signed for on Media is usually that One does not have a clue what he is doing; it is not an emotive issue as the question usually tends to turn back around and then become one about if it is the fact I do not know what I am doing or the fact they are really stupid and there is no aspect of their Society Males and Public Office convenience hunting Females which is actually useful, that beats peoples imagination all of the time? I know people expect me to respond to it by making clear where my position is but there is nothing to clear up it is all built of disobedience full of Boo Boys at Popular culture and Media who cannot keep their hands to themselves and assume the right to teach others lessons while their foolish parents seek out profitability of violence all day long, I have no use for it and cannot devise a use for it which may even benefit somebody else either. It is difficult to ascertain why it is so important for them to get up on National and International Media as well as those stupid sales network they have got to conduct daily tests of whether or not I know what I am doing and especially pertaining to their behaviour - its more like that old provocation of knowing they are stupid and callous enough to murder State Officials but will provoke others until the sleeping and waking thought becomes their popular culture so people can be said to have stolen their culture and Popularity if they respond to it and this is usually where they hate my guts the most. On a personal basis, they complain but this is exactly the same behaviour as leads to results they are complaining about - the outcome will always be that they take steps to rip up my finances and brew violent rumours and lies over sex and their eyes fixed on my possessions and personal life, to create the sense that I sell peoples ways of life to make a lot of money, gain position and gain power - for my part the outcome will always be that I take steps to ensure that even if that were the case they would do nothing about it, so I might peddle it if I want to at an availed time; it is clearly only stopped if they stay off my Books and clear my space as this is the sort of thing that causes people to drop out of academic work and girls have Children whose fathers they cannot account for - I simply cannot make out why it has become development anyway .

This story of Americans that are a threat to me never ceases too; I would never know for my part anyway all I can see is that the US Government teaches its people that their economy is so supreme that they do not actually need to work their way out of a recession and an economic crisis which of course is only a viable prognosis when I allow them mess with my property and interests perhaps in for instance China or maybe Japan or maybe Canada and Australia and New Zealand, so it has to be that the problem is that I simply will never sell my Books when everything concerned with process and means by which they do is not frustrated, which is where all the trouble so called is coming from. I do not think that it is a crisis, I have been clear I will never sell my Books if American idiots can take a ride; socially however its the great old story they all perform along with African and South American Counterparts, where we see them mess with my Manhood and those filthy things they do which they add to themselves and become many times the men they are for the violent purposes in a life that has no use whatsoever. Then again it came through stages to reach where it is at present i.e. when they started provoking me to move into my right hand because it means republic and freedom and that led to an outcome where their society and communities and cultures turned up here way too often to do damage and an outcome in which I did cut it to pieces as well. So obviously they have reasons to have a go at me every moment of their lives and try to recover it by messing with my Books and finances but the newly developed history of messing with my Manhood to add it to themselves and become Many times the Men they are, then set about naming me the female of the mens world and top it up with suggestive sodomy is an outcome that will be heavily avenged in due time if we end up with any means tested damages as it were - otherwise the more important question especially when it comes to the US Government making out I am difficult is why they enjoy that game of only making money by finding out somebody elses secretes in order to make them breathless all of the time so much. I am not taken by any stupid sexism or the games their foolish women play with it and I should make it clear I have placed myself where I will find it easier to get jobs and business opportunities, which happens to be the female communities; I am rather more sensitive to their democratic and free stupidities than they give it credit for; they do need to get off my finances and clear my space..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland