They do claim that I am a disgrace and it’s what they want to talk about all the time and it’s an old story that goes beyond the times they chased me around to be real men, wrecking everything around here for a need to be a power behind me whether I liked it or not, if they didn’t complain too much about responses as well that is – it had since become a case of abuses and insults that eventually ended up giving their stupidities access to my personal space, to share it with me and I see all the colours of their abusive popularity stupidities in this way every second, really loved making a smell. So, I do have an issue with ignorant rivalry and other forms of the civil and criminal disobedience they believe is incredibly important to spend their time on and have got the haemorrhoids and smell issues to show for it. It is all very well boasting about their gimmicks naturally, I still am unable to explain the reasons we had to have popularity in this society anyway and I think they did have a way to stop me when I start on their case as well.

They do claim that I am oblivious to threats that I faced which is utter nonsense – just a handful of gits who think that when they wind me up I attacked them and not their entire communities that are really the reasons for their interests in me, after which the collection of scum that name themselves communities will become market later on – they think that I should have no reason to attack it naturally, hence fooling around all the time; same tale of selfish, stupid, evil and want somebody else taking the blame for the consequences of their personal decisions naturally. They do claim those who ended up in trouble during times gone by talked the same way before they got into trouble but I should point out the reasons for their interest in me goes beyond being irritated by a weak person since their stupidities have really got it naturally, blabbing off the dirty mouth on my personal space and personality all the time, it is a matter of the things I do to ensure their stupidities got a day job, not chased me around to get paid for being popular, or seek Celebrity interests by claiming to be responsible for what I got to up to this office, to such that effect that either I liked it or not, I covered their bums while they made money with a big mouth. So, the way it works is that they always tend to pick up the lives we lived and what we thought of places where we thought the causes of social problems were located and set about engineering for themselves an alternative form of social rights, which they do because the entire set up of civil activities that are developed on this are supposed to be criminal. So this is why they are interested in me; they bother me and the shop keepers keep shop and tell lies that will ensure I deserved my career only when I got into a fight on the streets, they do whatever they did to make money and buy from the shops and somewhere in the middle of all that the fucking idiots will then chase my history while doing organised crime products and the Police will keep inventory. The Hollywood gits are the ones that have made the whole thing into a crisis by claiming that I had saddled Celebrities with public problems because I am a coward, after trying to make my Book their property unsuccessfully, after clearing it out which I have only ended up where I started i.e. the structures needed to write the kind of Books that I write, so it should be started that if I in any way freed them from the consequences of trashing peoples careers and finances to pick up the social lives of their victims as tools for popularity and fashion, I will have dropped the ball, simply because they played the Celebrities and then the Celebrities got played and ended up in my special place where they claimed as their own and set about testing me so called bravery every day in order to keep it.

It is an understatement to say that one must accept that an inability to decide that they got involved with me respectfully and with appropriate regards for the way that I lived, had to give way to actions taken in an understanding that I will feel like vomiting perpetually thereof. The fall out is the fact they wish to ensure their entire lives and more so fortunes they will pluck from the air, was decided on the basis of claims that I spend time with other people’s women, while the real problem is that they are engaged in what appears to be militarily organised gimmicks that had created an eventuality where there were women, their stupid selves and myself, concerning which the women had to choose, further complications included their city centre robbery stupidities issuing threats at me when something needed to happen very fast so they might do their own business with other people’s property, thus they had children with the women and got a divorce thereafter.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland