Their argument is always that Law making on the basis of morality is defunct but of course the truth is still that it is not: all anybody can tell me is that while I was busy criticising their wickedness they were busy getting the best education and the best jobs and now they are in position to influence the Politicians and decide how laws are made which reduces my position to mere opinion but all that does it draw on the same old case we are dealing with all the time i.e. they need to stay away from my book sales as I need the money to do my academic work which will propel me towards the best jobs and a process of being able to influence how the law is made as well and they can already see just as they already know that failing to do so is a criminal activity; hence unless Politicians will listen to them and make criminal laws this prognosis of a state of affairs is utter nonsense.

They say I call their activities crimes but the government murders millions and I support it and attack them for only trying to get by; first of all which they cannot get by without getting by on my earnings –  then there is the other fact about the deployment of my hospitality and the threatening me to dominate me and be superior aspect, the questions regarding how people deploy other people’s hospitality and how people would expect to get involved with other people’s hospitality uninvited to that extent without consequences and of course the ones about how they groom people into that position and expect to get away with damaging their property at the same time as well; they however have the excuses, the media ones saying that it happens because when people see them do media jobs people like me, those stupid insults, think it is easy and then they get used to the lies they tell themselves, deploy my hospitality and dominate me and talk more and more nonsense and then the advertisements will join in and then the politicians will join in and then the businesses will join all, all the while they all expect there will be no consequences – the third part is the bit where we are discussing what we can easily see is a classic case of sociopathic behaviour about which I am not going to tolerate any nonsense from them and they need to get by somewhere else since it is now common knowledge bearing in mind that each time they damage mine, I will sack their own.

These are the kinds of people that the Bible specifically instructs us never be to be afraid of – there is always  that essential item of being able to torture the body and having means to brag about it all over the world but never able to torture the soul: as One has mentioned before, grabbing and selling their entire disposition in life and more so selling it to those who buy those products they make to abuse me and extricate decadence to get rich and famous with does create a much needed career and professional alienation.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland