I am said to be completely insane and the problem here is that when people are insane the Monarchy would do something with it; this is the opinion that secures public attention over a Business that involved property equity broker with Clients and some extra work I do to support them on what they did to display their work, portfolio and prospects on road billboards, so I am certain people would easily understand, why we are on a collision course with fame idiots as it were the easier part of all these being that the idiots showed up here to pick up and read a Book they found very difficult to enjoy and stopped issuing foolish threats when they are out of their depth.

Thereafter we hear that my deep involvement with British culture creates problems for famous, wealthy, and important idiots that are starting to bey for blood etc. I could never make sense of it myself anyway but we know that my academic work will be accounted for because I am constantly in contact with those who wrecked it, through no fault of mine, especially considering it means that the last 18 years of my time have been spent to immerse my abilities and what I do for a living, in a British culture that a handful of idiots plan to handle as the tools through which show business brands picked them up from the streets and made them rich and famous hence the way that these brands pick them for riches and fame is now starting to develop into something of a threat to my health, safety and wellbeing, solely because of the way they want to be picked up with the big mouth they have got. It may develop into something of their stupidities staying away from my Books, shutting down proceeds of all that nonsense where they took time to build a scenario in which I wrote the Book and none had seen it and they were out to deploy it piece by piece to build themselves a more profitable form of show business that saved them from employment and crime if they wanted money and stop blowing off their big mouth all over my Public image for it as well or we will let it run through to the part where they kept working on parts of my life that had not been put to an inventory through which I can manage how they got involved with me, while I worked on maintaining an inventory which gave me such a control mechanism, when the fight does kick off, it is likely apparently to run off as they would want it to, so that they might feel comfortable about the fact that it did as it were. Personally, there is still time for me to finish my University studies and do with my career what I had not been able to do with it in the period of their involvement, where they never handle a thing as was intended to make a mess of it and blab about the consequences of their social issues, taking the practical jokes up a notch every time they should be stopping it and if I lose control of this schedule, I really am going to take steps with such outcomes as I taught them lessons they would never forget as well.

Some people have said that according to my work, I have not lost control of any schedule but I have not; the problem is that we are not mates, they needed to cease all involvement with me and practical jokes concerning my Books, my challenge on the other hand is to finish University studies online, run the Bookshop to pay the bills and perhaps do what I was supposed to do with the career over the last decade in about 6 months or so, if I had the energy and the health for it but even the essential part about paying the Bills will never happen as long as Celebrities felt they could get involved with my Books and run off stupidities that got me spending all day to clear out the consequences of their popularity. They really love to set out this idea they are good at looking for trouble and love blabbing that they will be waiting for me over any new achievements and so on but I wondered if they would be waiting with anything else save the fact they were in league with criminals which is the reason their involvement is to hurtful and I am sore all over, on account we spend so much time setting out the idea criminals are some of the worst people in the world the sensibility clear when it appears we are now a three part society with people on the left and people on the right while they were in the middle inventing crimes that others would commit, to get paid for being popular with a career that lets them walk into my life to introduce themselves as VIPs it does not set out a stage where government operative will clash with idiot that gets paid for being popular making a mess of peoples lives and blowing off that big mouth as though what its stupidities said was public policy and especially so when there was prospects it would end very well as well as such and there was no possibility of outcomes where they got badly handled by state provided security, such that they could show up here to blow off that big mouth about revenge, which I have to put up with endlessly as well thereof.

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