So I am told I got myself stuck with Americans and it’s a problem for all, which it isn’t as I am not in any way stuck with Americans; this is all a product of a handful of gits who are not currently complaining about civil rights in the vicinity of Buckingham Palace because it was much better to trash my Bookshop and facilitate the actions of American pervert twats who enjoyed getting them to clear out their filth on my social life and public image for the purpose of seeking payment from popularity culture, by putting up money leverage that helped them trade as if I had lost something important, hence technically it all tied in to the way things should work. The other story is a matter of worsening US/British relations which is utter nonsense; these were issues simmering at the background and due to come to the surface, we only had to decide how it did. I mean it is the sort of issues around which Law enforcement dealt with some very evil things that some people spent their time on; scratch the surface and you will make sense of all those civil rights gimmicks in terms of one person trying to avoid distant violation abuses which the government thinks adds up to Political instability but it was the person who worked with the Government on the so called Political instability that will set about creating a new crisis with how much he can fool around on the distant violation gimmicks at somebody else’s expense once what is considered to be current crisis is averted – so you see the parent bully syndrome that gets law enforcement scratching for clues all the time, where the children stayed at home to serve him instead of attending school and in no time we will see it get off to antagonise the Police in order to blaze my trail and defend my rights, scratch past this and you will find the idiots who want to get me grovelling for money, talking so much nonsense like they were in need of services from an exorcist, scratch past this and you will find the takers, who take and take and take until there is nothing left and was happy for me the entire time, so when he places this happiness on the media, I ended up in a legal and social no man’s land along with all I owned and their stupidities must have become famous persons thereafter. Thus, each time I had to put up with this nonsense, for every 24 hours it made a mess of my Bookshop, the reasons they complained about me will get worse.

So, I have been told they thought I was a wise arse who deserved this sort of behaviour and it is utter nonsense, just the insults they have gotten accustomed to and nothing more; I don’t remember meeting them as a minor, in fact they started bugging me when I was about 22 and that was 4 years after the government said that if my parents chucked me out of the Home nobody would mind. I don’t think it is a crisis, there are a lot of women with 2 internships, one parttime job and college work to finish, who would find my Books appealing and as I mentioned, their problem concerning me will get worse every 24 hours they spend their time petrifying the Public over my Bookshop while keeping their salaries as pretext of insults and superiority, backed up by brain dead Celebrities, working throes of a handful of entitled twats who don’t hate my work but want to own it and a corrupt crowd that wants to solve financial problems by means of equality.

They do claim it is therefore incredibly shameful that I am living on Government support but nobody wants to live on Government support and I would like them to do the relevant two things they can do about it i.e. shut down all practical jokes at my expense that has been running for the last 15 years to facilitate their cracked up out of my league access to fame and popularity, which gets employers laughing at my CV before reading it and then wondering why they did while the damage had already been done thereof, then prevent their fame idiots gold digging my public image and Bookshop by showing up to petrify the Public on it and build their own version of meaning for what I am doing, to facilitate the solving of their own problems backed up by stupid braindead media and celebrity twats – if they can reverse this nonsense which they created, I should be on my way paying the Bills via the success of the Bookshop and not government support, if they cannot need keep their mouth shut and administrate the process which is what they are really paid to do. I mean it is annoying to have gotten caught up in it all those years since all they have done is push me around various directions and show up somewhere deciding how to grind my flesh, solved absolutely no problems, now I have to pull myself out and solve the problems they were meant to and this was instead the best time to start making sure I couldn’t account for the way my time passed because their stupidities and that of their celebrities were getting popular, blowing off the big mouth at me about what is shameful and they have already wasted three years so far, which is a record that tended to suggest I am on course to get worse with respect to my behaviour towards them and their interests, not better. It does this; its insanity is the reasons employers laugh at my CV and wonder why they did when they see there is nothing wrong with it on one hand and yet on the other, they say that when I take charge by going into self-employment it is going to get worse because that would be the chance to get me grovelling for money and make me homeless with a big mouth, so these are examples of facts that put such theories to the test. Their Celebrities choosing self-improvement from my work to keep out Clients while petrifying the Public over my Books facilitated by their stupidities picking up my work to share with the media in a bid to share the earnings of my potentially successful Books which have already been Published, is the reasons I am paying the Bills through Government support and not the Bookshop, which is all a very simple thing for the idiots to stop doing but that said, they are paid to administrate the government support system not pass insults at me. They really do need to mind those abuses and the way it fits into the gimmicks associated with ripping up my Books to prevent eventualities of me becoming uncontrollable by their stupidities on account that I had amassed enough to afford me a personal dignity – the insults and threats especially threats of homelessness pose a real risk of actions on my part that will get them showing me which economic text Book, marketing text book or business textbook taught their stupidities that building communities that got imagination up my Bum boosted the profit margins of companies they sucked up to or worked for, a failure to likely meaning I would appoint myself to teach them a lesson they will never forget; we know the reasons are this nonsense about unworkable society where criminals with money to spend ended up in prison while low lives like myself got into everybody’s faces while getting into people’s faces is not necessarily a guarantee their stupidities will stop making comments on your public image or get in touch to tell you what to do, alongside the talk of the town insults their German influence twats love so much which makes everything worse, including personal life matters, blowing off the big mouth about an ability to secure fast and successful market thereof. I have taken personal responsibility for this nonsense where my residence is located in obscure places and they were the link between it and what media or Celebrity got up to, which meant that whilst the idiots complained, days ran into weeks which ran into months which ran into years, working that nonsense they are not really paid to do, where they believe they are entitled to access other people’s careers – the Book has already been published, those who want to write my Books need give up the chase, the Books have already been published, those who want to share market I created need give up the chase, when paid to administrate government support, they are not paid to pass insults at me as well. I could start paying my way through my Bookshop in a week after writing this but the same problems will persist where I broker equities with people who should boost their incomes because I did but we had to put it up for another day, another week, another month, another year and none knows when I will be getting paid for writing a Book, while their stupid fame freaks found a Book I had written which inadvertently helped them with matters associated with taking their clothes off while doing fashion and celebrity work that paid their stupidities enough to sort out the problem, about which they were better off making me cash strapped, as stupidly as possible – then we find the idiots follow up processes of their fools in suits at the civil service issuing threats at me over benefits with stories about a handful of mean cunts being powerful women, looking for a fucking response that will ensure they stopped playing their practical jokes on me and my possessions. We know I don’t have time to chase up the problems associated with this gimmicks where I lived in obscurity and people had access to my work and knew where these fame idiots were conducting business to get their own slice of riches and fame by, so if they were complaining of how shameful I look, their stupidities have not yet explained the reasons that they do it but I know that this is about to get worse because they have not taken seriously the way that I have warned them of my feelings for not being able to account for the way the last three years of my time, to 2021, have been spent. I do get told my problem is that I am sleeping with the enemy and yes I am but it hardly warrants an 8 year severe cash flow crisis that threatened my entire future because a handful of famous and opinionated scum were trying to convince me that my Publishers were racist, the equality factor with their famous stupidities is the part where they issue threats at me because of their relationship with producers and employers, which is one day going to develop into something very serious.

I am now told that I hate the idea of peoples communities being a powerful thing but it is utter nonsense, I am not in any way interested in their Communities, what happens is that those communities served as a crowd that allowed them show up where I have done the best work for my career to inform me of which jobs I have found for myself or which careers I had secured from the employment market, to give up to those who were bigger and therefore more worthy, so it is a crowd that is currently having its personal decisions made for it, hence the obsession – that said, on the business of showing up to tell me I must give up a job or tell me to do state work without state provided security for instance, on a scale of stupidities of 1-10, I wonder then where that fits but do not need think of it too much since we see their antagonism of the Police as evidence of what really matters to them.

The Celebrities are another story entirely, they always had enemies and needed to manufacture their own enemy but in order to deal with the way their enemies affected their reputation, the enemies they manufactured had to be one that deserved to be beaten by them and had to be beaten by them, which sets me out as a punching bag – we are here at all because I have been ignoring it, ignore the fact that each time I wanted to do something with my Public image they had a big ego and the years I have not responded to this nonsense has given them a license to develop a life for me that existed in a legal and social no man’s land, with a public image in hand that others wanted to make money with; such that when I ignore it, I know that every time I want to engage with my public image to bump into them instead, when she exhibits the women issues on it, I will feel hurt right down to my stomach but I will ignore it never the less and the problem will get worse rather than go away, solely because of their ego, talking nonsense at me when they believed they had reached the stage that allowed them issue violence, as though they were terribly relevant. We see this all the time – they need one person whom they claim they deserved to inflict suffering one for talking about what they really did not understand, to boost their stupid popularity and the process of making such a person suffer each time they had to contend with discrimination, will be the price the rest of society had to pay to gain more civil rights.

They do claim they all want to get involved with me which is utter nonsense as we know that none has yet been able to make sense of the exact stage at which they decided criminals were better people who bought show business products while I am a low life who wants to rob shoulders and should be punished – none knows the exact stage they decided the business of letting younger people play up popular culture on applicable areas of my public image, which allows them manage the interests that criminals and silly women with distant violation abuses show in their concerns, became the biggest problem that Celebrities faced and we know that the process of dismantling it has happened very quickly indeed, as are we now aware of the fact that upon dismantling it successfully, they then set about waging war with me all together, which is equally unexplainable. So, some people have asked this question of what I think is really going on which I do not think anything really is – the reality of it is that if I had some sort of business with a Celebrity, they will have decided it was open to all Celebrities and this as we can see the above facts show, does not work.

They do ask this question of what it is I wanted from them but I don’t want anything from them as such, I want the wealth equity structures restored to me and I don’t want to see them get involved with it ever again – it is as serious as a process where I am able to do something about the perverted Politics they have run in this Country alongside their Politicians for the past decade, where it has now produced such a results as it would seemingly be an easy thing to accomplish if they needed to create setback for people in the education system and I have responded because I had means and tools and knowledge to do so. It has nothing to do with whether I wanted something from them or hated them. We have played out this issue in all levels imaginable, where somebody who had some money spent it on people who wanted to get paid for being popular because he was building problems for other people, meant that he spent the money, the Celebrities made money without working for it and the lives of victims got worse, so the entire society loses, while they appeared to be the only gits the world with jobs that allowed them introduce themselves to others as VIPs who clearly didn’t have a name. We have already entered into the stage where they get to claim that it was a matter of people controlling me, I wouldn’t know anyway, I simply hope that whilst they do, the Celebrities would get to complain about me a lot less, get to gather up that stupid civil rights and fashion it into a tool that helped them make contact to tell me what to do a lot less, get to fashion the civil rights gimmicks into a means by which they were entitled to my earnings while being backed up by bigger men a lot less. We are talking about processes where their stupidities will initiate change of hands at the National service and it was the kind that would get me dropping out of University for instance, so I am still making sense of how much it controls me but the abusive behaviour is about to create a result in which I began counting the involvement with me that hurts me to the tummy which they have failed to agree that ignoring it made the most sense and then I will built it up and develop a resolve over it, due to a keenness to see what they were really made of or they can stay away from my Bookshop and stop showering my social life and public image with the insults.

Generally there are so many abuses – the city centre gits with ideas about an entitlement to sample other people’s careers will not just need my assets to chase their fortunes alongside their friends who have contributed money to a current venture, they will also send out their stupid girls to chase ownership of my career, books and patents, right up to media assistance that conducts so much abuse that they were able to break up the designated public interest that the patents have earned and divert it to a business they thought should be making my money. Then there is the one that hits closer to home making more sense of that nonsense that I am scared of their communities, that a Hermitage was the same thing as the environment women created which was private but was full of people who went there only on invitation because it is built for child birth processes, as stupidly as possible – while it tears up my income on one hand, on the other this environment was like a thing in their stupid hands, showing up where I had done the best work for my career and does not leave without property destruction and demonisation of women. The problem with black people eventually hit a point of response when they started suggesting I was only a kind of black man they would have been selling to other black people in Africa as a slave – I would let that nonsense run to such an extent they could see that we were different with respect to the way their parents raised them to learn how to grab and ruin peoples careers in order to protect their own, while I was raised to make sense of how I handled ageist idiots who wanted to make me grovel for money but it will show up here still with those superiority insults that acts as thought life worked the way Shakespeare’s globe worked, blowing off that big mouth all the time and when it had to deal with a mix of the two public problems, it set about inventing tribalism hierarchy that will make sense of its size and allow its stupidities take advantage of others to get rich, set it out as an enticing gimmick for politicians who cannot resist and develop a very profitable blame culture that allows it blaze my trail and fight for my civil rights all year on year, any time its stupidities wants my earnings, then I will work on the Bookshop and find the practical jokes had set me out as a character that does not get paid when he does work and they will have finished what their stupidities set out to accomplish apparently.

I am told the prevalent sensibility is that I had difficulties with women, but I don’t – a lot of women appear only to be happy when they are involved with my concerns in some way but there are others to get involved with me to handle me or to make trouble for me or get me caught up their gold digging gimmicks which is where most of the clashes kick off from on account they are a handful of very entitled twats. That said it is still an issue if they can see it is quite a problem when their entire lives were built around the premise of getting in touch with me to tell me what I must do with myself – I mean it is a problem for Public security operatives if I appear to be detached from service people while a handful of gits got about spending significant areas of my public image on a business of putting up statements and probably structures that facilitate a complication of difficult areas or armed forces work for instance, the point of their defiance is usually that there is nothing I can do or that I can be handled by them anyway they wanted but it’s the usual story before Public security operatives saw them as an easy target for solving a problem and then it will never end as their families would have liked it to. I for my part need to make my business with the armed forces more official for my position and I believe it to be a preferable course of action to this case of spending my time on women because I am seeking a spouse. So the biggest problem is still the business of people getting caught up with those they are not relevant to, especially when female, it creates a lot of unhappiness and they would show up to bother me in an Official capacity for ages while the business of simply getting through to them or what is troubling them became an impossible feat, hence it has always been the question of those one is accustomed to getting involved with – the rest were a handful of lairs who claim that I have been of the opinion I may do whatever I liked with the female community while reality is rather that they invited themselves to areas of my social life which I could only use or share alongside a spouse, which I had opened up to people that I had developed a Public office social relationship with and when they do, they bring along characters that will attack me for them every time they had need of my earnings, hence it ends very well every time, which I don’t actually think is worth exploring, I am only because I am clearing up something important on this occasion.

They do claim that they did not think I am a real Man – not that I mind but the problem is that this is about softening me up for gold digging and has always been, the story of my manhood is a matter of the fact they think I am in a situation where that was all I had left. Hence going back to the beginning we find every abusive stupidities concerning their talk of the Town insults and verbose public gimmicks at my expense culminate in this  nonsense where a Hermitage was the same as environment women develop for childbirth purposes, the stupidities of it will then progress their gimmicks further to a case of issuing threats at me over what they claim is a business of me interfering with their lives while what really happens was a question of the reasons they should respond to the needs of a bug they can squash, working partying and clubbing and popularity culture narcissism that meant I cannot step out of my door over it, which outcome that makes sense would be a case of it on one side and me on the other with intent on my part. They do love to claim their victory on the Trump impeachment and I guess they make the point when they suggest I never had all the facts on the Trump Administration Policies, so I suppose I should take it at that, however the problem still stands that they should be spending their money on products that will improve their lives, not spend it making trouble for me or preventing me from selling products to them, especially the Celebrities. I do get asked if I knew the reasons they got away with these endlessly and yes I do I suppose; starts out with rich trouble makers who spent money to make trouble for others paying them for being popular, then it progresses to a process of setting others out as punching bags they can attack to befriend rich people, better still build up a lot of trouble for somebody and inundate them with involvement from criminals and hoodlums that will make them do violent things which created security for the public, which security will belong to them and then every member of the public that got involved with it had to buy a product in return – the more money they made was the more trouble they brewed and it will get worse and worse, while they got richer and richer, siting the German influence gimmicks alongside as well and the American bits that goes one step further to put up money leverage that helped them work market as though their targets had lost something important until it actually happens; each time they made money from this process, it became an encouragement for more people to join in. In my case they had since 2012, resorted to handling my Books, social life, and public image physically which added up to criminal activity. It would suggest that I am of the opinion that the existence of the extremism was okay when they build it up and beat me down with the problems like they had done Donald Trump but then again, so am I a character that was said to have needed to be human with the women, if I wanted to get into a relationship with one, to a character whom on the basis of their need to use my social life and public image as top up for their stupid popularity is now known on a global stage to be a filthy entity i.e. the reasons that this point of the problem that they are complaining about was the fun and games bit, which will lead up to outcomes they claimed would be impossible but will make me a freak when such an outcome turns out not to be impossible.

I. Uno I

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