I do get told that my activities with Celebrities are a double standard and yes, they are because if I had celebrities getting involved with my Hermitage, it was my duty to keep out the others who never handle a thing according to its purpose and I must pick up the mess all the time and lose everything I have in the process. They have also said that I am a fantasist who thinks Celebrities get involved with my concerns and this would have been okay save the fact that I had dropped out of University because they continue to pick up my concerns and make statements which go all the way down to the activities of the criminals they spend their time with, followed on more so by vicious statements about how important they were, giving rise to anomies that ensure I continued to get hurt and none was actually responsible. They rely entirely on a business of me keeping an inventory to control it like I have but missing some dates and timelines, which will become their main preoccupation on media and thereby wreck everything I am doing so about it, now they had a problem upon realising that I am able to pull together resources and fill in missing timelines and inventories, to quell this sense that I have never really met them and most of what I said and did about their destructive activities was a fantasy. We even listen to the challenge of how I will stand up to them from where I am while reality is that most of their abuses are set to ensure I thought at least 3 times about stepping out of my door and of course plans for all I did outside were meant to be run down to plan C and plan D and anything below plan A or plan B, which is another gap I will fill in to test their theories about what I cannot do and then they will have to stop the show business and listen.

They do claim that this is a big case of people tackling embattled Celebrities and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that they wreck everything using the following process; starts off with abuses that take advantage of existing effects caused by the challenging aspects of a persons work, career and study, thereafter years of abuses had ensued to handle the social life and public image for abusive popularity payments, they proceed to body bribery, body bribery becomes necessary to those they offered it to because it was distracting and also because it will keep the persons occupied and thereby allow them to access the social life and public image and is entirely necessary due to the suffering they have caused, of which mine was developed entirely because I am an Arch Prince who is seeking funds to pay my way from a Trust system I had built, while they believed they would become rich if they set me out as scapegoat over wealth and social inequality and became the people who gave the public what it wanted – from this stage in my case it’s the daily process of wrecking my career and banging away at me that they had money to spare and then eventually create perceptions that I needed some, which makes the whole public thought process of wealth and social inequality worse while they got paid for providing it by being popular. This is in sharp contrast to what we really know Celebrities do for a living and makes sense entirely of the way gits at Industry spend money to secure them venues and equipment by which they can engage with a bought Crowd that then gets them on their way to public standing over income range to perpetuate this nonsense. What they then do with the money is buy expensive clothes and shoes through which they got to dazzle the criminals that they get around with and with this they were in a better position to get married to wealth and important persons because they could make themselves the best spouse in the world by dazzling criminals with expensive things – a problem that is easily solved in the civilised world when it was clear people should never handle other persons that they were not accustomed to getting involved with but none could say this from a dilapidated neighbourhood after they had taken over to ensure matters were resolved on the basis of the size and scope of wealth and social inequality, while it would be said that it was unclear how British Royalty were at the pinnacle of social inequality but fought social inequality all together – since it gets so little attention that poor people do not normally seek help from the government to resolve financial matters, what they do is figure it out.

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