It is impossible for me to manage my world and all its spirituality, properties and temperaments or hold together the situation of the Anglican Church, while at the same time staying out, above and ahead of the evils of cultural destruction in the process of fulfilling my role as a Statesman and that of one of the most powerful and important Christians in the world. This is where I stand at my Literary Empire and the world for which I am responsible over matters which involve managing it, as it always should be, for Happiness and perhaps some Fantasy. I get all my publicity therefore through Equitable behaviour I am shown, mostly during advertisement by those who broke my Film Equities and Holdings and Businesses who broke my Business Equities and Holding. The challenge is how I must use it to earn and this is where the Advertisement industry and its media, in order to provide for its deviance and very wicked Politicians who do not seem to realise they do wrong attacking peoples livelihood, is not making that very easy, never the less the Intellectual property brokerages and Intellectual Property administration brokerages on Public media and the Ethics by which I work are acknowledged on a daily basis through advertisement on Public and International Media (There is therefore enough security to offer the required level of prospects for a good economic progression and more so after recovery from the current crisis). They have even got excuses readymade and the one that affects me is that it is an issue associated with what I eat and how I eat it and their need to label me an old man character whose whole life is absurd. While the one that affects them will be when there is criminal trading routes between racist groups and none white groups, so some idiot gets off to set himself up on real Estate and stock markets in order to counter it, so the purpose of his life being to wreck my Book sales and finances as I am unaware that such criminal trading links between racists and black criminals exist then there are similar ones like the problem with ladies first etiquette in the UK while they have no respect for those it does not affect, just like the trading ones claim I think everybody is stupid but the conundrum is an issue of respect that may be channelled in my direction; they and their stupidities and their mothers and how I do not deserve my livelihood because I was not beaten up by neighbourhood gangs. So we see it all the time; broker equity with Video games companies who make games children want to play and get stimulated by and find that the racists have fallen in love with it rather than go around doing racism stuff, like we all know films like Total Recall and Fifth Element were heavily racist and that racists are really racist when people are not stopping them wearing spandex but guess who will show up and start a global campaign of replacing these films because he has a low amount of respect for some Arch prince who does not look the part and cares not if he does exist. Never mind the ones I mentioned above setting me up as enemy they can attack to get friendly with the rich and lay down popularity means of getting rich they and their stupidities and their mothers.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland