I receive these questions often of what the problem with the Politicians was in my opinion, but I could never understand it myself, they cannot stop taking the decisions that the Public makes personally and love to punish people based on claims they fabricate, that people would rather support systems of oppression than come up with ideas for making Politicians rich and important. I do like to think it a way they keep the pool of interest in what they think is one of the best careers there are as low as possible but then I must make sense of such a disposition when they use it to tackle me simply because I walked into a Church. For their part, they say it is about being made into a low life that gets around dealing with deviance that besets them as a sign that they are in charge, but I suppose they now see signs that I do find it insulting unless they were paying the Bills around here that is. All together it’s an old story about how they stop passing around abuses about how I am not a real man on account I have stomach ulcer and get into a fight if they wanted to – but for my part, I would always prefer a Country where we have a two part mind in which one part says its normal and okay while the other thinks about their insanity bottom whipping people all over the place to make people smell. It’s like the other story when people say that the British have a problem with service but we do not; what really happens is that most Countries where service is okay are Countries that do not have the broad Political range to deal with conflict issues, so it can get bad very easily, hence they usually deploy the service industry as a beacon to the Public, an indication of the other side of the evils of conflict, public bad behaviour and war and this is why they take to it so easily. In the UK, those who are involved in service will have to travel to certain parts of the world and only those parts when on Holiday, will have a certain lifestyle and will have a certain kind of friends – all of which is avoidable if people just watched their language and about which they love to claim I make use of bad language because when I do those who make use of it are affected the way their own affects others but the purpose of doing it is usually to set the stage and iron out a sense of ‘the sorts of things’ with respect to the behaviour of Politicians, will allows me to communicate whenever I want to, much the same as some will ask how I know these things; which is an old matter of having a certain amount of influence in Europe where they look to some of my activities as tool for keeping themselves away from Tribalism i.e. if the Lawyers and Doctors and Nurses and Professionals are over here, then what are those who cling to the National front and the Community sensibilities doing with it? whenever it is set out properly, we find somebody wants to provide some security service for Celebrities and Fashion Models etc.

It is like I get told that I never execute my Office unless I am poked, pushed and prodded and it is utter nonsense – what happens is that when I speak of character that have linked access to peoples bodily fluids with a process of making money at Market, it was followed up with a destruction of my finances and a gospel of evil in parliament that said religion was the main problem, this was soon followed up with the destruction of any other finances I had while tax payer funds when thrown at Popular culture gits at my expense, in the knowledge that they will want to abuse those that can fix any problems to ensure that the leaders worked for their fame – the bottom chasing bits have been a result of years of grooming spent on me for the idiots who thought joining gangs was more appealing than working for money when they were younger and the business of grabbing other people’s income bases were a matter of which lies they told on Media. In the USA, they said I had written a Book which causes Nostalgia and should not have been written, then when they think I have a history with them that cannot be undone, they tell me it is the consequences for writing a Book which helps to set free people that they tended to dominate and control for all sorts of evil purposes. These are not behaviour that people exhibit if they are not in urgent need of an exorcism as we can see and no part of it is normal behaviour, just as we know it will not let the women pay the Bills until there is sexual assault so that it might bring forth all its Legal and Political guns to shoot down a problem that exists in its head while creating a problem in other people’s heads, the outcome being that their criminal feminism has built a global movement at my expense, to support them while they engaged in every activity that made them Industrial menaces and we know that it is reasonable to assume that if these behaviour being displayed on Media so often every day, led to outcomes in which people committed murder, that it is possible for those who employed them to stop finding out if they can put a Glass ceiling over my Head whenever I get a job and to set about deciding what their contract or a termination of it was going to be; what we now know then happens at the Monarchy is that Members of the Royal Family have become very interested in the dirty parts of Celebrity lifestyle and these fools hang around here chasing bottoms to make a mess, while any Celebrity friends I have will have meant the relationship we shared fostered Public stability which it rightfully should but then what they make of it is a need to discuss my insults and attitude towards other Royals all the time over the matter, about which I need to ensure they understood there will be dire consequences the next time t followed me around at an academic institution by making sure so far that every single one of my responses to it were merciless too – it is about privilege and position I agree with that and I think my action enhances this too.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland