I am told my main problem is how I never sort out these matters when it is the duty of a Royal personage with authority of Britain to do so but I do; the Black Landlords had children who claimed they had seen my Body and will be living in my personal space, eventually did things which meant their parents went to Buckingham Palace to do my stuff – unless that is outdated, I believe the same will happen with White Landlords who are bugging me currently; will not allow me keep a job, needs to ensure I smell of what I ate when I step outside of my door, organises its own private security to handle and bully me from where its glass ceiling has left off and its whole life is now build around doing my stuff and grabbing my Public image and so on – it will become a story of it too once I move to another residence. In the end the problem is still the shove people in the deep end gits who never listen when told never to do that if they saw people suffering acts of bullying and so it will serve as another example of what is completely unnecessary, but we engage ourselves in, nevertheless. It’s the same story of Middle Class goons that can never keep their hands off other people, along with some Lower Class gits who always think they are better than others; typical is the case where I want to be left alone and since a writing career is at stage I feel very disturbed when I cannot be, while they have decided their Politicians had progressed from Community croons threatening me when they have money issues to make out their civil rights looks like that to a hate expressed for everything I am with pragmatism attached where I am sore all over because they did not fancy my thinking space, claimed my personality was a product of adultery and generally spend all day expressing discomforts concerning me to such an extent people tend to think I am so different that the bullying makes sense in that way, progressing now into something of the problem being that I smell, as stupidly as possible. So, I am not in a happens and gets a response situation because they are not all bad, we know their parents are usually hard on them as well, such that their parents are always likely to be the reasons they want to ensure they are not homosexual alone, hence always shows up here to try and make me gay too.

I am told I am being punished by my parents too and its utter nonsense – my Dad had always been the caring one and my Mum had always been the selfish one, such that stand up for yourself meant getting punished by Mum when we were younger and then there is this stories their luvvies like to tell, churning my tummy all the time about how little it takes to start a war, which has given rise to this outcome where they continue to follow me around and every time they secure venues and equipment to engage with the Public its purpose is to tear up my personal and family life, leaving the question of whether their stupidities really were aware of how little it takes to start a war the entire time. We know as it stands that my Mum is their most important Asset when it comes to exhibiting their luvvies stupidities at me, wrecking the academic work and Public image and screwing me over in every work of life, then build up a Media presence by which they can keep it going with a big mouth, likely only to continue until I took up the part where their Mums were never happy about them leaving home instead of hanging around to shower her with attention while she got to invent her own religion and so on, being fucking famous at my expense on a global scale. It does rather make sense why their Mums behave in this way according to what we have seen, since they do consider these behaviours to be a career.

Sometimes I do take into account the way bullying works and the ways by which sorting out matters of bullying tends to operate as well i.e. the part where it’s usually difficult to tell because both peoples involved with bullying on either side have offended each other in some way or another; my case I like to think is about having this so called body type that ensured I was able to tolerate being bullied, so I burst into the scene and put them in a difficult situation but this is not what I did, as I was well aware of the issues which I have pointed out above concerning the most perverse of them churning my tummy, so I could only have a life when I did not see them or did not show up here they had done it in the past; what really happened then being women wanted to get around my concerns to chase interests and they decided I was a character who encouraged women to do bad things, I wanted a checklist for this and all hell broke loose, so we find it was a prelude for living in an environment where they could do whatever they liked with the opposite sex with being bothered including a need to plan a life on my wallet using women as pawns, so I am still lost as per the part they thought needed have something to do with me no matter what and we can see it’s all an example of the fact they cannot keep their hands off others, they simply cannot let people be. So bullying is always a matter of the character that has taken his part too far, as this is how to resolve guilty party that has been doing it for a long time.

I. Uno I

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