Now it is said I am convinced I may get around passing any insults at the Prince of Wales which is utter nonsense – what I do at this Office is specifically pertaining to my Office concerns and what people do with what I have written is a case of taking my work out of context to push around insults associated with my race type and blab about the end of the Monarchy. The rest of the time we hear I spend time with other people’s family instead of mine while the truth is that what really bothers them is the response I have provided to the fact that My mum has an arrangement with her luvvies whereby they get around ripping up my academic work and finances because she is concerned I am so interested in her I want to lead the family which she has always had fantasies about leading, which I am not – it has now made it very obvious that all these was about revenge that ensures these stupid luvvies do not handle me whenever they see me at an academic institution ever again and if they wish to take stories of me getting around other people’s families on, it can easily lead to outcomes in which I make fame and fortune popularity out of the relationship their luvvies stupidities have with their own parents especially their mums who want then to get stuck at home looking after mums needs as well and then it will all stop but it will have stopped on their terms as it were. they do love to boast about getting after my Royal Office which does not bother me half as much when we know they complain all the time about what I did to ensure they cannot damage anything they want to damage around here, such as stories about me being a character that is deployed to fulfil their hearts desires being met with stories about me selling that stupid culture and society for money which makes it things that are deployed to fulfil my heart’s desire too – this time I think I am going to rip up the Celebrity culture to such an extent that it will feel good to have them show up near the Royal Office and therefore fail to produce an effect.

They do complain that they want to protect me and that I am responsible for the fact they have no sense of direction: in terms of the former, what happens is that they turn up here with an evil culture to do me violent favours even when they see me walk into a Church – this predisposes that body of mine they fancy to all kinds of distant abuses which ensure I cannot step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate and they rely on it for money they will make off my public image instead of get a job – when I show up at the jobs market to get a job, they hang around making sure that unless they had another string attached to my mind, the job hunting they see me spend my time on will never have become a priority to me or to their stupid selves – then we find them draw up popular culture pipelines across half the world all over my life for it, wreck everything and stand up at the other end expressing something of the damage done making me feel inferior enough for them to acknowledge they end up on the left because they have their own society to play with. In terms of the latter, they have spent most of their time on me and have none left to spend on their sense of direction, don’t know if they belong on the right or left anymore and I plan to keep them as confused as dropping out of University to spend time responding to their stupid society so they can place labels of me feels – we have seen how unrepentant they are when they then set about brewing up stories of how with the right amount of pressure I will say and do things that gets them out of this mess; so it only makes sense that what happens as a result was a case where I never did and the next time they followed me around at the academic institutions I built them a powder Keg and lit it as well, so that this business of wrecking people’s lives so people want to kill them which gets them showing up on media to grab personal salvation of me and wreck my life too, then make a mess of the personal salvation and start all over again, will only lead to outcomes in which I won and they lost because when I am angry it matters and when they are it does not for a change.


The Politicians do say they would fancy the problem was resolved and it has always been; what these events have shown is that everything has always been about my fight with luvvies; they showed up at University to wreck the academic work and I need to ensure they got to deal with the issues that are similar to what I have to contend with because of it, except the satisfaction of seeing them deal with it whether or not they have money makes the damage they have done here more bearable than what I have inflicted on them and if they do find it difficult to keep their hands off my body parts, I can always return to my Mum character and spend the rest of my life in hatred of her Luvvies as well – I mean it is said I need to stop referring to her as my Mum naturally but these goons are starting to talk about me spending my time with other people’s families because they believe it would have been a difficult situation for me. They have always done these things right through to the USA and all over the world; renting venues to engage with the public for example makes them famous but its entire purpose is to destroy everything that matters to me and then it shows up in public places being mean to me for it all the time while deploying my own public image and even property to make its stupid stupidities comfortable – so it leads to this case with them and we all now know that it is possible for both sides to get on without bothering each other because of the moral high ground I have adopted but guess who is wrecking the Books and academic work and finances, looking for a response and being dissatisfied with what it gets while the parents want me to be dominated spiritually in order to turn me into a character which when abused allows them sell things at the market and get rich and then they build popular culture pipelines across every emotions I am likely to have, tell me that my position where they do not get to peddle my faith and personal life and public image means that I seek retribution in which they got to teach me the ill feelings of having others run my life i.e. that peddling my life for fame and fortune in such ways was their business not mine, with a big mouth and then they express their nature in a way that progresses from their imagination getting up my bum even when they complain about the difficult positions in which I have bent them, to ensure I could decide what they will be doping with years of my time, to something about the source of all the evils in the world being religion. Their Politicians have begun to ask these questions of whether we are all in a competition to see who can behave badly the most while reality is that whilst they rip up the entire planet to save their luvvies skin over the abusive effects of getting a job, others live in a world where it’s impossible to escape your existence doing something that makes somebody uncomfortable enough to punish you and at the same time tolerate the nauseating financial complications their stupidities have inflicted to follow on with stupid threats associated with their sense of importance. It is much as they claim they are better off but every nonsense I have had to put up with is recorded with a timeline on a website over the past decade.

I. Uno I

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