I am told that I take the risk of getting involved with Celebrities all the time but I don’t – the risk of Celebrity is not one that people chose to get involved with, it is an ever present risk, it is one to do with their lifestyles leaving them with an inability to decide where their enemies were coming from and the ones I am dealing with are not just Celebrities only, they are a bunch of goons that are very good at looking for trouble, so they enjoy a particular practical joke that involves extracting money from my property with Publicity, insults and abuses they think adds up to an influence they have over me like I have over them when I cannot handle them physically and this then adds to the problems each time they decide the consequences of their lifestyle should be my problem – such that the reality we live with is that those of them who want to take responsibility for those consequences end up having strange sex with strange Men but those of them who have decided it should be my problem end up building a Publicity that meant those strange Men could follow me around while they tried to keep my career for themselves and live up to boasts about confiscating a Royal Office from me.

So the other part of the story is that I never mention the bits that other Royals do to me which is not really the case, in due time, it will become a main issue for the public to see on a regular basis, the fact that some Royals had become quite obsessed with experimenting on me, since what they do not talk about when they get involved with the Middle Classes is that I had been looking after a Royal Office for years before they got Married into the Family, hence always want to dominate me and build up those problems associated with Celebrities, so people show up here to fight my battles, tell lies and begin – whilst this creates an outcome where I am cash strapped and unable to produce an Heir for this Hermitage, we find that they think when they started looking like traders and Celebrities, it was my Public duty to spare them the gimmicks I have learned from them, especially when I have some Publicity of my own to play with.

It has never been an unusual story; we hear all the time that it is about people teaching me lessons on my attitude and some respect issues naturally, but my respect problem will be better understood when their blabbing eventually leads to an outcome in which I launched a direct attack on their career. We know that if I stopped film makers and Fashion goons screwing with me, I would not have to deal with criminal nonsense associated with claims I spend my time robbing shoulders while criminals are the ones who deserve respect for spending money on entertainment products – we know that if I stopped the Celebrities getting involved with my concerns, there will be no point at which I was worried they were getting their goons involved at the Monarchy to chase bottoms due to the consequences of their lifestyle – we know that if I stopped black people and their communities from spending my Public image on themselves I would not have to deal with their hoodlum and criminal practical jokes all over my Public image. For now however, I am still wondering which part of University drop out Prince they all failed to understand in the first place; we now can no longer deny the purpose of these stupidities are that they follow me around at University and then if I ended up talking about revenue of Customs for example, found myself hurtling down a Rabbit hole to end up somewhere with hoodlums doing my thing and Paparazzi getting out of hand up close and personal, they will be spending their time boasting of what they have taken from me since last they wrecked the University studies, while they complain of which I cannot make out what the appeal is; black people who see nothing wrong with their communities spending them out to run me down and play games with my Public image to claim they were creating wealth equality and Muslims spending time to build communities with an imagination that gets up my bum so they may get connected and famous and the most frequent ethnic groups at this nonsense. We all know it continues because I don’t matter as far as they were concerned, they have big egos and the civil rights movements are meant to train them up for incredibly bad habits which they practiced at my expense; feeds into the fact the Middle Class cannot keep their hands off other people and I will try to ensure it was the beginning of the end for it, if I set myself out as an Arch Prince in the course of running my Bookshop and they had a Public problem with it, which meant I had to pick up their security issues – the scars of where I have been obviously which is any of their business and the threats will have suggested I had committed murder.

So the two most outstanding questions are that there are Celebrities I get along with and that I am idle and smelly of which the latter is utter nonsense, with respect to it, the business of following me around with practical jokes that make their stupidities profitable and civil rights insults into convenience brewing abusive habits have now paid off as they are unable to get out of it and I am growing old enough to exist in a condition where my body does not do the apologies anymore – what happens is that they have found secret society powers to associate themselves with, when they were younger the gangs were their preference and the purpose is that their stupidities does not have any plans to work for money, just as there isn’t an explanation as to why I am inflicted by that nonsense every time I step outside of my door and then get punished whenever I am about to recover for stopping them peddling my faith, personal life and public image, looking for more of what their foolishness were complaining about, never really an unusual example of how the idiots create problems for themselves and blame others for it: I have never thought it a problem as we can now see that it had become a global phenomenon that if they can just stop me shutting down access to Public image while they did that, all will be well. The Celebrities I get involved with then being the ones that have decided no sex with strange men but involvement with me, if I asked whether they realised what the commitment was, their usually response is that they cannot wait to begin.

I. Uno I

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