I do get told it was predictable that Popular culture and Celebrity will wreck my life due to my insistence on not listening to the needs of Men but they have not wrecked anything and neither have the Men – what happens is that they all pick up the business of me stuffing the heads of their goons on the streets with what I know, lest I pay the price for their democratic stupidities like that all the time, as tool for career piracy because they think it’s the way to show their age and a business of me being punished for a behaviour. It started in 2002, by 2004 I went into University, dropped out in 2007, by 2009 I had Published my first Book, by 2013 it was clear the history of insults for practical jokes while they stifled my earnings was only going to get worse, by 2015 it was clear the gits will not let me keep a job or career and by 2017 I have begun to push back, we are now in 2019 and I will not shred the Celebrity culture in the process as well as it were. It does boast I am very harmless but we know I broker Assets with Companies and whenever they make advertisement I have to tidy up the effects of the nasty alternative lifestyles, lies and lasciviousness concerning me at Industry which affects Business operation and earnings all the time, when they do make it a major issue will they realise how easy it is to dispose of their stupidities around here – I mean it’s not just gossiping and lasciviousness in its right, it has to touch and then I am a kid who is looking for trouble, will be calculated and hunted down and harmed eventually, just like that, very good at looking for trouble but it does flatter itself too much me thinks.

They can never stop claiming that I make up what I do as I go along at the expense of other people’s careers – the talents and the Literary Empire is what they have claimed does not exist while their whole lives are built on deploying it to make money without permission; so it was a recession and I had to bear in mind the squeezing balloons characteristics of it when I ensured that I came up with enough ingenuity to sort out the problems in profitable time but then again the explanation whether or not I went as far as to say that a communist who expresses their views in the democratic world does not make the democratic world more communist but makes it more democratic, to speak of the extreme ends of people assuming positions of huge responsibility that affects the public, would not have changed the fact their ignorance and its insults would have been solved if they read the Books I had written. (2 July 2019).

I am told it is mostly a matter of disrespect for women on my part but I wouldn’t know anyway, I know it’s usually a case of people taking their violent prowess too seriously but targeting me with it has never been a good idea since it was clear I too have a need to get at it until I break their own as well, aside from which abuse of women or disrespect of women is a serious matter and they needed be clear how they were blabbing it. If it’s the part where they gave criminals feminists reign of Public Policy with media and Celebrity culture then showed up here for some stability in their foolish lives they will get by force more so, the threats will always add up to a big mouth blabbing that serves them right, aside which I don’t know of any other instances where I am said to have been disrespectful of female community while their foolish women are helping them out with claims I am waging war on women and they are expecting to return the favour at my expense at some point in the future. They claim people like me make a big case of the matter to make sense of my life but we don’t – most of the issues that are so massive for the entire world because our tempers are God’s gift to the world is largely due to the insults and abuses we encouraged in the first place against the female community, whereby technically, raping somebody is a right because the victim did not know what sex was like, while people like me tended to fart in Public places and lose Public image to Celebrities and Media fools by so doing and we hang around somewhere building societies that tell lies to maintain such nonsense, so the easiest way to address it being it comes up every day is to talk simply about the respect issues. Normally people ought to handle only the women they are accustomed to handling or it was clear they had no idea what they were doing or talking about and I do not understand why man and wife in a bank organising financial matters is such a sight these days when we see one anyway.

It is now said that I had decided it was a good idea to deploy the recession as a tool for hurting people but I don’t believe I am the one hurting people with a recession and certainly am not the one that created it; it is said that an education is normally useless save the things you did with it to add value but having said so, we know people spend money on it and this is an example of the facts involved in how those who work the Industries, cause the recession refuse a change of behaviour and claim others are hurting people with it create the feelings in people that they end up complaining about. The reality of the problem here is that it’s all a matter of Middle Management working its global stage abusive activities that is meant to propel it to top management at Industry and so whether or not I paid my bills properly was irrelevant as long as Daddy was getting to the top, looking like an education on why people hurt others seriously enough to commit crimes – so far have I warned as well, that their careers and jobs are currently the only bits of the two sides performing these activities, soon enough is mine to join in as well if it does not come to an end asap. At first, I used to blame the entire establishments they operated in but that cost time, money and the health as well; so the prime problem is that it picks up my property and assets, gets some youths together in a bid to develop publicity which denies its entire existence and hangs around claiming the benefits for itself as a tool for advancement, starting with stories that I will be Royalty when they had said so, as insultingly as possible. So I am asked if I think middle management advancement was a bad thing but I don’t think it is a bad thing; the problem is that these are very corrupt and evil idiots who spend most of their time wrecking the lives of good people in order to develop Industrial alliances with evil people on claims they had to be ruthless in order to make money but later taunt victims with the idea they had successfully performed women’s whiles and should be treated like women, which progresses to a habit of making a tool out of people whom they catch recovering from difficult matters. This it would be said does not answer the question of whether I think they should never make advancements but if I should get into the details of their advancement, we are talking about tribalism raid idiots who cannot keep their hands off other people as such; first it shows up all over my academic work at University to chase money and Celebrity, wrecking it alongside my health, then it never stop doing it for the rest of its career, setting its stupid children as hoodlums on the streets who handle my Public image for its stupidities, then shoves them through the academic system on it too and shows up on Media regularly to express confusion about the fact it was possible for me to make a case out of the gap that exists between his drive to work and the family he kisses goodbye in order to get to the Office and spend the day wrecking what his stupidities have not yet damaged around here, as a matter of the deviant lives that men select which is coupled with the gimmicks they must be able to play as men in order to sort out financial difficulties that come with it. For their part, they say I am the character that encourages the idea of management passing them up when it comes to promotion – reality of course is that their lives are not linked to their jobs first of all, so it’s never a career, always a job other there that somebody is paying them for, while their lives are linked to their kids playing lowest of the low on the streets which is linked to Celebrities and completely wrecks other people’s family finance base especially when they made Public appearances, it is linked to pressure groups and it is linked to any access they needed to gain at Government buildings in order to oppress so called kids on whom their stupid future depends such as myself – we don’t need to dig deep most of the time, the facts around the reasons they get passed up on promotions which makes them bitter fools tackling others without reason or purpose may go on endlessly, just like the activities that support their tribalism raids and the idea that I have been using recession to hurt people.

I. Uno I

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