I hear of this case of some Politics in the British Military which I am blissfully unaware of, the reality of which there is no such Politics – what really happens is the level of respect other people’s careers and profession which they too think is the Bess Knees, gets from the Media, so I constantly have to get off my case since the job of being a professional solider is a priority over Books I have written to ensure their Popular culture paid my Bills, to clear up every mess they make with the jobs and careers of soldiers, therefore what we hear them complain about is a simple reality where the soldiers have had enough. Where I am concerned will be the part in which an Arch Prince who developed some equities to get around mopping up National currency Liabilities while we seek trade opportunities to ensure we are successful as a Country, which I drew up and developed and achieved while I am still a student am not successful because they have gone on media to set themselves out as the icons of success and it has now become a question of where exactly they hope to put a limit to their insults and their personal problems by it showing up on other people’s Office desk on account they have got the stupid Media to play with all day long.

They do say I never listen to concerns about Americans hijacking what I am doing but there is no point listening to it, what I am doing is done based on look, see, and take part not own; so, the idea Politicians can take it from me is the same old case of constantly having my earnings encumbered by Politicians who have chosen to upstage me at every Public appearance. So it’s like the questions they have come to get used to, of when exactly I hope to do something about society goons and public transport operatives abusing me all the time, about which what those are complaining about is what resulted from their need to join up with these goons who make themselves icons of success on media, show up at University to chase me around seeking to own the way I handle sociological matters around my career – I ended up getting myself a security guarding job which I did not do for very long, leaving them and their need to screw with me while at it with an escalated problem of keeping Public transport users under control in order to keep the job that got to their heads as well: the escalation from here is what I do not have the time for and have not made a decision on, so this is the basis on which they make me smell like my loo each time I stepped outside of my door. They do say I have not made a decision and do not have the time but am happy to crack them up however the academic institution incidents are an example of how their stupid old fart likes to think everybody wants to respect the fact they had been there and back on the popular culture and not want to put them through it again, not so if I dropped out in 2008 because of them but cannot tidy up and get it finished by 2018. The one impediment to making a decision on it or making time for it however is that of the fact that putting them in order is the job of the Politicians and they are getting around making people smell all day because the Politicians are not doing the jobs they are paid by tax payers to do, getting off a Royal Office to do it for them will create problems of unprecedented proportions, what they have thought happened with me however is that I took the bait and became idealistic, what they find each time they mess with my work is that they were serving the Queen – that way we at the Monarchy keep our relevance even though we have to take the risk of informing the Politicians about what they have developed a routine of neglecting all together.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland