Today I got out of bed to face a case where Americans think I can be beaten up by women which is nothing unusual but it’s another incredibly bad time for it all together; I was never told such things about 13 years ago, now I suppose this is meant to serve as announcement they had taken time out to train themselves on an ‘unusual shit’ that they can express on media, drawing up the Media and Neighbourhood landlords link but this one specifically is mainly to get me beaten up by a girl. I do not think that it is an issue, just an example of the reasons it is so annoying when one is being defied by a Media fool who is being asked to shut down their comments around my concerns; it has become now a question of the exact stage I am meant to see it as property damage and act to damage their own as well accordingly and we all know they damage property and talk about murder in order to get slippery all the time and that it never works with me which is why I am hated so much too, however which this behaviour does not look like something they wish to stop all together as well anyway. Naturally it usually quickly diverts to a case of how British/US relations is not really as good as we make it out to be while reality is rather more of British Media being a fan of these sorts of nonsense just as much as the American government will act in unusual ways when British people abuse its citizens especially as a result of access to the alliance and whatever it is there was to gain in it, which are both acceptable ways for a government to behave on both sides. It’s an old story where I have never seen them employ up to 30% effort towards achieving anything in their lives while reality has always been that others are in possession of their needs; so we have Companies on one hand and we have them on the other with tribalism raids going on which they think is what my reality has become even though they know fighting involves when you find out hitting back changes nothing and stand firm to get hit and that they cannot beat up anything like their big mouths suggests all the time around here and that when they find their way into the leadership of the top companies their problems will be over irrespective of the state they have left my Books, looking like characters I want to ambush at the global markets as well all the time; we see this behaviour work for Political offices where they can speak to crowds and get elected all the time but we seldom see it work at Industry all together, so it is largely something their Politicians support but it will reach a point where I should calculate and regard it as physical damage too, like we understand they know what they are doing when they talk about hate and the hate has something to do with the fact I was never comfortable with the idea they want to put in less than 30% of what others did to become celebrities, in order to be famous, so that they might own overseas accounts and experience feelings of owning one and yet their Politicians have always said when they make such money a distance between you and them is automatically created but we see no distance here – what we see is me working from a Hermits Office to find I have ended up with a personality that exists when people sleep with another person’s wife in which they can dump anything that is blocking their fame as abusively as they can, among many other abuses that has now reached a stage where they tell me they would like to give me back my personal space by throwing a punch my way over the bad smells they cause. It is not the only stupidity exhibited alongside those comments they think they will not be caught dead stopping, no matter how much I inform them does not work for me irrespective of their career being wholly dependent on picking on me for a response that will build some controversy; there are others such as the Books I have written being about intellectual property administration while they have built me a Public image that says I have agreed to let people peddle my public image and personal life to make fame and fortune – others like the claim my Books look like something written by somebody who wants to do some conquering and therefore needs to fight some racists so they might have more freedom and liberalism – like when racists want a Country in which they can get to the stock market to play with peoples personal finances and make some huge amounts of pocket money and it is stopped, only for us to be stuck with Liberalists and ethnic minorities who in my case say they want their own piece of my Literary empire or I will cease to own one, all ready with groovy lifestyles and its sex drugs and rock and roll to show, blabbing about hate – like when there are certain equity I broker with companies which involves being considerate and people think it helps them manage their bodies, being taken up as means of justice for those who want to become a huge responsibility for others in order to manage their own heart disease or ensure they never suffer one while they leave those who have served them thus with such a disease all together playing up powers of the crowd and blabbing nonsense about what will happen if I eventually got to that stage where their insanity about whether or not I have something to lose which encourages them to do these things means that if it is the last time they see that stupid culture and society should they put it in my face, I will get into trouble. So, the theory is that I do not stand a chance on a fight with Celebrities and Media of course but whilst I do not mind getting out of bed every day to prevent a Royal Estate becoming toxic or preventing my Literary Empire getting smaller and smaller, I would fancy they kept their insults and comments around my concerns, well shut down all together. It’s an old story about what happens when Politicians have allowed stupid people to become famous; it goes beyond the fame being a product of money given them by fools who spend an income fighting others to talk nonsense about me being beaten up by girls if they want to get it back at the markets with a big mouth – it grows into a case of the fact that we can see they have not been making their fame from a process of being a famous person that goes into an office to manage a certain type of abuse which accompanies a means that is a product of visiting public services and public structures to entertain people and share the feeling, which is what the actual job that exists in show business itself really is and yes they like to say I speak that way because I am dealing with the bad effects associated with writing my Books which of course the bad effects associated with writing my Books I never discuss, bringing into light the fact that they expect I will get into trouble if a Book about them emerges from all the abuses and insults that are happening without reason or purpose as well – not that it will but I promise there will be dirty viral internet blogs about it anyway; the point is the blabbing about a fight with media and Celebrities concerning which I do not stand a chance but reality is that I am soon going to draw a line on abuses they are not dealing with to be famous and make sense of it around the ones they levy on me as well and then we shall find out if such theory is based on fact.

Contrary to the idea that what I am saying is not understood, what we are trying to break from is outcomes where these sorts of gimmicks only stop when the wives and children of those performing it hear for the first time ever, what people have to put up with over the vandalism of their spouses at work, when their partners and parents have been hospitalised for some reason - so I need to set myself out prepared to damage their own as well for every slight controversial Media comment that keeps me going for them otherwise the situation will never improve as we can already see it does not wish to let me a breathing space. It’s never true they have destroyed my health, about looking after the body and we all know that making sure goons do not set themselves up to boast to wives and children about what will happen if I am insulted and decided to stand my ground, we all know looking after the Books provides me with money for a holiday, we all know making sure their comments are not made allows it to get sold and we all know the Holiday will allow me recover i.e. what we are moving away from is when their wives and children hear all about it for the first time when they have been hospitalised.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland