We hear now that people do not understand much of the reasons that socialists do not fancy religion or religious people. It is not the truth; the truth is that Socialists are very fond of an abusive behaviour which does not seen to be a clearly abusive behaviour to those that have not paid careful attention to its workings as to notice that it is detached from picking up your tools and getting to work or looking after your family and that it is being exhibited and practiced on people whose names they do not even know. So usually the workings of a specific one that becomes the source of all problems is that one moment you are a normal person and the next they have started working on you with practical jokes concerning what passes on their left hand side and what passes on their right hand side and have moved into your right hand side because you need to get a job and listen to what your employer is saying so as to earn a living – when they do move into your right hand side, you ask them what happens to the left then and then they get to tell you it is for Liberalists depending on your behaviour that determines which one you are, so you end up going round in circles chasing your own life like a mad man and it starts from nowhere and without reasons to ensure nothing ever goes as God intended anywhere. The present situation in my case has become one where they do mine and I will turn their own as well and we can see their response to what I do adds up to a story about me being an architect of war, which does not make any sense why they are so obsessed with doing it to others if they are aware it adds up to conflict. Then we hear them claim the business between religion and socialism is self-perpetuating which is utter nonsense; what really happens is that we try to live in a Country where they are not tackled on account that they are stupid people, to ensure racism does not get everywhere i.e. we could see examples like one individual killing over 300 socialists in Norway because he was racist and when we consider the facts around what he did and why he did it, what we end up with is that there are certain people who have stood up to the socialists and caused socialists to dream and fantasise about these people getting killed by racists so much, that they will never stop twisting noses to make the racists do it and have therefore wrecked the life of one that lost his mind and made himself a mass murderer and it is pretty much a condition that I find myself adopting as well, twist them so much they want me to get killed by racists and wreck the lives of racists to make the racists do their bidding and then get killed first. So what we hear them say to excuse themselves is that disputes have become more violent these days and it’s all because of a religious person; the reality of when they say it is one of a platform in which they tell everybody that their jobs are sacred and then one where with respect to me my Books need be made a mess of and it is on this platform that they find out what becomes of disputes not on their jobs and salaries but on my livelihood as a matter of having conversations with others on Media; so it does rather self-explain my frequent usage of the word stupid to describe them, since it is never clear why having a salary would become such a problem for others, if the explanation of a very twisted and evil people using such a disposition to ensure that worried and anxiety had become a weapon against those they perceived as weak and could be bullied was the explanation that was removed from the picture; so it has never been any clearer to the people of the world what the conundrum between socialists and religious people really was. Like I do get told saying something like this means giving it all away and having nothing in the form of security against inner turmoil while reality that every abusive behaviour from socialists and their Politicians worked by their ageists is designed to take from people anything that people have done to stand up for what they think is right and they will take and take and take and take until they took everything that added up to personal dignity which facilitated the simple ability to get out of Home and attend a Job on the day as an adult and as a person, hence the more subtle answer to the business between socialists and religious people being that they were twisted and evil and corrupt to the core. We see the Public transport operates at it all the time; it will spend some 8 Hours on a shift passing around stories of what people should think about me, when it gets to the stop where it has to pick me up, then it comes up with tales of something I should be doing which is so respectful that his tummy is not churned because he has to stop it when he meets me and it becomes so difficult to understand why they do it as well from the ordinary point of view, what is clear however being that it gets worse as other parts of my life come a halt because if push came to shove they would win a fight, I was made to drop out of University and react to the stupidities of their society, so that after years of being violated by their community croons, they might  into such a position which they now will not give up - similarly of which each time a Politician tells them to tackle people whose personality should be used to look good and win elections, whilst it has nothing to do with the victims income, the money will become their way of showing they were dedicated to such things, same as the bit where they were worried about the fact I was never a coward but now are not anymore while they would have loved to take advantage of the fact I am now a coward.


We cannot seem to get any freedom from the stories of disrespect on my part and it is ever so annoying because I have to cover for those who feel disrespected by an Arch Prince, in case their need to play with evil leads to outcomes where their children could be taken by paranormal events and then they will need to get trophies off me or talk to a Priest and those would be their options but then again it started out well years ago when the process of being a Christian meant that I was respectful of others because I wanted them to get into a fight for me, since then they have wrecked almost everything around here and the end product was to tell tales of disrespect on my part each time they show up on media for every 24 hours. Then again I could never tell if what they want is an convention I may have organised to have a discourse about what I think of those who pass around abusive nonsense as a disrespect from an Arch Prince all together, not that I think if I did, it would have lasted anyway, since it would have been all about telling everybody that they did not matter, are not important and are not relevant and there is nothing further to it than that – just not a good use of my time but I do think they need to get over me as there is really nothing they can do a push comes to shove like we see them do the other abusive bits that causes my tummy to do strange things and talk nonsense all the time about how they plan to give me back my personal space with that big mouth – it’s not the end of the world if others led and they followed anyway as it were, it does need to get out me ASAP. The way we know it plays out on the streets is one of those occasions where the normal thing was that they were bullies and it carries on to a stage where the Police gets involved but as if Police involvement was a good thing, we will see them point out other people’s existence as something which explains their behaviour and then it will reach that point where the show business guy is the one that organises people to have so much fun everybody is happy and it was all about them – these days the scum are the ones running the show business and religious people are the target, talking rubbish at me, thus I suffer more disrespect for having a Royal Commission than when I did not have it if we assumed the future and the past were the same things as such and they believe they want to matter, by means of all those stupidities that suggest those who know what to do need to inform those that need to lead and it would feel at this point as though I have only just come across idiots who must always lead. I have done the bits about the football people and the public transport operatives, soon I will be settle a case with the Media and the Celebrities as well; I mean it’s a matter of pipelines laid down on my Estate for people to make money at entertainment and I do not like their popularity culture or celebrity culture built up my public image, so they have sorted themselves out with stories to counter government surveillance, private security industry arrangements made and the fools are now ordering my every step to make me understand what it feels like to be told of something they cannot do, as if this was their own life to deploy if they wished and we see the very helpful media at it every day, where I have written a Book from a half priests office and they will sell it for me at all cost as celebrity work, so if I do not want that, the market built after decades of my time wasted can be deployed by somebody else and we all know they understand very well when I say it will end really badly as the easier option for all parties was a process where they listened to what others were saying to them for a change..

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