I have been informed that I still have no wish to clear up the matter of my attitude towards women, as equally as I have been informed that it is the difficult decisions at my Office which scare me the most.

The first about women I could never make sense of, since if they want to make me do anything for them against my wishes they can, instead of passing around media abuses that will wreck my whole life and make it a life or death issue for me to do anything for them the atmosphere that has resulted from their incessant abusive involvement with my concerns is now palpable and I can sell it too if I wanted, to add to the business of having them complain at a Global proportion about action I have taken to avoid people distracting me from what I am doing by trying to attack me in their interest, on account they believe in the need to threaten me whenever they have money problems and are convinced it is what their foolish civil rights looks like, the consequences which means their stupidities can no longer develop into real women apparently. So, there is still nothing that they can do to me or do about me, need to give me my space or make me whenever they blow off their big mouth about it. They do claim its a matter of how the system has treated their men and how I am the one they can get their hands on naturally but we know its the same story all round will mess with an Arch Prince to make women happy and then complain about the ideas offered up in the minds of bad people once it gets involved with Armed services in order to ensure it was able to sit around in a community, sending out its smaller criminals to run me down, leaving me to tidy up the mess it makes at National service, since last the business of claiming I am one of its kids on whom its future depends and for the blacks especially passing around even more follow up insults that suggest I am supposed to take their celebrity industry seriously but do not and will be taught a lesson for it; this is not their own lives, whether or not racism has allowed them build up enough familiarity to screw with me all the time, so I fail to see why I should be expected to get worried about what they think of it me suffice to say the next time they follow me around at University with this nonsense to churn my tummy and be the first to complain about the smell, I will build them and those criminals that spend all day making sure I cannot breathe over what they believe is the crime that will not get them into trouble with the law as per what I am supposed to do to make them comfortable, a powder keg for it and then I will set about lighting it too. We all know writing Books is not physically demanding to the tune of such nonsense, speaking of money successes and respect associated with it, which has ensured I found them irritating for years before it became a public matter that their involvement with me was irritating for them with a big mouth there is now a need to ensure I am not caught up with all these physically demanding stupidities while trying to write some Books, so they might get off blabbing how successful they and their Celebrities are while I am caught up with the consequences of my disrespect and its easy to see what I mean by building them a powder keg and then set about lighting it too it does this all the time, creating problems for itself and blaming others for it, the most popular being the need to get its imagination up peoples bottoms and then complain about the smell first. The Celebrities have always boasted about handling me naturally but we know if I were stuck somewhere being oppressed by Celebrities, it was easy to decide on the insults that developed since 2012 to facilitate the dichotomy that makes it possible and to reminisce of the things I could have done to stop it the entire time apparently Celebrities can behave given the right tools and proper measures but for now it enjoys building crowds of people who understand wealth and social equality to be a matter of picking on me and savaging my possessions using equipment and venues that it has never once acquired for anything else save the destruction of my finances and family life, just to ensure I was making sense of the fact that writing is not as physically demanding as the stupidities of theirs that I end up clearing out of this place every day and then it sells Celebrity products to them, makes money that it puts away in overseas bank accounts, to set about evading local taxes as well its stupidities in its opinion is very industrious when it does this, its a business Mind apparently and likely thinks I will tolerate it forever. I am told I bring it upon myself by building wealth equality structures which I have but I am not expected to get around asking people for money at this Office like their involvement has suggested either; like we can see the whole thing has become counterproductive on account that my actions have made bad business for the organised crime products they enjoy buying which fuels the finance based habits behind their vandalism it is starting to get real that if I extend a hand of self-provided security to people and get attacked by Celebrities, it generally means that they have had to pay twice for their class A drugs, while the entire time, there was no open letter on my part, inviting them to get involved with what I had built around here, being aware more so that they were likely to show up thinking when others are unhappy it does not matter and when they are the entire world should take note, leaving me inundated with their gangs and criminals with ideas about crimes that are profitable but does not get people into trouble with the law, I did not invite them whether or not I was aware that money is their middle name, like we see the Media ones ensure that this one issue gets out of hand every day because they consider their foolish selves to be incredibly good at looking for trouble I plan to rebuild my systems from scratch by the way as it were.

In terms of the difficult decisions on the other hand; it has been a matter of these idiots threatening and attacking me every time they had money problems and the decisions I had to make, which largely was to ensure that they got off working for money, hence hated my guts because getting involved with my concerns was a problem to that extent the issue now is largely that of another group of fools who are interested in my Bookshop for other purposes save buying Books, whose case is that they had worked for money a very long time ago, before I got these other gits chasing money through work because I was threatened over their money issues, whereby moving into my right hand will make their current situation a global phenomenon as well so these are the twats that need get fighting and when they spend their money on Celebrities, its just some of the crimes that make fools with money madness and a pathological fear of work to match it famous. As I mentioned, writing Books is never this physically demanding and we have seen them spend my time on this nonsense while engaging with equipment and venues that get the public rallying to the perversion of my work into a means by which to take advantage of Royalty in order to build their own wealth equality and social equality structures for it, blabbing about how it makes them famous and how I boast of things I am unable to do, looking for a response. The part that black people play in this nonsense naturally is one where each time I look like I dont expect security from racism to fall on my lap when I am most lucky, they make out its all me grabbing what bigger men should be doing and now we know its the same purpose that these other goons who are not from the same race as me seek i.e. to be more important than I am using my own public image they all now say that they were nearly there before I had the effrontery to get involved with them; will not shut down the atmosphere these stupidities build up like I live in their own foolish existence and probably plans to blame me for marketing it, complaining about the consequences that came the first time round; so their women do need to either make me or keep their mouth shut whenever they blow off those big mouth threats because selling things on my public image and public work has not been as profitable as expected everyday if it follows me around again near my career and academic work, I am going to teach them another one they will never forget. Hence the idea I have played myself into a position of getting stuck with them, the part where I am no longer able to make the difficult decisions but I have not - old case of them working for money due to the sheer fear I will sell that culture and society if they threaten me over their problems while those who were made to work for it before I made them, showed up here to make a mess of my Bookshop getting involved with it for purposes that do not involve reading Books and must never be free of the fighting thing.

Writing Books is never as demanding as an activity that requires getting out of the mess of criminals who want to commit crimes that are profitable but do not get them into trouble with the Law - there is nothing that Women can do about me and it is getting serious such that they will have to make me or keep their mouths shut. They do claim I underestimate the prospects of these matters creating a war which I dont, it simply isnt going to create any War it is a war of the fact that for instance between 2008 and 2019, I had dropped out of University and engaged in a fight of my life to move them out of my concerns but it is still impossible to step outside of my door without being made to smell of what I ate, while its all gotten worse because the scum since got involved with the Security services to make a mess and get me to understand why they must make money with my property and Public image. We find the Politicians spend their time on it to waste tax payer funds facilitating any stupidities they came up with, while the Media builds up what eventually becomes a perception based self-fulfilling prophesy that they had grabbed my Career and everything I come up with for my Business is gone as I come up with it, as far as Celebrity idiots and Fashion fools who are always complaining about grinding their business stupidities at me in such ways as we speak still have difficult sorting out whatever on earth the hell is wrong with them.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland