I am aware of the issue of the Middle and Lower Classes as it is largely mentioned seems to be my major concern but of course it is not a major concern, only the fact that they know wealth inequality is bad but provoke me to it all the time, they know social repression is bad but provoke me to that effect all the time and when I say all the time I mean relentless - one of those things that make you wonder where they get the energy and time to orchestrate evils that do not rest and therefore means you cannot, that is if you have lost sight of ingenious ways they devise to make money with your own earnings while you work to maintain them and yourself by means of some community supported abuse. The case they mention for the most part is where we stand on the matter at present which is that I have made a decision that when they provoke me, to that which they have provoked me will I attend and of course they sense that too and have begun another media campaign to that effect, all I am saying is that they carry on if they want but when they had decided to, simply wait and find out not talk nonsense about how much trouble I will get myself into, since it will make things far, far worse as it were. We measure these matters from those stories that Politicians are untrustworthy and evil and liars and cheats and that it is the reasons they do the jobs they do but of course we all know what happens is that Politicians have an obsession with popping questions at people and when they pop one at somebody and they cannot have enough of bullying the person as a basic form of existence, even when some Politicians had informed them of an alternative sexuality which does not prevent the question of whether they do those things they do because the person they are doing it to is an evil person, it fuels their need to do it even further as it were; so they speak of lying cheating untrustworthy Politicians from that angle thereof. Of course, the question was brought up with respect to me, I just like to cheat the process myself and I am certain I am clear about where we are now: they provoke me to it, I hold back no more and ensure they certainly get the results. I know there are questions about whether I am innocent in the matter but of course we all know people get out of bed to latch onto all existing, conceived and created effects of another, to wreck his life and finances because doing such things with and to an adult is sport as it were and yet when asked on each occasion why they do it, the answer that comes through is that they are trying to do Business. I have tried to curtail this issue the best I can therefore, but they vehemently will insist on the hurting people solution and so be it, but they must wait and find out first before they yap on media.

So they always love to claim that the UK is unable to accept that the United States of America has other Allies besides itself of which Allies the US has, nobody knows exactly why they love telling lies so much, making people sick to the stomach all the time - what we know is that they hate the fact that British Women are what they claim to be sexual and we know that they always issue threats on what will happen when they smelled the bad smells as well, which threats always play out their way most of the time according to History.

Then we hear that I am completely dependent on Women while it seems that every Celebrity fool can always get my income and public image and finances if they wanted to; so, to start with basics it is the beginning of a process where they will move off my Public image, the famous the better, as they are not Arch Princes and should not be having a public image that belongs to one. Notwithstanding of which if I wanted to study or just write some Books and put them out as a Hobby, I could never have peace because I was not performing as a real Man and was not making a show of myself so people might know I am an Arch Prince everywhere I went, so here is what they have been wishing for beginning to come true and I shall always start with the Celebrities and Media. The bottom hurting thing was something I deserved as far as they were concerned, since I am the criminal who needs to make use of people’s lives and property for fame and fortune and people need co-operate with such needs and stop messing around as Police flesh wound bullets are very painful; it has come to the stage where a consideration must be made about their celebrities quietly and respectfully moving off my Books and Public image unless they wish to take all that complain about some Arch Prince setting up their case for Law enforcement on social Media calling on a need to secure themselves a private army, to a whole new level. It beggars the question of what stage somebody decides that the business of always standing up to the Men and then reaching a point where one’s whole life is lost, then end up depending on the women as hear say on Media adds up to property damage, since it is one of the ways by which whilst their Popular culture and celebrity and Media does not affect my career and finances, they can exert some form of physical contact with it that does? Then there is my party piece where even what I have said here will have been taken over by an idiot who needs to stand up for himself so I might get more; the same who have people telling me I need to place emphasis on people criminal past and what they do with it since all I need is money but we all know this Business can never be a Library and can never be a Library that sells Books as long as these fools are around – so I am usually left wondering after 15 years of tolerating it every day what those who have these sort of ideas want to do to help my case now that they have heard my part of the story as well. So it seems that I do need that fight with Media and Celebrities as it is rather obvious it will not give me a breathing space – they say I block peoples dreams and if I do that a little longer it would be lost while I would get away with it but I dropped out of University because of them in 2008, we are now living in the year 2018, it has continued since every day after the University drop out bit and it’s pretty much as the assumption they make about a process where their goons tell me they want to practice a tribalism they have not got money to support, deploying my personal life and public image to make fame and fortune and I need stop screwing with their needs of this sort, as Police flesh wound gun shots are very painful, which has now formed the bottom chasing and tummy chasing and attacking people for the bad smell trend that even the Celebrity and Media idiots are blaming others for and what these fools get in return in Media attention to make good of it or a shot at fame through talent shows to make good of what really has no meaning and should be ignored so others do not feel sore all over all day long from the distant violence; thus the theory is that I cannot stop the talent shows and its owners because those were too rich and powerful to be. We also hear there was a time I would give anything to play with Celebrities which has no basis on truth, that was more a case of threat that those who look like me and had jobs on Media will lose their jobs; I needed the time and the process of creating a Means to defend myself and to defend them - apparently it was another whole lifelong type of time-consuming practical joke they were good at.

Its apparently how much they need people who look like me but show up somewhere near them to get jobs - so much that it buys me time to build myself a way to defend against such abuse and attack; something of a fact from which I can derive some peace and quiet for s change when I need to obviously.

They wish to start every day of their lives with stories of me getting into trouble, leaves me wondering what with anyway; it has always been the one story of Liberals and a process where people wish to decide that the only way to stop them from behaving in a way which means that your state provided security must either be deployed to scratch their backs or deployed to kill them before they stopped – so it is a specific kind of leadership and I am not getting into any trouble with them, what is happening is that they are not going anywhere, especially making sense for me of those stupid abuses being a function of the fact if there was a revolution I would be the only person who had much to lose, as if any here is playing those practical jokes with scum like them. Then there is the other business of giving their money to celebrities so they might show up on Media to extract more money from other people’s lives, which if an entire economy depended on it and people simply refused to be taken advantage of, we would be screwed as a Country and if it were global as a globe as well – wondering how much trouble I could possibly get into when they have less money than they used to and have given it to celebrities in order to show up here with insults that will make them more. My point is that these fools are not relevant, they are nothing, they do not matter, they are not important and it’s a fat chance I will ever get into trouble with them; the reasons we are where we are on this matter is not just their need to get out of bed and start the day with such shit, it is the insults channelled at me, which they have gotten used with very bad habits attached and when it starts to talk threats need to realise its problem can be solved if it gets over me and stays off my concerns as there is really nothing they can do. With respect to which it is about getting out of bed every day to feel like passing insults at an Arch Prince that will make them fame on Media because they have a crowd that will run with it and I will take that crowd from them a fight with Celebrities and media, to stop me smelling like my toilet every time they do it as well before it stops, as revenge for my botched academic work all together. So there is also the Trump story too, wonder how I will get into trouble with them when they have not got the Trump issue sorted out anyway; it’s great when Obama sits in the Oval Office to spend 8 years stopping my Book sales around the world, not so great in their view if I do not say that Trump is racist; so that when they claim Trump does not do me any favours all together we start to clear out realities around facts concerning every fool that wants to botch my academic work, jump on my public image and extract money from it that helps them put the feet up at an Island resort overseas, after stopping my Books from the White House for the last decade, we have seen the one they did before they got into the Oval Office and the one they did after with that big mouth - a stupid boo boys and boo girls with abusive celebrity culture and media to extract an income from people’s lives with looking for a reckoning; now Trump is racist as well and their whole fucking stupid lives depends on me saying so as well or else with that big mouth.

They say it all proves the theory that people hoard information to dominate others with which theory they have is usually because it is what they do with the violent gossips and the media insults which in my case is now all about running business on my bum and my chest and my sexual body parts by means of Publicity, so that they can send out popularity gurus to make me smell like my toilet and understand what is coming to me when I do not co-operate – apart from which people usually keep secrets to help preserve their stupid rights, thereby go from something they fear to weaklings they want to beat up for trophy victory with that big mouth. They say people hate me because they are losing money on my account and which was always an old story about the fun part being a process of building up my public image to sell things with, while the serious part will then be how they get to do so – repeated warnings that I really am badly affected by Popular culture and Celebrity culture being built up my public image has not helped off course and now we are in a situation where if this business of trying and hating my guts continues for another 20 years, I would have resolved a social issue that has never been handled before when they retire from the work force without achieving it. Before we hear the stories about trouble I am going to get into and the gladiatorial nonsense I will engage myself in so they can make Media profitable, it is usually hours spent making out I have agreed to allow my public image and personal life be deployed for advertisement, fat headed chamber pot running off that shopping stupid channel on it ripping up my Books through the night and early hours every 24/7 from fucking Liberal America, after which we hear them complain that they have trouble managing the gurus that chase my private parts, work petty crime and handle the system of scum who think I will be beaten up on account they have assumed I can be ambushed by them as well, followed soon by the other fools who think all this nonsense maintains that theory in their stupid heads that they were famous and will not keep the media appearances they have in peace. We are here after years of advocating localities that should help ensure I never complete my academic work, chasing me around at the University to rip it up, damaging my finances and grooming me into a character that responds when people play up practical jokes of what passes on the left and right hand side, in order to buy shares in companies I have agreed to co-operate with and make use of me a dream that they have always had, move into my right hand and exist there - have not of course but I have ended up dropping out of University and wondering if such stupidities do have a purpose as a whole, despite repeated warnings it will drive me mad and they will regret it, talking nonsense about getting into trouble with them as well, maintaining that stupid theory that they were famous.

I. Uno I

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