That I am driving myself to a point where I am no longer acceptable to people is utter nonsense – the reality is that if popular culture goons are now screwing the Office and fashion fools the book sales, then I would have no need to raise funds for any marketing and it does reach a stage where I need to decide that the things I do to make myself employable or run a successful company needs to operate as dangerous activities for some people.

It’s like the story of how I do most of what I get up to in order to consolidate a sense of the Great Wars we hear them blab about when the real issue is that of their prognosis for making money and or getting rich being built around making trouble and locating me as the person that has done all he needed to do in life that can be sacrificed because of their evil and wickedness, the basis being that when I am and it is clear somebody had died over it then they will be allowed to do whatever they liked thereafter; so that what happened during the wars was a case of a forest at the back of your home where your sister regularly rides a bike through every day with other of her female friends one moment and in just months later it will overrun with metal tanks blowing people up and destroying the trees and everything else is in smoke like some huge industrial development of death and all Adolph Hitler could say about it was that his race was superior, hence right from the start of it to the build-up, to the finish it was something about the breakdown of civility. This of course is one side of the story because what we have as a product of that is that if I turn a street corner I am faced with idiot who is racist and notices me because I have not been doing what a media scum wants and when combined with Politicians locating arguments from it with which to make the entire society freeze and watch them turn up here to spend a decade of my time helping idiots to count pennies around me until it becomes millions in Industry and entertainment while my life is put on hold then it all adds up alongside how much the US Government has done to destroy the worlds Natural environment having become the world’s super power at the end of the wars, to make you very grumpy while they cannot keep their insults and needs to themselves as well and so I end up marching them back in time to the point where the idiots don’t want to die in a war anymore while I feel like writing books.

We hear this talk of where hate for me originated of course but they have their own ideas which has nothing to do with the facts about whole governments and whole parties and whole parliaments and whole unions tuning out to keep me financially bound and crippled while they help their goons to media incentives and give the media the means including insults that disturb my temperaments and open me up, including stirring racism and conducting violent integration in my name including accusations and threats concerning what I have damaged in culture or somewhere at a superior race every single day – the reason was to get me possessed by some demon first before I am even allowed to finish academic work and it has become a sub culture in its own right all that jumping on people’s chest and doing irregular heart beat TV and telling tales about how it is my fault it is happening to me and to others which means they are devising a new kind of racial discrimination, that will push this matter until I am possessed by evil and of course in light of which it does mean that they speak of where it all began because they think people always buy into their story that they are the oppressed. There are actually no crisis what so over popular villains running adverts on the basis of what money they want due to their vile nature and need to damage people’s property, nor is there any concerning thanking people first because there is nothing they can do about their property being deployed which is why their Politicians think financial damage done to those they target will never be punished because they are fabled creatures and therefore not looking for trouble: it’s the same old case of when I do not get what I want from you, you are looking for trouble, you are stirring the devil and of course Whites are involved with my finances because the Blacks help them to it, the whole thing has only but gone global and not altered like some passive villains want to make out in order to create their own means through this.


Of course it isn’t true I spend my time trying to recycle a career that has been pirated already into a career – what is true is that their need to get into my vocation when they know I am not a teenager has resulted in access to vocations of career and personal life and family life and so they are able to pillage a company that exists in my head and that is as far as that claim goes. They speak of preachers they like only when they are blowing their lungs; I am and there is nothing they can do with it. The reality is that they have been making l popular culture millions with property that Industry people who give them the money already know belongs to me, so the Monies they have are technically not their own and we should expect someday the big Industries to say alright there is no such thing as a free lunch but having said that what is going on etc and I cannot allow them to make money with that money at my expense because that will be them earning real money and nothing actually works like that. I do not think any of these matters are emotive; the reality about me as the CEO, owner and founder of Tunnel Light Books and Holdings ltd is unwavering i.e. what Private Equity Intellectual Property Administration really is, is the business of trading Rights - it is impossible for me to have a different view of Civil Rights activities other than that of pure evil that comes from the need to put a public face on the activities of those who hate the existence of the Presence of God around me and nothing else - so maybe there is another explanation for their activities but I do not care and need to ensure they know it will only be safe if they keep it away from my Property and my income - I mean such claims as that of every child deserving to have the world and not just the children of the privileged for example is one of those realities that mean they must be confronted with the need to cease doing the devils work for him with their own hands as others are not doing Gods own for him either: there is really no such thing as an inability I have to do things without having somebody to take it out on like a homosexual genius which of course is what I am explaining here concerning the squeezing balloons prognosis - Civil Rights is pure evil in a Business of Trading Rights like this one. I mean I have mentioned before that Civil Rights is a function of people taking their agitation onto the Streets because they have been overpowered where they should have had dialogue - so it does not really take a genius to work out that when people have Civil Rights everyday it does not take claims of their inability to be comfortable with the way things are done or the need to determine what the service factor is and who it is for in my business before I earn a living, to settle up the fact that only the Devil would talk in that way.


Of course I am very well aware of controversies around me which I need to clear up because they encumber my Product sales – I would never know anyway, all I know is that it is generally meant to get me to clear up an existence that is not mine i.e. it is largely related with a process of people who are bullies being made to remain as they are permanently because they act in such ways as provoke you to that extent and in that way leave a whole world of people you can get around with on the other hand, a fraction of which you can make friends with too but if I lived like that it would be an abdication of responsibility as I am neither Middle nor Lower Class. I understand Media people say I have been completely devastated and that it is a lot of fun to be made but firstly I do not know why I needed to be completely devastated in the first place except I assume the reasons are that they seek easy living and easy life and easy existence - so why when people seek easy living it should mean others are completely devastated has never been explained and I am not looking for an explanation for it either, what I do know is the way it will work is that I shall wait for them to come up with something really provocative and then their Politicians will have to save them and their alternative lifestyles from me again. Thus, am I aware that the British relation with the US is something that is hated by most Americans? Of course I am aware - only their reasons make no sense; they speak of origins of American racism being traced to British identity and involvement but then again Black America and Africans for instance as still the biggest fans of the world’s most Technologically advanced Mob justice society in the world i.e. Germany: so what must One do to get them to support the Germans on the control of racism? We can see they support racism in all its forms especially the socially attractive one that speaks of people being as inferior as they feel and therefore freedom being based on letting people have their own superiority if they feel that way, which of course is never created without an original provocation they got away with on grounds their victims are either afraid of them or they have access to publicity which means their victims could not ensure it never did happen and did not become part of history - hence that their victims feel inferior is actually the fault of their victims as such. Above all, it always seems to be perfectly okay to fancy a Jaguar and Buy a Mercedes of BMW, always okay to fancy a Rolls Royce and buy a Maybach and others therefore cannot have a life with their own parents and families; of which I for my part am only concerned with the bit where I am paying for it financially as well - that part does not make sense. At Present German Companies are now brokering Equities with this Firm in order to ensure their products are safe and secure but nothing about this behaviour is improving as it were, the clubbing and the partying and the lifestyle is where they express their obsession with a need to see the Germans hit the British all the time and so obviously I need to ensure they stop savaging my product appearance Equities, so I might make a living as well and such realities clearly are one of the simplest ways by which people can get a real world view of what reality is, especially when they are made to buy the products with a sense of appreciation of how much work people put into making them and morons stop savaging my public place and product appearance equities in order to make advertisement or get rich with the media obsession we all know they have; so it’s an old story around the fact that it seems we always have to establish reality all the time, it’s not actually true that I for instance am interested in what they hate.


There is still talk of my position on sexual abuse not being clear of course which is not an emotive issue; if we have to be blunt then the reality is that when some people have suffered the misfortune of sexual abuse, what must be done with it is to learn and find people whom they can abuse so cleverly that it cannot be discussed and justice can never be sought over their version of sexual assault and that is where all that shenanigans concerning what my position on sexual abuse is for we live in such an evil twisted world that people simply have to behave in such ways. When I mention it, they will immediately revert to claims that I have condemned sexual abuse victims to their poor history of sexual abuse whereas all I need is to ensure they never turn up around my Book sales ever again but that is clearly never going to happen while sexual abuse is still such a trendy news topic; It is of course a world where disobedience reigns supreme at all times, so the start of the day might have had something to do with how they need to clear their heads in a beautiful place alright about which I used to be that place but am now history but we soon find that trendy sexual abuse replaces it very quickly.

I hear it ever so often that nobody knows why Journalists are mad about me when I am such a stupid individual that my useless behaviour tends to affect everybody that has done well for themselves. I simply cannot make out why people believe it is quality conversation anyway, all I know is that they hate my guts because I have a Court of Journalists and Celebrities, ‘very, very, short arms’, the only thing in Universities to study is their science and Maths which makes everybody else stupid and I have created this condition where no matter how many lawyers celebrities employ, they are never able to get free from the system I have built where others can approach them over behaviour no matter how rich they get but I am still a stupid person, when people want to look for more trouble than they already have. I have never seen any other group of people that are as stupid and destructive as the Men at small businesses that distribute Goods for Big businesses thing; when it started off I was talking about having those contraptions they set up and claim are businesses by which to get around hurting and watching over people, which is not going anywhere while playing up socialist stupidities and claiming to be the Gods of wealth distribution themselves; now I am talking about their need to handle my Public image and get  around the open days and fairs of large Firms in order to secure jobs by which my tummy and bottom hurts all of the time when I am not actually opposing them for it and we have not even started talking about the threats and vandalism that comes with every single one of my work they gain from and yet it would have been bearable if they were buying the products, which they are not - what they are doing instead is working with Media friends and every fool that wants to affect Many lives in a condition where they do not get to show their faces and have a need to let celebrities and socialites enjoy the perks of my work and Public image all of the time through Media and advertisement, to ensure that those who want to buy the products are actually unable to, all the while complaining about me to very stupid Politicians, organising their Families and extra marital relationships into tools for stealing my income and bellowing all kinds of nonsense concerning their need to play around with my livelihood resulting in an outcome whereby they lose their own and boasting about toughness by which they protect their stupid patch, on which success is based; all the while of which their Women have no other mode of existence save lies and false witnessing and persecuting people over Money in order to ensure people are made to have sex before they are able to get employment, while getting off to US Government buildings to blow off their big Mouth about girl preservation with a hint of superiority due to the way they have with Girls and Boys gangs when younger and the criminals that those become later when older, while they have plans to become rich and famous and cannot stop issuing insults and threats at me while getting on Media to make the Public believe something else was the effects of action I took on it in order to continue.


The Politicians say I am a war monger which is utter nonsense too – since nobody knows why they must build an original crime against others and protect it with insignificant laws that will never get noticed in order to build self confidence that facilitates Politics and why indeed they cannot find something alternative to do with themselves and their lives other than Politics and perhaps celebrity as well thereof. So that now that I hold a Royal Position and I am stupid and nobody knows what I am getting up to any given point in time according to their academic fools, at a time when I am trying to end all these stupid speculation about me and get my Books off the shelves – their society goons pick up on it and invent their own versions of crimes that mean they want to move into my right hand after have their original crimes and test their system by committing new ones I will want to talk about and move over to the left thereof to express myself at civil rights instead and still feel there will be no trouble provoking me further with such insults. I mean nobody really knows what their problem with the idea of simply asking people for what they have and dealing with the yes or no response really is. So that what has actually happened over the years is that they say I stir up mobility for criminals and do nothing about the behaviour of the wealthy while this sort of behaviour is still rife and I have no idea how I am supposed to do anything about the wealthy when they enjoy ripping up my Book sales and leaving me with a literary Empire office whereby the finances have vanished. What we do know is that this complain about mobility for criminals is designed to ensure they know what the original crimes being covered up by law that ensures the only thing getting discussed are new ones after their goons had moved into my right hand in order to ensure I am expressing myself at Civil rights actually feels like – hence we are dicing with those era whereby rag tagged guy meets guy in suits at the City Centre and tells him to hand his money to him or there will be trouble and then there is a strange murder at a later date which goes deep as rabbit holes for the Police; otherwise about being a stupid person who holds Royal Office I suppose people can keep their insults to themselves and mouths firmly shut.

I thought I ought to make a change here anyway because their Politicians had become way too used to the idea of ripping up the lives of the best the Country has on offer, in order to allow their goons to show up in Public to count pennies on people’s lives until it became millions because it would have been naive and respectful. As for the respect I give to people and my Christian thing; that one is supposed to lead to abuse and attacks and secret societies they build all over the place for power. In the end I do not actually exist in an environment where all these scandals and exposure is ever going to pay off; I was selected of the millions of people in the Country including them that is during The Queen’s Golden Jubilee, to assist the Queen in running the Country and was meant to hold my position, allow my temperaments to shine forth and access gained by those who wanted to make their classical music and ballet schools and to offer quality entertainment among others, then get around writing and trading my Books; so it is not pleasure I feel over such comments for my part anyway, but then again of which it does express the fact I was probably supposed to have gotten beaten up by them but they actually couldn’t do it as it were. I am not a stupid person that holds Royal Office that we can clearly see their Fathers and Grandfathers before that had one as it were - when they start; I mean it’s not a matter of anger, just that the amount of work I have to do when people do or say such things is unprecedented and it is not work which says 'work', it is work which says my Books are not the kind that expects the sort of success enjoyed by persons such as JK Rawlings and I was supposed to have been less famous than my Books sort of work, which does nothing for me or indeed anybody else.

I. Uno I

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