They now say I do not wholly believe that violence against women is a bad thing and I could never tell if those who suggest such a thing suppose that pushing those who do not have the guts to go through with it into taking the plunge is a good thing; they will usually say this is all unpredictable stuff of course, so are we aware that it usually means they are taking good care of it all generally. In the end is the whole story behind who their latest target groom for a gang fight and character that will serve as their private little army against his will but has no choice about it because everything including his dignity has been taken from him to make him serve the violent causes of stupid women etc, by which we see them want access to public media all day to tell lies with – so I like to discuss it in terms of how it appears to them that most people simply hang about somewhere waiting for an opportunity to commit violent acts against women, which they do not wish to discuss when it bring forth facts and realities which mean that if you got into a violent situation and found yourself in difficulty, it is in some circumstances women and not men that will react violently to aid you and we always think in terms of a weapon which they will say is another indication we do not think women can fight with their fists and are therefore not equal but will soon realise it gets them stuck and hence will not follow that route too, on seeing it rather means women tend to calculate well the consequences of a violent situation before getting involved. Here I will get told it makes me vulnerable to say such things, since the general idea is that the Men will then take advantage – reality is that it doesn’t; what happens with the Men is that they sit on media to address people like legal practitioners, working on media but never researching their facts, chasing me around as those it is in their job description to do so and I have to be in a mode of apology all the time for not kicking them and doing so hard enough to ensure it is not my career they are messing people’s lives with, what we see as a result of this is that I am the one facing threats instead and the threats are to do with the fact they thought my career was a good thing but is actually a threat to life and I need come up with a replacement and a compensation for distress and it goes on and on and on like that with new inventive nonsense every day; as mentioned, the lesson they are learning presently is that knowing me before or after I were a writer changes nothing about the fact their only involvement with me should be about getting a copy of my Books which they have paid for – as for the idea I expect to make something of my insults, I would like to assure people it is precisely what I expect as it were; we are here because even the other back breaking work I have to do to identify with a community so I can run my business without attracting a bad crowd is being taken by these idiots as something that will cover them while they do their fame and it is where they think they have the process by which I will end up in a kind of gang in which my personality will serve their purposes and ensure their bottom does not get to hurt in the bag, which of course they do not and are now complaining that the way I speak to people is unsettling while believing totally that the fact they ever listen to anything other people say to them is not. We even hear I am responsible for most of the wars in the world, when everybody knows that in the UK for instance, it is not Africa where people believe in Witchdoctor, so racism is not too low to chase, never takes anything seriously and has trouble seeing that involvement with me created the University dropout Prince I am today because it has never taken a thing seriously in its stupid life - even now talking about running off with my reputation to get rich in Community territory when everybody knows it will show up at Tourism economies to have parties where it passes insults at me that will be carried on by a Bird around the world and that it is a situation we have been in before, where they have nothing in the bag save damaging the academic work since I never calculated they took themselves so seriously at the time I chased it – we are therefore left with an outcome where the current situation with it will decide what my future with them and their need to cling to my finances and abuse me will be and I am planning to make something of my insults too, especially whereby they will jump on my public image to make fame and fortune enough to play up some talk to the hand routines at me somewhere in hell (so this is me responding to media fools because I have assumed it has become a serious matter, otherwise the situation stays the same and I will keep an eye on it every day as a fundamental process of having a successful writing career; it is what my market place has become after all). The other part of the story being that my relationship with media should be over then which it isn’t; as long as I have a Court of Female journalists my bloodline will not end with me and I am determined to prove this by making sure Politicians and Celebrities and Media fools and popularity idiots do not get off screwing around with me like that anymore (the sum of violence against women story). We have to listen to it all the time: yap, yap, yap, yap the things that those who protect me do to them of which they have had nothing done to them whatsoever (we see them at it every moment - where being nice is when they know where I live and drive by with Cars in first gear, flooring the accelerator to squeeze me as a neighbourhood in order to ensure their business is profitable - the rest gets as violent as it wants doing me favours that mean I am not being physically touched with that big mouth), so have I made clear where my red lines are too - when they abusively blab about how I have ended up in their backyards as a spirit temperament again, they will find me get hold of them and make my own mark on wealth inequality on this planet, which is where the fighting is really going to kick off and I not be getting hurt on a daily basis as a result on account they are really good at looking for trouble. I mean I want the process of sitting about in society to react to peoples insanity because they find my reaction exhilarating to come to an end and the Books I write are my ticket for it while the idiots who ensure it does not get sold expect a different outcome for the same kinds of stupidities - they however prefer to talk about taking them on which I cannot do, while I am only interested in seeing that Traders and Politicians and Media and Celebrities and Popularity goons are not playing with me anymore, only then will they have progress too; they cannot keep to the no peddling of my faith and public image and personal life rule, never mind the fact they tackle my finances too because they are narcissist enough to. They speak of reasons I am always being targeted and we all know it’s nothing but the nice ones needing my personality to a point where they are moving in on my tummy and checking my bum at the Train station while the prepubescent goons will likely stab me and take it to get rich and famous with and the tall boy criminal think I am to writhe in my pain every day while they make popularity. The problem is the other goons who seek out what back breaking work I do to identify with a community in order to avoid bad crowd while I run my Business because they want to pose by the Camera and are already famous, blabbing at me about what will be difficult to control whereas reality is rather that I will sack it in a short period of time so we can see what it is they can do as well – otherwise before I wrote my Book and after they do not get to make decisions on any, get involved with me when they want to buy a Book. The first time it happened is the one everybody is complaining about at the moment, the next time all that violent gossiping and lasciviousness and its open secret by which everything they do works on my bottom and tummy means I have ended up in their homes as a spirit temperament, I will be known as the guy that created them a massive wealth gap and then they will have to do something about it so we can see what it is they are capable of too – I have made it such that a decision is to be made as per before and after I wrote my Books because they are all too fond of deciding other people’s fate, too fond of making excuses for their incredible incivility. As for the bit about my obsession with the Monarchy, I am not obsessed with the Monarchy and everybody knows they show up at Buckingham Palace more often than I do in any given year; the reality is that the Queen says my work is to facilitate duties of state and I am to argue with it, whatever goes on however which I must sell my Books either way – so they blab like that and build a crowd and I get taken and take down the National Cote of Arms from off my website and get into trouble for it for instance. The bit about difficulty to control them is not a tough question; we all know the Military is mostly made up of Middle Classes and we see that in the affluent neighbourhoods especially, that they know exactly how the Nation should be defended – what happens with these other goons is that they cut me off from the reality where I take a look at the carnage they have done here and assess where I have dragged myself off to in the last decade and a half and look forward to meeting with the Royal Family – so I shrink their middle classes and cut them off from media and Hollywood, which means that when everybody has a tummy problem and they have a go at me to create bad smells, we find out what it is exactly they can do about it when I do not tend to comply with stupid community croons boiling over my temper by tackling me over fitness all day long. The rest are Royal Family Extended members doing strange things to vie for position and are just as destructive a lot too. The trouble I have been getting into over the last five years apparently concerns the bit where their stupidities is at its most profitable and has something to do with laying claims to absolutely everything I do while foolish producers and entertainment managers have a field day; always involves it will do absolutely anything for money, while having enough fun to numb an already stupid minds to complains of the victims. So I could never get my head around the stupid women that show up on National Media to threaten people in a work Court of mine who may have already been beaten down in their own beds by neighbourhood scum before their bottoms are chased all day long while at work too, as the idiots responsible think being women means behaving anyway they like and complaining about the bad habits associated with the fact the problems affect me in some way as well, the bad habits I should not have exhibited so they can exhibit it at me with that big mouth as it were – I could never understand why everything they see belongs to them and why they cannot understand the help they need with their insanity really has nothing to do with me anyway; the last time I realised I had lost my temper on it was when Hilary Clinton was getting elected and the importance of that would have been that women got listened to, scum like me were gotten rid of, the Queen would do what they wanted, worthy people would have access to what I owned, my public image would become the property of my evil mum who has continued to seek it, their foolish children will display an image on sky scrapers all over my Public image and so have we seen what I have done amounts to a milder version of what I was prepared for too, since Clinton did not get elected as it were. It’s like they say I speak of people getting punished on my account as though it was a byword and absolutely everybody have not been touched by some form of punishment or another but it’s an old story where every function for the Queen amounts to processes where HM mind is being made up about me and something concerning how everything they see belongs to them – so since then they have been doing some National service which people just get up and do and have not been prepared for all their lives, getting taken care of all the way as it were and we have not been dealing with blabbing about doing stuff all the time, since then they have been encouraging black idiots they have picked up to pretend to be me and share a space with tall boy criminal which gets them into a whole host of trouble, while they have been talking nonsense all over the civil service about getting me into a gang fight or making me homeless, threatening people over acknowledgement of my Royal Office the whole time, which brings us to the point of the problem i.e. am I going to be selling Books or are they going to be busy with this nonsense that I am really tired of bearing in mind we are currently talking about punishment that has touched everybody and there can be more as well, by the way of which the idiots still have my chronicles they downloaded off the University system at Greenwich and will never stop talking nonsense about which one belongs to them over it too – I simply cannot work in an Office in peace and the threats will soon determine whether I will be selling Books or they will be doing that all the days of my life (as I have mentioned before, it is all going to come to an end when I am no longer a playmate for Celebrities and Popularity goons and Media goons and Politicians). The 24 hours before I put this up here it was a matter of Indie stuff – and they were the real Indie, so shows were taken over, opportunities were handed over by managers and producers seeking diversity and feelings were displayed on social media and by morning the joyous sight of absolute carnage was wrought, followed by stupid threats on National Media at people who get beaten down in their beds every day by community croons that have to access them so others like these scum might become important people. I for my part put my information to culture and society to run an Intellectual property administration business which existence I have to explain to popularity and media fools every day, now they have my whole career for their bit as well and the clever bit is that they cannot actually keep it for themselves, so I get to pick off bits I need every day, where if they were not blocking my Book sales I wouldn’t get out of bed looking forward to that every day all together

I. Uno I

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