Fat cat games they call it while HH is obviously not a fat cat himself as well as one of those that sell products and services to fat cats as it were. One has worked hard for a decade to ensure when he brokers equities with companies and when they sell their products, media does not use racism and fascism to ensure the meaning of it is that when people buy the products, they are buying a piece of his Royal Estate and a Piece of his job and privileges and earnings with their so called hard earned money that they will obviously kill for because they worked for it, but that has ended up being the case because he is inferior in their eyes, which means some things just go on and on until they either happen or scandals exist to ensure if they do not the world believes something contrary. So, the deal will be that businesses will sell their products when they broke Equities with HH, and he will defend himself from them.

These things apparently happen because people envy HH. It is obvious anyway when we have already seen them go to media to take over 6 years of his time to ruin his finances completely, so that they can set out to ensure they have undisturbed and unfettered access to him while he has a day job to pursue otherwise he will have no earnings. They are the ones that claim they are democratic people hence the issue raised as such and One has been tolerating it as equally as he has been taking away their Culture while holding true to his Faith in God so that while they want somebody like him to have a history of being able to bully at will with, he can also make sure knowing these things exists there is always a need for a new culture because the existing one is constantly being removed.

They love their provocative rhetoric of course that certain categories of people who do not own shares in other people’s businesses in their Capitalist systems, do not know what respect is and have no respect for anything, especially those who have businesses of their own; what it conjures up therefore being the image of buffoons who like wickedness that affects them adversely after they hurt people with it and then set out to find people they can dominate and formulate ideologies by which to bully and possibly exterminate them with a big white mouth and for the none whites they have worked it all out as well is the supposition therefore and in the end throws back to another image of very important matters that are clearly being handled by idiots who know absolutely everything there is to know about it as it were. For the Muslim ones on the other hand they gradually seem to make themselves the symbols of the fact human beings are worldly, human beings are selfish, human beings are evil, human beings always want somebody they can blame for their problems when it hurts them and for those of them that cannot get their insults off the Television screens will likely get into enough trouble like the others but in their case it will be such that will make them want to be terrorists again.

It is usually said that I lose everything to trouble makers as a result of how I handle my concerns which is not based on reality either; it’s all superficial Media and its lies deciding what I get up to daily and then deciding which part of the lies they tell will become useful but in the end it is again tolerated, to find out if they will go their way and let me be - the ones that never show any signs of complying with this are usually the fashion ones that will shove me against society violently and really hard - then ensure I spend all my time looking after their Wives where clearly were my responsibility as it were and finish off peddling my Public image while making sure the problems associated with their stupid jobs and businesses ends up in this Office; which is how I make them design cloths to solve the problems while I control the system by which they do so. It is pretty much like the City Centre people; 6 ft tall on average and considerably big people and are very stubborn and very stupid and if they have their way the only way things will get done will be when we see the worst possible results and then recover from it - you do not assume that you can just speak and they will comply, you have to hit hard but I do not hit a lot, just that the Fashion ones are too pragmatic in terms of handling me, too touchy. The Wars are made these days because they are pushing the boundaries of Politics of course and Terrorism therefore is a magical contraption; in the end they say people think I am just as loony at the Monarchy whereas I have two lives at the Monarchy and one of them is people whispering to the Queen and showing up Media to express what they think my life has become by doing so, while the other is the real me but in the end it is still the Queens realm and I can do whatever I like dashing here to the left hash tag and dashing there to the right 'on your own' and playing with the Ladies ; they always have needs but as ever are really stupid people claiming to be insane as a result of the level of wealth others possess thereby turning up to express which part they feel they have rights on as per they contributed to it etc and you must try and live with your heart rate sky rocketing all the time, try and avoid being a sex abuse criminal like you some people do and try to avoid being a murderer and find ways of using them for other purposes - hence it gets real when I done mine as well.

They say the question concerns what I am really after, which has always been as simple as stopping them from stealing my market and my Royal business and my jobs and contracts; once I had done that because my online business gets so little respect from them I will earn enough to put it on the High street all together, to see what comes up. Typical one is the need to wear a flash suit and a towel round his neck attending a function in the same Hotel Mr Obama is lodging and when done turn up to pass insults at me on Media until somebody gets rich as a result and then there are the Asian ones as well and the British ones and so on; so what I am up to they want to know, so they can settle what they are up against and all they are up against is that they need to leave me alone. They do say the big question is whether I actually think that I stand a chance at all – it was never a standing a chance matter in any case but a matter of what they will lose and what I will lose in turn when it comes to protecting my Royal work from Public transport operatives and Media and Politics and University graduates who are determined to ensure they act in a way that leaves me with no income on a daily basis and how Politicians have always had money because if the world imploded they would be the ones earning money to put it back together again and that stupid money of theirs needs to stop doing it. They do claim its involvement with Politics on my part that causes the problems of which there is no such thing; they love the abusive part where I am stuck somewhere carrying the weight of the misdemeanours of their Country while they steal ideas from me to make careers and make their stupid children feel superior and I am not shying away from the responsibilities where every idiot that wants to raise a criminal in their families say it is because of unjust laws being made while I have my finances ruined so I can end up in the same area and look like I love the authorities who do not take care of me and add to their problem on how to raise their children, so Politicians can have their fun – there is no interference with their stupid Politics. It’s not the end of the World - I must sell a lifestyle to sell a Book and it simply needs to stop.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland