It is now said I am going back on my position that some people play around all the time and look like personalities people want to take jobs and careers from as a result, the reality is rather that I have nothing left to say about it save a series of questions as per the point exactly that these people happened to have established a connection between ripping up other peopleís wealth and creating wealth all together. The one where our mentality is that we line up in an endless que of political minds seeking money and cannot get out of such cycles as well; its purpose being the things stupid women who want explosive atmospheres that serve their greed and deviance being served. I couldnít be clearer about it for my part i.e. how difficult it could be exactly for black women to stop showing up around my concerns to impose their own ideas on how I should exist which have to do with a bit of sin here and there or show up to play the role of my mother on my finances; they like to think they can screw with it when I say so but to elaborate I am saying they need to let the white people wear their spandex and appear of groovy movies the same way they have a government that brings wrath on those who do not allow homosexuality to happen in Church, stay off my Books and keep their fucking fingers to themselves. The talk of the matter being a difficult task is not new story, we all know itís not a difficult task when they are complaining mostly but personally I think that given the right tools and measures they can be made to listen to what others are saying to them Ė if HM builds be an alliance with the King of Spain it is a pretty important thing I cannot recover if lost, so it is pointless somebody spending their media attention on me to the point of wrecking it, another example is when a distant cousin of a relative of Tonga Nobility who owns a shop wants to help me sell my Books for instance and those who spend all their attention on me but will not be caught dead buying any wreck it, it does very quickly become a damage mine and I damage yours situation which is exactly what it has become at this point and they might think I will only get after the celebrity culture and the popular culture but the reality of what I am like is that it is probable that their online pornography is not safe from me as well. I mean we have to judge from the point of view where we are trying to understand exactly what stage the most important thing for journalists to say these days is that I am bereft of nobility, every day, every time they face a difficulty, every time they must get some respect from so called respectful child character me like an addiction. Of which I am in no ways bereft of nobility and such nonsense only brews up the question of whether the wealth they wish to build to heights is their wealth to build as it were, right up to the point where it is seen that if noted how guys are the Monarchy treat their madness with disdain, there is a sense of injustice to it, except for those who have to put up with this sort of thing over long periods of time consistently; for me itís a simple case of what they intend to do when finished with the Celebrities and popularity culture anyway, which would have suggested as such that I should let them have it, as for the idea they contend for my Office, there is no such thing, just lots and lots and lots of their insults as expected. In a wider sense I have not got much to worry about in terms of my Position, as the Princess of York has been working on this for some time now, taking Holidays that run into Tens of thousands at the Tax payers expense which get the Politicians complaining but no matter how much this deviance hurts the bottoms of the media we will never see them report it anyway, they would rather blab about me losing an Estate and it can only continue until I handle their own as well and then they will want to pay attention to a job in a hand when I am no longer interested in such things. The bit they are complaining about is naturally the one where ageist bullying means people end up with an Arch Prince that loves older women, so that fat chance I will have sex with the disobedient lot means they become mentally disturbed and the ageist men can get stuck all day with their wives who are both friend and enemy at the same time. They claim that this is an attitude from somebody who does not want to work for a living but we all know the real issue is that I am supposed to spend about a decade or twice such a time frame getting employed by them, so they can play around with my personality on Media, get scared of losing their jobs and start a case of me leaving if I love other employees enough to let them keep their jobs, a decade or twice a decade time frame to let them find out what they want out of life with their stupidities and at the end of it get a job from them that I can do considering the scumbags in this Country and abroad are my personal gods as far as they are concerned. I have never thought it a complicated matter; it is an old story where we find they have a problem with the scared environment and atmosphere which surrounds me Ė they have even claimed it exists because I sleep with peopleís wives and cannot keep their fingers off my Bum in order to ensure that the behaviour I perform to produce it is no longer performed due to fear and pain and change of the state of mind which is something they also hope to maintain with that big mouth. The scared and holy atmosphere which means that each time they bully me in order to make me homosexual and I tell them it will be a race against time to see who will be one first in a society they have created where Homosexuals face violence from them, the fear usually means they blab about ganging up on me at Church but apparently the holy atmosphere makes that impossible to and ensures they are not worth paying attention to. Everybody knows what happens when I get jobs is that people are nice at the work place and managerial jobs change hands and then I have to leave my post if I do not want others who have been employed there for a while to lose their jobs and try to find another, while the scum get around Industry villages the whole time talking nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am and then complaining after; we can see it will easily lead to a process where they are unable to shut their filthy mouths about whether or not I am working and another employment about which this takes place leads to a process where it ends in utter carnage for my part too. They say I do not do what I am doing in my own home; the home they speak of whereby I obviously the last time we checked stole the Keys off them as it were Ė before then however they are people who convince themselves they can have what they want such that another personís sexy body means they drop out of University and are having a hard time at the jobs market while it is impossible to sell books because they like to poke it and try to dampen their desires and when you call them stupid you will get into trouble with that big mouth, just like the female ones get involved and then I have to get rid of them at some point, otherwise the end product will be a process where I get beaten up by their boyfriend yap, yap Ė we see the same as male journalists have access to my Court and feel like attacking me for the effects it has on them with their big mouth as well, older than some of them I am but they are fucking ageists too. Then my complaints will be said to exist at odds with my hype, whereas I am tough enough anyway and everybody can see what happens when the cock sucking idiots take from me what their millionaires do not have to add to their millionaires and show up here to have conversations about which one has an attitude that does not wish to work. I mean I do think about my life; all those Politicians and Journalists and athletes and Celebrities I have punished, if it was really worth it but itís an old story such as these where itís important to ascertain who the fuck they think they are anyway. I mean for 6 years straight on a daily basis this process of grabbing my public image and making it their own eventually means that the comments on public places is wrecking my life and finances but they see no reason to stop it if they are not losing the savings and selling the Celebrity mansions as well - then there is the excuse that my comments harm the sales idiots who get Politicians wrecking my finances to dampen my confidence so they can get together with media goons to have me beaten up each time I am not co-operating, thus getting to show me I am no Royalty when I become a broke Arch Prince that wants to provide their famous and modern stupidities with leadership every day as well, as we can see they really need it too: how difficult can it be for people to stop doing such things anyway and if my comments are harming their finances, is it the ones made from the process whereby I want to grab another personís public life and public image and make it my own? If not so, then I must be talking from my own right then and any normal person would see this as a warning (The chasing private parts and abuses that their foolish children pick up on the streets bit is a specific evil that has to do with greed and the imagination here is that an Arch Prince would know nothing about it, know nothing about the way it works around the need to have an old man label placed on me whereby I am the person that provides an environment where people finger my bum and go to in order to indulge themselves sleeping with girls and chewing privileged snacks, so obviously when they want something I drop out of University because they have got Media and Politics for it too as it were - thus it has now all come down to what I have eaten being the main conversation every day as a tool for repression and violent gossips and self-improvements that bring about fame and we are well educated about the fact these are scum that are really, really good at looking for trouble when we find out how the Murder and Manslaughter are made as a result). When I rent a home and pay the scum for it, what I do there means I cannot smell nice as I attend a Job all together; usually shows its Celebrity celebrated wall of stupidities that ensure it cannot be reasoned with unless it is getting hurt, has already had a brush with Women. I have only these three rules: none peddles the faith, none peddles the personal life, none peddles the public image - they always say I need to resolve the matter once and for all which I did for their wickedness and evil a long time ago i.e. the bit where there is not enough money on this planet to create a Celebrity that makes themselves better off on My public image and ends up doing a talk to the hand routine at me - we are always told that when they deploy peopleís lives to make themselves better off and your existence becomes the reason you are an apprehensive human being, they move on and let you go your way when they have the money that ensures they are out of your league but it never really happens, what happens is that one drops out of University and then has a hard time after writing his Books because they want to make him angry about the fact they have done very well for themselves and there are reasons for it too, reasons that let them suck on the personality that has been cleaned up by a religion they hate in order to chase more self-glorified fame and fortune selling it to the uncomfortable crowd. They praise themselves all the time about how I have ended up in a condition where people wake up every day to see me get into a fight because their processes of earning money has not become more convenient while the Books, I write remain unsold. The general idea being that they are doing it due to the forces of social and cultural change and yet the first time I had to put up with them, it was the exacerbation of the reasons I dropped out of University, which was that everything I do to find work is followed with that violent over secret gossip that lets them churn my tummy, producing a process where they claim my mind wants to do things at such a point, therefore their stupid ageist wish was that it did things for them and so they push neighbourhood yobs and gangs into everything I do and right into my bedroom and blow their car horns at every move I make to punish me for not letting them peddle the faith and public image and personal life Ė it has now grown into this story of seeing me get into a fight every day and I am never going to dish out what idiots deserve a new punishments for it too. So in the end when they say I need to be doing such things in my own house and not rented property, we can all see that when provoked you really do have the right to move on anywhere you live unless their big mouth can back it up otherwise, now that they are able to move on when provoked in a property that they actually own and we shall find out what will become of following me around again when I return to an academic environment. They claim I am a nobody who is not wealthy enough to be Royal pretending he is counted among but that was never the main issue as much as getting a Royal commission and ending up with stupid women who feel like real girls when they tell stories about knowing me and what I am like all the time - we have seen time and time again that they know nothing about me all together as it were but it will not cease to be the main source of fun now that it is not causing social and political and public instability: it was always presumed that it would be after they had ripped up the finances and academics and job and business and built me a public image they felt they were comfortable with, that the case of me feeling I am counted among when I am nobody would start to become really important on National Media but if they are unable to express it without touching me, it becomes a test every time. They always tell me I need to acknowledge that this is racism but we all know the real case is that they are screwed, need my leadership and fancy themselves bullies and that continuation of their behaviour will soon create an outcome whereby I am screwed and need their leadership as well - in their view, I know nothing of what to do with a process where people behave towards me in ways that is only deserving of punishment, especially the bit about making me do my Books over and over again until it is amusing that I have become a freak, no way I might develop punishment that is set to ensure they suffer financially too. Itís like when they claim I would never survive in the US but we all know the US is a vast place that lets Celebrated idiots rip up peopleís lives to get rich by crossing Town to Town to play around with peoples Public image and that you have the same advantage as well, if you wish to gain that initial success that kills off bad stereotypes for a livelihood, however which there are people that are really determined to wreck it for everybody and you will end up coming up with something that ensures the Country looks like it is usually notorious for as well; they speak of the wars they have to perform to make the world safe but we all know when that comes into the picture nobody really can explain why the blacks will not let the whites wear funny clothes and appear in groovy movies, while they on the other hand perpetually wish that somebody was held down by a crowd for them to fuck all the time, showing up around my Books to play with me on media as abusively as possible and expecting it to be financially rewarding at the other end: usually my case begins when they claim I have ended up in their homes as a spirit temperament when we all know this was their lives the last time we looked and apparently I am not the one being insulting enough to attain such nonsense, then I will want to teach them a lesson of my own too. They speak of this case where the British think they can fight the Americans and win which has nothing to do with the fact I am always getting bullied by Americans for instance, so my Estate Assets system has been built for me in China instead of the US, this then means some goons who spend most of their time on Chinese Martial Arts decided that was their turf; now we know they have lost money and they are weeping and wailing and the British have important tools of government to perform important tasks with but it is not over yet, they are becoming friends with the NSA and Donald Trump. There is still the one that kicked it off far back in 2002; the Cunts and their Children and Grandchildren thing, where my part in the matter has been one that means my work is to look after their wives while they deploy my public image to get rich and are finding out an English Manís home is his Castle and that tends to mean that Royalty will really look after their wives for them indeed as it were. Itís a group of people that never ever do anything when they are supposed to and then we find they wish to take advantage of others when they have needs and problems and usually tend to do allies first before they do enemies: I have only those three rules - none peddles my faith, none peddles my public image, none peddles my personal life; They are super power but they might also want to keep some opinions away from the British.

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