What the Media claim their problem is with the Oscars this year is that they attacked me and I said something which caused a stir around a certain movie, which created trends that reverberated around the world on the day and they took revenge for this by attacking a movie they think is close to my heart and their reasons are that they cannot rev up their excitement and it is impossible to comprehend this kind of stupidity as I am not quite certain anybody has seen such before.

The Politicians on the other hand rather claim I criticise Leaders for things they have already done, which is a mark of how unfit I am for roles I want to play because the Monarchy allows me to play around with important matters of state and how I have no idea what I am doing because I am uneducated. The truth on the other hand is that they have simply used the plan to pay of Nation debt in a day which is impossible, to control inflation levels and bearing in mind they have done nothing about market inflation, this provision despite its cost will not last. Having heard the need to move on, they have decided that a process where they speak of big society and I support them because it just will not be detachedfrom by job on account when they are insolent people donít feel it because they are privileged, when they speak of reforming the job market and welfare state I support them as well, when it comes to setting out a clear policy on infrastructure and market inflation, tying off the welfare state and the National debt, they seem to take forever to stall growth itself on account I have stolen their fame and you can never get your head round how what I say in my office and my job stalls somebody elseís fame but it is the usual stuff about Tories when they are through of which women are not relevant to leadership politics or government. Labour on the other hand can talk, last we checked they were setting out people who will be put through great suffering so that the economy can recover because their insight and energy is being used, thinking about pedophiles and boys who abuse women that are older than they are and boy who sleep with women that are older than they are in an alliance for the abuse and destruction of the lives and property of younger men in order to get rich quick. They now have a fair idea of what the outcome would have been like and the reason somebody had to save the country from them. if they were doing all the things they claim I criticise them for doing already, we would clearly have seen the effects on the economic front as it were bearing in mind when they do we never hear about anything else until it runs through our blood or something.

It is not clear when they speak of Bank Bonuses whom they are referring to, when it is their best friends that they drink with and then get into government to fail at the dispatch of their duties, that have a policy of seeking out people who have a means of creating something or anything which can bring about the existence of bread winners and the reason of course being that they want to control their lives especially with respect to publicity, so that they can later buy shares in those establishments, control them and use them to get rich quick at the expense of workers. So they usually like those mad ideas of theirs about how I have said something which has offended them and will now have to fight for my market, when it is rather not clear exactly when I stopped saying things which offends them bearing in mind I have already stifled those black markets and chased them around the world to get back the money that vanished from the stock markets during the so called economic crisis and they hate my guts for it while their Politicians are making me slack so they can get their footing. I am never going to fight for my market when I can sack the Politicians, society and get rich quick freaks in the city aspect of things which is what I am doing at all times they provoke me. This is not their job (s), they have no roles here (just like their Prime Minister makes so much noise about the need to reform the ECtHR, when the European Court that concerns him is the ECJ and I always speak of things I donít know to them as it were because it has not yet gotten through to them despite how many times they have been told, that what they are getting here is a Christian not a boastful showy kind of person, which would therefore have thus confirmed he knows what he is talking about). The thing I was supposed to have said which has offended them, has more to do with how I they needed to at their own jobs what they had to with respect to the economy unless ministers take turns among themselves to go to their offices hence the years of delay that is This has more to do of course with tying off welfare and National debt not wasting our time reforming anything and setting out clear plans on infrastructure and Market inflation: hence my means of putting it across that the Prime Minister earn enough money to buy an Aston Martin and to fill it up with £20,000 worth of fuel as well if he wants, therefore it is not clear exactly why this one task has not yet been completed in 3 years.

That I talk too much and get all over the place like an African man is another major issue. I for my part do it because it is meant to get these idiots closer to violent orthodoxy. So that each time their insults pay off and I do it, it really works. Regards paid to the matter of their derogatory opinions about me which is meant to stifle any kind of growth here and develops into a process of some kind of alternative pedophilia on my market place and therefore earnings, which then develops into a problem with religious people each time they are trying to get rich in the city as if anybody asked them about it.

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