It is then said that what I thought of women has never been opening expressed and so none actually knew but it is not unusual, just it seems that only the most badly behaved always want to get into a relationship with me and we can see that they always tend to think that I got in their way of getting into a relationship with others, at the same time if they could not, they will do what they could to shut down my relationships while people told lies on it at Politics and Media. It is not really a crisis as such, it simply beats my imagination that they had husbands at home and even teenage children they could spend their narcissism on but chose to behave as if I had no choice as per whether they got to spend their time on me for the narcissism that tickles them. The part where it is not a problem being that they raise the point as to whether they had to fear at some stage, that I was a threat to women; the threat to women on the other hand which does not just come around except for people who put themselves in charge of what they do not understand and tend to get about making trouble for everybody – it is usually a matter of eventually having my finances, personal and social relationships stopped by women and celebrities on obsessive narcissistic gimmicks alongside their female Politicians and then I will have to decide who was the person that let them in to begin with and such a person had better not come around near my concerns ever again, from which point the need to set out a way I can attack any female fool that will not cease the talk of the town abuses that will wreck my marriage and any prospects of me being comfortable enough at a job to enjoy at least one Christmas party with my Boss.

I am told they thought that the matter was one which they controlled but that is always the statement made when it had not gone badly wrong; what happens is that I have a wealth equity public life and it is built on a foundation where I got to set out series of statements about people trading organised crime products among other things, such that it was possible for there to be some sort of culture on the fact that when somebody made a decision to buy those products, it was a choice and therefore a matter between the sellers, the Police and the customer for such products, others who needed to complete the studies and ensure the career was workable, should be allowed to get on as per the methods that people chose to sell those kinds of products by. They do also say I am a tiny man making statements which I understand entirely – so what has happened since is that the Celebrities have perverted my public image into something that makes me a character people bullied and a bum people fingered to sell products at the markets and befriend the wealthy, which should also serve as vengeance for making their relationship with organised crime product sellers more expensive,  from which point the gold diggers pick it up and show up here with the dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism, to spend my assets on those who bought anything they wanted to sell, to get rich fast as well, backed up by idiots I had to be afraid of, so it will not stop doing that when I raise the point and tell them off, if the whole business had not yet ended very badly indeed.

I do get told the assumption made by most is that I am the vulnerable person in all this but I am not necessarily; I simply need to keep a watch of the main things that I do for my writing career, even though the current situation is such that people were engaging but not reading Books on account the gits above run off stupidities that raise the point about my Royal Office when I am writing and about my writing when I am working the Office, so say I should not have need of money, hence my hands were tied behind my back, considering that if I dropped the ball it would all get worse – its not a bad thing as such, just a business of knowing that it was viable to get out of bed and try not to drop the ball every day. They also claim that I made them what they are and yes I did, as it was a matter of the other goons with great ideas – following me about to make a mess of my studies and when I start a small business they started a mini war, it can decide it wants to handle my social and personal life while working its job in the city and if it did not other people suffered because of me, then there was a need to follow up my own personal finances in a way that ensured market I built for my Bookshop was caught up with a small business that it was affiliated to, hence the outcome being that Celebrities now have most or half of all the money where they were concerned. The other matter being that Celebrities were not my enemies but that was an occasion where I needed to consider that they built themselves a relationship with characters like these which I had to manage which it helped me control what such characters got up to, however they did not want to turn it on me like they have already tried to – the business of being a character people attacked to befriend the wealthy and to sell products is originally a matter of the pain associated with negotiation during business deals and not necessarily a bad thing, usually most of it was a product of somebody raising points about a liability that existed because people got involved with me.

Here the Politicians say it is clearly all under control but we lived as if we were living in a crisis but we are not living in a crisis in any case, just a reality that when people lose time, they lose money, like it seems the only way to deal with these goons is to come up with a plan to trash their finances as well and make it such that I got to hit them when they least expected due to the fact I did not have enough time to face down resistance from them. When somebody on minimum wage does not attend a job for a year, they lose ฃ12,000 and it is worse for people who had high end jobs, so I have to fight all the way down to first grade.

The question raised by Politicians about doubt here is one of whether I speak so raw on these matters because I tended to do the patchwork after the bad things had occurred, building a false sense of security but I don’t – what really happens is that people depart from their personal and social lives to show up here and force the will of Media fools and Celebrities on me, so I get to spend the personal and social lives on the damage and due to their involvement with me, I had ample access – I could never tell what they did it if the result was that the personal and social lives vanished alongside the inconveniences caused by Media and celebrity insults that they show up to force on me, for my part it is all in the time wasting and it seems that I am bothered more than they are, will not attack me first so when I retaliate the Police will let me go, just the big mouth and a need to build a community and finger my bum. The Media and Celebrities on the other hand was the part that beat the imagination – I could never understand why they made the choice to go down such a path anyway; the original problem being that of Industry trouble makers who will set out to wreck environments the government had secured and tidied up for civil activities, claiming that some were a no mans land with respect to civil living, such as areas of Natural conservation, it will want to for instance spill some crude oil to play up market practical jokes and stir up civil dissension that will push the markets on thereof, trying to prevent it from doing that will simply lead to incredible stress and health issues associated with being caught in a scenario where you had to run back and forth between the damage they did to wildlife because you failed to co-operate with their needs, which can easily extend to human beings and their need to pick up and make a mess of my career at Industry, by the time any success had been gained stopping them from destroying anything, the career would mean nothing to anybody no matter what the victims did with it. The Media and Celebrities have picked up the behaviour as soon as I laid the industry bits to rest because they want to be the people getting paid to take me down on behalf of everybody else; if it saw a means to strip my livelihood and gather incentives that were a product of building partnerships with Clients, as a tool for advertisement earnings, it would do that as well, for the purpose of getting its Children to meet with wealthy people and thereby secure its connections and climb some social ladder as such. I have been doing the warnings on their need to tear down my Bookshop on account they saw me in private security Industry and were wrecking my finances to ensure I got to protect them because they worked on TV and were very important, for 7 years and I have not had a days break from their need to spend my social lives on themselves while getting me caught up with criminals that will spend my personal space to make money and when I pushed back previous victims spent all I had as the media had built a presence for them to do so by. The real state of affairs on the abuses and insults I had to tolerate as well, was that I am just very tired from a process of handling all these matters while building up the Bookshop, so that I might have the means to draw attention to the matter and avoid taking any out of order drastic steps to survive but the problem remains that they were determined to see it through instead of stop it as well for their part. Tackling them would mean I had to take into considering the afore mentioned point of a need to wreck my career and collect incentives from client engagement to make their own money by and take me down on behalf of the wealthy people I had offended to secure connections for themselves and their children but I will also need to consider the legal position of the firms that employ them as compared to the one I own as well, goes without saying that it will end very badly and I will get away with it. If I were to consider the popularity fools and their daddies running me down when it had not yet become a war on their self-expression which always tended to occur at other peoples expense, in terms of the Media insults however, it was a matter of whether they wanted to test their theory that I am vulnerable to them in 24 hours or see that they stopped making comments about my career, if sticking to the facts while they did added up to some PR I was not paying for. On the ground they claim I wrecked their business interests but we all know it is not the one that people engaged in from 8.00am to 6.00pm every day, it was the one that had to do with ageist goons who worked out how to plug the issues that caused them to lose personal finances by trashing the career of a younger person with industry on their minds, below which was the insolence and gimmicks of society idiots building communities that finger peoples bottoms and below that was the part they loved to run me down with i.e. the criminals with ideas on how to use my personal life such that when I pushed back, their previous victims spent all I had secured from their gimmicks up to that point – overall I do get it under control everyday but the Media and celebrities always ensured they made a mess of it to run me down with matters occurring at the fringes of civil living, ensuring I was vulnerable to the bum fingering insults that wreck everything else including my personal life, so this was the main problem, cannot get public control issues handled because they did this every day, so we are pushing on to the part where even though I felt tired, they did it to often I would need to push myself due to sheer anger and they would have made mistakes too for doing it so often – this is the real state of affairs, not what their famously stupid big mouths have suggested was the world we lived in.

Eventually it claims that it fights my wars and we have already done the part where I had no enemies but could not have enough of their stupidities doing it and perhaps someday I may appreciate the fact that they did, we are progressing towards the part where I will find them a toy, something they can engage with uncontrollably, leave cracked up out of my league popularity idiots and their fathers, the German influence which meant what they stole did not exist, suggesting I am weak and lazy, to play forever and lose everything that mattered to them thereof. Always the need to suggest the problem was more a matter of claims I had defeated an enemy that I never had at all times and it is such a waste to of my time to couple with the audacious part of their stupidities that involved some form of personal contact that concerned seeing me without my clothes on, handling my Royal Estate and my wealth equity public life. They do claim I had no control and it is utter rubbish – just people leaving their personal and social lives to enforce the will of famous idiots in this place, earning consequences where I got to spend it on the damage – the new one was the German influence led fools with ideas about what they stole from others having not existed, eventually building up to a sense of entitlement that suggests I am a weak coward which Celebrities got to make the most of. The main point of their gimmick is to spend my personal and social lives on themselves while exchanging with me the one that they own which was a consequence of their personal decisions, having found that it might be difficult to live out the existence of a morally upstanding coward who did not have to fight anybody over money, they have resorted to extreme measures. Some people have suggested that this is all being done needlessly and yes it is – the original problem is that they had been fighting my battles, although that meant a society git would be able to echo such a sentiment and pick up my social life to demand following from younger people for violence purposes, I am far more interested in the idea that if they did enough times, they might end up in a situation where I got to appreciate it, at present, not enough had died yet – fuck the society, we need more money and it can tell and plan something stupidly on what I am capable of.

I. Uno I

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