I am always happy to welcome visits from old and new friends, possible allies and fans. Always been aware some will likely think of themselves not as customers of my work but also them who share it and my Property with the world and also bearing in mind an ever present hatred of faith and religion what others will do with that - transpiring thus to the fact the need to steal causes some the wishes to be able to work my renaissance around the world, that it might be possible to turn up on International media to throw into the air task questions on a misconception I can do nothing about my work, words or name being trifled with. 

Please it is my pleasure to have you; have a look at the Books and Holdings Company Pages, find which piques your interests and to keep up with the latest developments.



 Talk on public media of company books making no sense and more so by Politicians who have evidently made suppositions that deviance more so practiced by them as a form of social operation is something a Christian wants to have conversations with or that having conversations with it is good for a Christian, is very well understood; the tendency thereof I should declare an observation, is to read these books by lending from those who have bought a copy of their own and read it without reading the title or sub title, as expressed, of which nobody knows who on earth would do such a thing to themselves. 

Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and a certain American Citizen but very large American media Literarily wish what I term a responsibility to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and this problem has now actualised a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility and more so acknowledgement as a matter of what does not belong to them with it as well. Of course there is no shred of truth whatsoever regarding a suggestion that I want people all over the world, especially the Western World and the Capitalist Nature of its economies and even People at the Literary Empire and its various Trust systems to be tense and uncomfortable around me. The truth and reality is simply that these stories are invented by embattled usurpers and I have to protect each and every piece of my work from them because they can act several times a day relentlessly and for this have their media as well, thereof as I have to protect myself and my person as well; so I do suppose one way people can avoid creating tensions for themselves in a general sense a suggestion on my part, is to tell them to do their usurping and maybe the media madness as well or perhaps the fame seeking destruction somewhere else: Of course it is the case that if One were to deploy all the publicity that Women who have taken advantage of  his work or worked equities of Public work and Royal Office and Estate without the books bought to His advantage, there would be a lot of global stage success applicable to the Company but it should also be seen that no such thing will be done on the whim of foolish little men that feel like controlling women by making sure their relationships with others is available to all in any way they can along with their girls , while setting out to marry and control them, knowing that these Women will build up feminism on one hand and that on the other doing so would mean they get to share them with others as such but will never the less do nothing to deter such man none the less. This and the deployment of One's Royal Property and public work to create products for people of all kinds and especially people with problems or illnesses which of course one does approve provided it is done through brokerage and book purchased on an earlier or later date, which some feel they should do without buying the products thereof in order to gather up people at a later date as fans to fight him in order to keep his work and property as their own permanently, is what this Company helps HH to get to grips with and Control. 

So far on a Personal note the Business of the Company under the leadership of HH has now reached a stage where Politicians cease to think of one and other very important matters as issues and persons to be played around or trifled with for pleasure right up to the International world and its communities - what seems to occur after that it apparently that there are journalists or media operatives and Local Athletes that have not gotten the same treatment too and therefore behave in ways that suggest they should have in a manner of speaking; hence unless it is a matter of neighbourhood riffraff given opportunities to play their sordid games using media which amounts to nothing it is never a collection of activity to engage in for the most part whatever the reason: Of course the so called Democrats and so called Republicans and so called Rebels are enemies of One's Personal finances - current methods of dealing with them and their media which tend to mean they are the bosses of me works extremely well and effectively but there needs to be more consequences following any occasion where they handle my person or feelings or possession for Property Equity and finance thereof to break even at the Firm.



 Apart from the many reasons people have to hate and the many things they do with a notion nobody is keeping track of their development towards civil harm and destruction, One is aware people believe what is done by this Company and his person is difficult to follow or use or handle - the reality is rather the opposite; there is nothing to handle about anything, itís a requirement of a simple 100% support for HH and the Company for those who need the services and the Products and nothing else - there may be challenges but that is up to Company and its management and the CEO, hence it is fair to see and assume that 100% support will involve financial support too. Reality facts being that ordinary civilians cannot handle the criminals each time they want to discuss Equities and Securities and Intellectual Property Administration but the Company is owned by a Royal Prince and if Criminals handle it they are simply asking for Law enforcement involvement in their business - This is the current understanding between the Empire and Criminals all over the world; so that they have time to think about it or not they want to continue with a life of crime and one has the time to think about other more complex matters like diplomacy and Economy which are the two most outstanding currently.  

 RE: HH Arch Prince I. Uno I at the United Kingdom Government Department - on behalf of the Firm