I am informed naturally of what I already knew, of Celebrity campaign to get the Monarchy making me serve them instead of setting me out on an important pedestal I could never make sense of it myself anyway, I do know however that our careers do not meet anywhere but have warned them enough about recently exploring information about how they made their money too, which implies that it is about to meet badly. So, the setting is that it is not a matter of being hungry, just a matter of the fact that famous people were not and it did not suit them, while it continues to pretend it can tell absolutely everything I am capable of. The point of call being that I had a wealth equity public life and they needed to stop interfering with it, try to avoid all they are doing to make a mess of public interest in the Books, backdrop is that it does not pay off leaving the main decisions in the hands of the public as I have ended up in a situation where my hands are tied because they are not reading the Books, concerning the issues I am meant to handle around my Office and the Bookshop, although the subject matter remained that people did not wish to be reminded of the importance of getting a career because they were far more interested in picking up my earnings by raising a point about my Office when I am writing and about my writing when I am working the Office, so I am still going to work it in a way that caused a good degree of pain. The question being that a certain thing annoys me so much about what Celebrities were doing but then again, I am certain they are not working from behind the scenes on applicable matters, chiefly which is that it has eventually built up to a process where the daughter of the Duke of York marries an Italian Tycoon and they has to own me as well in the process, up to the stage where they were a step away from world war three, never mind damage done to my studies and finances, which can easily stop if they cease to interfere with my Bookshop, seeing that they were the only group complaining about a so called disgraceful way that I lived, their insults knowing no limits as usual.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland