There is talk of autocratic democracy everywhere these days but it is an old story where we have become a trained world when it comes to young people thinking the most important thing to spend their time on is to abuse those in positions of leadership while the old fools who teach them such things never spend time on the jobs that they have. So, it has become a matter of what they all know and the measure by which they deal for other people, presuming they know as much as they brag about knowing that is all together. Itís the case of thinking that when they have media they can do with people on the way to law Courts and undo with them on what becomes of the proceedings, that if I write something and patent it and send the file to 50 persons on the internet, it will be patented when a group of foolish journalists decide that it should be, hence going into an Office to spend time on a livelihood is now on them. The way that it works in the end is simply that when people come to this website, what they see is somebody who has set out a certain holding from his Estate to perform a particular task and that everybody in the City of London know he is the person that does this job but what media have done for me is set out a publicity that means they have exclusive rights to play with the job and the public image mock me and have fun and make advertisement to sell things and because the Politicians have spent money on it so that nobody can tell them they are bloody idiots, they have come to become rather very convinced they have earned a right to tell other people how to exist.

I am usually asked if I think that the all wise and all-knowing demeanour serves me which it doesnít but is a process of dealing constantly with superior fools whose idea of stepping out of their door is to walk around the streets blabbing of somebody doing their stuff Ė so what becomes of us all is a process where I own shares in the Company his Dad owns shares as well and what we then do with the effects of his behaviour while he tells us that it can be necessary depending on the situation, in order to ensure he is not paying the price for it. So that when a person does drop out of University and ends up with a need to wait for them at the jobs market it gets really indeed; I have this work of looking after market margins and the problems associated with it being that the fact somebody has a history of provoking me is not to say he is not about to spend millions of his money on a Car making Company that my Estate shares a Creative and Functional Aesthetic Asset with Ė do I want to see the money move elsewhere or head off to the competition? I would like to see them cease showing up around the Books to deny me a basic income platform doing the most stupid things that they seem to wish to make into important aspects of living by popularity culture all the time.

I am not in any difficulty as such; only the insults of the media now reaching a point where it happens so often a bullying and so frequently that it has become a way of life, with results such as a means by which something a on my head and down my throat and into my tummy churns my Digestive track and makes a mess of me any time they wish and of course it did start of innocently enough with poking stupid confusing questions at George W. Bush in 2001 long before the fall of the Twin Towers as such, concerning the character that will be used to clean up the effects of the wars that were about to happen and the questions that were to be thrown up into the air to ask him for the rest of his life to that effect. During Mr Bushís time it was common for Politicians to pay attention to their needs and make out the victims were at fault, I am not in trouble when that has changed in unprecedented ways. We hear them pirate my work to blab about peace not being just the absence of war suggestive of me being stupid with that big mouth community croons that gives birth to most of the criminals in the Negro communities but includes the equality and dignity stuff that every idiot who knows it all about life but cannot exist without shutting down other people own and thinks their skin colour gives them the right to address me would do but so are we aware Obama did spend 8 years at the US Oval Office talking about my life and how they were going to copy it in order to exist, concerning which my Books were savaged by him to allow them maintain a certain civil rights money loving superiority of dumb students that did well in school Ė thus no probability in their view that if it continues, the fact he had already wrecked my academic work so he might become the most important black man in the world if he got elected will never play into it and cause them to end up with something to complain about. I do get told my activities are an assault on the media naturally, which is good that they can recognise too as it were: I want to run this Bookshop in a way which allows me to live with the insanity of violent money loving civil rights goons running wild all over the place and I am certain that their Media jobs can allow me do that, otherwise it has rather become obvious I have issued enough warning on the matter - it is usually all in the Industrial Espionage which means that putting information to culture and society to run a Book sale business means the information gets taken up by a handful of idiots who have a future on Media to explore but that said it should be possible to run the business without thinking too much of the activities of violent money loving civil rights goons, to a point where you have to respond to it and become distracted at the Office. They do claim I do not look the part of the Christian I claim to be but itís an old case where they have never before gotten involved with other peopleís concerns according to the rules and have never before stopped mocking those who have ended up with some form of bowel illness because of it - they have never once dressed properly at Church. At some stages it looks like permissive and selective genocide and these are the points where I shut down their own too Ė they do claim itís a cry over spilled milk and we will see what will become of the celebrity and popular culture when I am making money from it to finance my studies and doing it in a way that will afford me enough time to complete the degree. I do get told I listen to closely to what other people say but itís a simple case of a process where it picks up my work via Industrial Espionage to play with itself over future on the Media and then whenever anything it had set out to do for the day does not work, I get the hard end and it will involve picking out pieces of my Books and making a mess of it on Media to tell me I was in a Team and let the Team down and he had to do what he had to do and leave me behind for my indolence - their excuse is usually that they have told me to move on and become a star that I think I am after all and nothing actually works that way all together as it were, it was rather a simple process where if it is not a Library environment I am definitely not asking people to read Books and if it is not a Library Environment where people buy Books they read, I am definitely not running a Bookshop; these goons on Media and Fame Industry are thus the ones that are being tested now, having been that jobs on Media which mean I am not allowed to breathe got serious.

So they speak of these lessons I learn from them as a result of my behaviour all the time and it makes me so annoyed as the only lesson there is to learn is the true extent of the stupidities of Men and their foolish girls Ė the problem here has always been that I have decided to share with the world the processes by which I get around the stupid things associated with ignorance and violence which are happening around me and so the reason it has become a struggle just to set out that my Books are a sale item is because these idiots are killing the goose that laid the golden egg feeling fabulous and making fun out of it too. They strike my Bum obviously when they want to complain about being dispossessed and the girls are allowed naturally until the path they have chosen is beautiful enough for their stupidities to sell a self to evil people and complain about sexual abuse later. I do not think it is a crisis, I just donít remember signing a contract that allows others to make use of how my Books have affected the world and other peopleís lives, when we all know itís the only thing that draws enough interest from them to allow them pay for it all together Ė they have told me these derivatives are really big and I am wondering if it is their property as well all together. So they have not worked out yet how to run their lives without causing other peopleís own to come to a stop and we see that they are obsessed with the practical jokes we hear them complain about because they need to have people they can bully in order to enjoy the things those who are more successful than they are enjoy etc and the problem is that they cannot stop handling the derivatives of my Books and so when they claim I have been learning lessons it is incredibly annoying as it becomes even more obvious that they have no respect for what I do and the only way to make the understand will have been a case where I handle their salary as well, especially for the Media. So, having written my Books, have I regretted writing them? Of course not, I have always wanted to play the gimmicks as well, where they are the gods of money and cannot tell the simple truth without it, where others are supposed to be the gods of family as well, enticing them with some sex and food to get money off them too Ė I want them off my Books and want them to clear my space especially the Politicians and the Americans. They always say that it will lead to outcomes that involves families that have no food of course which is an old story about their own case being a matter of relating with people who chase your bum and make you smell like your toilet on the way to work every day by means of 2 warnings and a slap otherwise they will never understand; so I like to think that the way I handle it is best all together and as for disrespecting them, I have no recollection of it, I can only remember the need to move into my right hand and end up communicating to me that somebody else is celebrity and they want to be celebrities to me among other nonsense I have to tolerate especially from their physically abusive private security industry fools as well, the result of which was that I dropped out of University and became determined to cut the popular culture to shreds or use it to solve my money problems, not their way but the way it should have been solved through what happens to be the normal means. They like to say I blame others for my problems of course and itís an old story - if they do not cling to my Book derivatives and keep an eye on my Estate income margins, there would be certainty that it is not their fault, what they are doing rather apparently is selling their own products as stupidly as possible while expecting there should be no consequences, clinging to my Public image as well. As for a nobody who thinks he is a Prince case they mention all the time, I needed to make a statement about their insults and abuses and the need they have to determine other peopleís personal finances and now that they are sore all over as well, it seems they are about to make another collection of decisions for me when I want to make some money - I really needed to prove I could use my last £20 as leverage against Multinational Companies if they handled my property without consent or permission because they have not found a way to get by without abusing others or making use of peopleís lives in a way that causes it to come to a stop, just so they can run their own - I need to prove it as a nobody. They tell me itís the violent processes of dispossessing people that causes Terrorism and it has always been an old tale of the fact on walking out of my door, seeing other people means seeing somebody that is an adult and has to provide for themselves, plus the fact that their personal ideologies come with good bits and bad bits and will always involve an aspect that causes them to do a lot of work that they are not being paid to do but when people see me, my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives, there is a problem with my thought process and then the violent gossips will ensue and allow them strike my anus at will and then it can be used to take my career from me if somebody else is bigger than I am and it becomes so difficult to tell what the problem these idiots have really is all together but now I am being told violent processes of dispossessing people such as making their society queer and planning to sell it for a living if they get on our nerves, never mind tearing up the jobs a road users ganging up on people and talking rubbish on media after every day, so find out if they can beat up anything when I am finished, I suppose we have come full circle all together as it were Ė itís all harassment and a matter of what their eyes have caused them to desire and in this case itís my sexy body and it hurts the whole time Ė thus I am rather perfectly aware that violent processes of dispossessing people leads to terrorism, keeping their fingers off my bum would be a good start towards ending their problem. I do not think that it is an issue - there are fun bits of their insanity and there are serious bits; they want somebody who knows what they need to know so they can hunt down such a person and trap them somewhere to extract secrets for greatness from, I want them to acknowledge that my religion does not mean they have a right to stop me from keeping my job and career. Presently they are on the spending time with Local neighbourhood goons that will beat me up while they cling to my work and public image civil rights money loving abuses and I am on the bit about how that is not their part of society all together and how the females will do the violence by themselves like their big mouths suggest, when I have a family, I will have children to look after and it will become a matter of the more gritty stuff all together, it is what they are for as far back as I can remember it (Itís the same problem that has always existed - I find myself being said to have sexual fantasies about peoples wives at random and then the media husbands have rights over my property and love to have conversations with others over me while excluding me and soon it gets violent in a way that has to do with my tummy and my Court is free for all, soon enough we find they want to put some money aside somewhere while nobody is looking for a Blitz Screen).

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