Now there is talk of the struggle for power and many who think that my refusal to put my life on the line for others will eventually lead to a process where they ensure my life is threatened as well, hence either way I am done for because they want my income for themselves. The struggle for power is now a new matter either, two things emerged from the last occasion when it became a real issue and one of those was that Christians always hope to batter others with their criticism until it improves people’s lives then set about selling it but before then it is left and right mess you up and keep you that way in an organised and socially violent way without reason or provocation to move into the right hand and be where power is, the other was people being terrified of the guy who does not have a car due to the fact that having one with an engine that can rev means that one cannot walk down the streets at all on account they want to peddle his personality and make riches and fame thereof. So, the new ones must have a lot to do with people wanting to harm themselves it should assumed - naturally of which it is to be considered what they say 1) I bully him because I am superior to him and not because there are more of me than there are of him 2) the fact he is in my Country is the source of the provocation. Both these two matters which mean that their Country being a good place to live in is not a satisfactory turn of events for them until that changes for the worst, considering the only way to live here would be to make it into an African Country regardless of how long that takes and how much they love to provoke people and get politicians to stifle finances in order to spend years showing they cannot enforce anything of the nonsense they talk about but have a tendency to get violent. 3) Their insults are carried out on grounds that they have their boys in their neighbourhoods and groups who can take care of any problem that comes meaning that their insults can only always end in GBH or Murder and that there is no real reason for letting them get used to it, like they pretend they are at present. 4) They say it is something about my involvement with the Royal Family, but the Royal family games aside have nobody there that is a relative of theirs nor is the Royal Family getting involved with them in anyway on one hand while on the other this is my life and I live in it while they do not. Hence fair to observe these games these fools play do continue right up to the part where they will turn Islamic extremists into people who want my blood, reality of that of which is more concerned with the fact I do not want to sit with an Islamic extremist to drink, eat or even chat, when I see one on the streets I want to avoid them not dress like them or mock them or be like them and if they approach me I am likely to treat them like social outcasts because that is what they have chosen to make themselves in order to feel comfortable with what they believe - hence nobody knows what these fools are afraid of and why they think somebody should always seek to kill me when they are the ones provoking those people. Reality on the ground is that old game we have already been through and the things they cannot enforce with it even when they have International media at this disposal - It is never okay for them to have the last word and it is important they cease to and get lost. One is not necessarily that much of a plaything and by the way of which with their City connections to add to the media have been unable to stop the actions of somebody whose bank balance might read £20 or less at any point in time, hence resorted to vandalism to keep up appearances of their superiority which will not be tolerated for any much longer, expressing what the racism is about and the facts they need to take into account that one knows what they are after and why the racism does not just happen to anybody more so who does not have something they desire - it is better still if they stay away, shut up, keep and save their insults for a better day, not turn up to provoke and have the last word, tell politicians to stifle finances when they provoke in order to get a reaction which has consistently led to outcomes they can do nothing about and left them responsibilities they cannot enforce and just get lost. Then of course this is always the stage where they claim I say such things then claim to be more courageous than those who put their lives on the line - of which the reality is that when they see a Christian they immediately assume he wants to get around with them and do all kinds of perverted things: outcome of that is realising that the chances of getting hurt if seen outside of your home by 12pm every day, clubbing or doing something else that is completely pointless and leads to power  is greatly increased and worse still if you are not the Christian that does not provoke people all the time. Hence making the point for the extremists who kill people because they are evil since we all know that the problem is concerned with how you pray three times a day and it makes you a better and content person who is happy with the life you have got only for somebody to start a new evil habit that he will ensure gets to take that away from you when you are forced to share and the reason is that the life you have should have been their own because they want to get hold of it, take it and control it or destroy it if they wanted to - nobody knows then why they always feel Islamic extremists should kill me when they go off to provoke them but we do know that we hear that big mouth wagging and an inability to stay off my book sales all of the time.  One does not think these are serious matters, they have come through as a result of questions concerning where I stand on certain matters like a problem I have created for myself for example which I didn’t as what happened was when I came across a ragged tagged goon who tells me to dance for him as violently as he can without reason and I imagined if he had children then I have got threats to my personal safety and wellbeing, only for politicians to enforce his will by making sure he is able to dominate me first before I get an education or finish the one I am currently studying and hence set about wrecking everything to give criminals and trouble makers the upper hand making excuses ranging from how my activities deplete the confidence of MPs who need to have their confidence to serve the Country, right down to how it happened because one refused to give up his life for them to live with a big mouth - stuff we have to hear in public all the time. So these are the results and in the end it boils down to peoples whores anyway and why they think freedom to do as you please cannot exist unless they can do whatever they like and more so with people such as myself and the black ones who think they can abuse and curse me and insult me and their community idiots can imitate and mock and abuse me every day over every single thing I do without reason on grounds they have seen something they want to spend and think only they have the capacity to hate i.e. when I say this is not the 1990s but of course we all know Americans claims to have solved this problem but it would and will never satisfy me that they did, when in actual fact what they did was throw bombs into Iraq and gave them the means to run around International Communities and the third world abusing me and doing so at my expense as much as they possibly can; so Americans will get a piece of me on that matter again as it were, provided they continued to say so.

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