Hence, they say I am an opinionated fool but we all know that I am talking from my own rights while people are issuing threats at me talking from my rights as well with that big mouth they have got, which is why we are where we are now in the first place. It was always so easy that I saw somebody who had no time because they are taken by work and found a nice way to help them resolve a problem I noticed they were not paying attention to for some money but obviously cannot since another person is making use of my public image and personal space that clearly is the one he was born with and grew up with and went to school with and had childhood friends by as it were, looking for cheap easy ways and a whole lot of trouble to leave behind for me and issuing threats at me as well all the time. We are set to find out if they really are as good as these threats by the beginning of September 2017 too when I will tolerate no more of it, since they do not really have to get after my personal finances but tend to do it because they are evil anyway and will therefore lose everything that appeared to be a benefit of getting involved with my concerns as a result, so that this matter can be settled for good Ė should they fail to find themselves a way of making money that is civil enough to let me breathe as well, then we will find out if I am bluffing or not too, expressing all their case on structures I built to run a livelihood with all day long all of the time. I mean they know as well as everybody else does that if I want my public image I will take it back any time I see fit and that there is no way that they can keep it for themselves that like big mouth suggests; but itís always been an old case of surprises we see in this world Ė it will complain about the Monarchy confiscating its public image while it does not think the Christian has a right to tell him not to develop evil aspects of a faith to sell onto business idiots he wants to make connections with as a sort of prerogative of power, doing so of which he thinks is one of his fucking rights but the complain about the monarchy confiscating its stupid Public image of which is another story all together; we are looking at whether it is the same deal as a process where they work out ways of pushing me out of my studies to get me stuck somewhere they can take over a Public image I am being made to give up and place it on the left hand side to get rich and feel good about life by and so come up with all these lies and accusations every day to try and keep it, such as claims I wreck peoples celebrity business, claims I encumber peoples media and political fame and so on and itís the drip, drip, drip insults everyday over a Public image that does not actually exist in their own lives as though they can keep it from the owner all the time, talking nonsense about the Monarchy confiscating their own. We hear that talk that what I say has been claimed by somebody else of course and itís the old question of who is actually claiming it, since I can always set about making arrangements to have an Office on another part of that stupid culture and society that gets to their heads all together as well: I mean when I tell them I do not like people moving into my right hand, it was supposed to have been the easier bit of this whole thing Ė the first time I got away with it was when I cut to pieces that culture and society and did not get killed for doing so, now we are dealing with another case where a process that involves me robbing somebody of the benefits that being a citizen of the Country allows to have, in order to get about making industry connections and getting about with rich people, which I have never been seen doing, is being raised and have no idea what could have brought on such behaviour all together. I mean I have said it and if people have heard me say it that was my bad, but a record is obviously being kept here in a patented environment anyway.


Now they say I wish and want to have journalism controlled whereas the reality is more a case of the fact that I want them out of my hair and out of my concerns, I want to control all necessary aspects of my own Publicity especially as concerning my career. We are now living in a condition where it is said that I am sick in the mind and this is a bad thing whereas the reality is more a matter of the fact that with the help of Media I do not actually have a time gap between when I write and when I run other concerns I have Ė I mean it is something so simple for people to let me have but each time they take it away with see all flavours of hurtful and abusive behaviour they could possibly exhibit as diverse as their communities with it, like it was some sort of right that they had. So I have made the whole process of showing up in public places to be a celebrity or a Journalist into something of a depressing thought they say but we all know they started it years ago, right from the time when they needed to ensure I was not saying a word of the gospel anywhere and that I was stuck somewhere until the whole idea of the sense that there is always something I should be doing became my mindset, knowing that they had racism in their society and it got worse and worse until I dropped out of University, which is where their problem began. So at this point we have Popularity culture bemoaning their culture and society, Media complaining about the very thought of their work being a depressing one and Politicians being near a state of regurgitation when election is mentioned and now they know what it feel like to smell and taste evil in all day long as wicked people that have been separated from mainstream living and denied attention for their evil swoon in on the best on your career due to other peopleís public place disobedience, happening because others will not allow you any mobility until they got what they wanted which reason is obviously a holy and pure one, so that the wickedness around you might develop a routine, mocking you as though absolutely nobody out there is aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it. Perhaps they will think of the consequences and stop having a go at me someday, but this is clearly not such a day. I am aware there is this need to make me get along with Celebrities but it is not what I wish to do Ė what I wish to do is take my life back; the most that happened outside of my control normally used to be a case where a white guy works for a security Industry and has been working for some wealthy people and some things have been happening and somebody has been making a song about it by making a show of my Public image but people were having fun Ė since last these guys noticed there was money involved in it, the entire world has borne witness to their insanity at my expense and most of the friends that had been chosen for me when I got my Estate afresh do not appear on Public places or the limelight anymore these days, some of them cannot heal even after they have stayed outside of the limelight all together still; I have no plans to get along with celebrities, I need to get rid of them all. Now we hear them become a bit more forth coming Ė stories of me telling everybody how bad the world is while I have little respect for those who work and spend a fortune to change it, stories of what I say being different from what I can do but we all know that as it stands, I am the one giving people the revolution they actually want and beating them down right up to Climate and environment issues along with it too, so what we are about to find out is what will become of it too when the next 48 Hour deadline runs out and they have not found another way to make money save getting out of their homes to find some publicity that helps them grab a piece of my Empire while talking nonsense at me about their millionaires; I do give thought to it myself and the reality is still that the reason it occurs is due to total and utter disrespect. They speak of not standing a chance on my part but we all know itís a great old story about my tummy and I do not think there is a person on this planet that can work out why they are usually so insulting knowing that they will spend all their time cheating as well. I mean these goons and their money mad millionaires money madness have not yet worked out that the reasons they hate my guts so much is because of the fall out concerning the fact I am the one that is giving people the revolution that people want, while they brought the issue up some time ago and has since completely failed at it all together, what they think they are about to do it get the better of me in terms of a higher calling, like it is an easy feat spending years and years of oneís time letting them get to find out a Business is not operating under their canopy of whatever gets to their heads, now I am frequently being threatened because they believe their stupid lies to have reached a point where the Public general is made to think otherwise and so it become impossible to live an existence that comes to a standstill on account these goons are used to getting such things off their wives, while I hope that one day they will millionaires and billionaires buy a book here and stop trying to be me. The case is usually made that I do not let sleeping dogs lie and I could never get my head around it anyway when the problem is still that all day long they chase my chest and anus without which they cannot have an ethnic minority and the reason is that they know I am afraid of them because they are bigger than I am and such a fact will be the answer for all their financial problems. So, I will be out there working a network with celebrities and journalists and Politicians that are interested in my work and the whole thing will become increasingly intrusive and increasingly violent, getting involved to bottom out my finances and build attention towards their ethnic minority superiority issues. I mean they are striking an Arch Princeís Bottom while complaining that I do not let sleeping dogs lie and that they feel as though they are at war all the time; even as I mention it, what has come forth from doing so is that everything they planned for the day has been wasted. It feeds into that idea that I am carrying out activities which are a threat to the security of Women and Children which is not really in agreement with the fact I do not need the disposition that has emerged from the fact that when I work with peers on racism, these goons attack us because those peers are white, when the peers detach from me because they think it makes me soft and unable to make difficult decisions on account of the onslaught, we all get attacked because I am complicit with white wickedness and it keeps adding on and adding on everyday very sickeningly Ė so that what the women have come to think of it is that when they see nice black people they become superior yardy who deserve the same deal as racists, so they are starting to see some they really cannot bully come in from Africa and the US along with some that are as trouble making as they are, so we are not dealing with abusive talkative yardies that much these days anymore all together. However, for the letting sleeping dogs lie story, I am a Prince and we always spend time being brave and keeping up an appearance for the Country basically, so the society people want mine on the right and culture people want it on the left and there are those ladies getting involved because anus and penis popularity goons have been tackling them, so I do not need the same things that the disposition of women and children need. Itís the Americans that are good at making out those who have no other way of getting around with people save hurting them, actually love those they hurt; so itís sort of loving those they hurt as per better to tackle allies than come up with vision and leadership to grow an economy like we are seeing at present. I do get told my relationship with the Princess of York is full of flaws, which I can understand but not every Royal wants to be photographed by the Media, we are both recluses, she is female of the two so I tend to leave her with most of the public attention, but what people are most interested in is that when you are Royalty and your personal life plays up in public even for the person you will eventually settle down with, it should be open to media frenzy and then one might deliver speeches about dyslexia but what is most important is how Media will make good the photographs they take of her and those pictures will show up on media for no other purpose save nasty little comments they can make to feel good about themselves, knowing I do have a stronger presence on the internet than they do more so all together. For my part they say I need to do a lot of tidying up in order to come up to scratch which I really donít; what I do need to do is continue to maintain an Intellectual property administration business where I fill their heads with what I know and when I get beaten down by Politicians for it, they can spend most of their time passing messages for me i.e. the relationship I have with media and celebrities is one where they want to play with me all the time but with these local people itís about hurting me and as I mentioned earlier itís the Americans that usually have ideas about how those who have no other form of getting around save hurting me actually love me, like picking on allies to grow economy instead of come through with leadership and vision i.e. I do not need to tidy up, they need to pass messages for me. So it feeds into this case where it is said I am now all caught up and stuck dealing with violent matters which I am not; what is happening is that when I am not beaten people are happy to hang around me and simulate the whole business of bullying me by chasing my private parts and so we can see it started with stereotypes about cowards that do religion and saying that these are incredibly stupid people you can only respond to in a sensible way by dishing out punishment is never likely to make sense. I personally do not think that it is a complicated matter; itís my intellectual property administration business you see and they are ever so fond of showing up to screw around with government office stuff so that public problems can create outcomes where society and culture and criminal world fools show up to do my job and career and finances the whole time telling lies about what they think is the reasons they hate my guts on their stupid media and fashion and celebrity stuff and so on. Hence it got personal over my intellectual property administration business, such that the Celebrities will just get off and say they have never seen anything as stupid as myself and when asked what the reasons for the abusive insults are make excuses while we all know the reasons to be that they have been trying to extract money from my personal life and public image without success and have become so frustrated they have lashed out Ė thus when it does not apply I think being beaten up by gangs is a good thing I still get to mention that they think the rest of us are unaware that it was their stupidities and its anus and penis insults that got them beaten up by the gangs they met in the first place, showing up all over some story they have invented about people who do religion to talk nonsense about violent people but cannot solve any of the problems with that big mouth they have got. Itís the same reasons these things always happen i.e. they are pure evil and I know it and they know it Ė however some things are a matter of personal choice and they can keep out of getting into trouble with me if they had stopped making my own choices for me, to talk rubbish about the violent people that will back them up against those who attend Church and show up on media to express their stupidities all over my finances about it: I mean there is no real explanation for the reasons that the ethnic majority is intrusive enough to insert their own products into my market place each time I clear out the criminal and local trouble maker ethnic minority that are wrecking it bearing in mind I am ethnic minority anyway but we see it happen every day and at the end of which the scumbags have no wish to deal with racism too. The Pinnacle of this nonsense these days is Film idiots talking about other people doing a better job of what I should be doing and their pain on my account isnít hurting badly enough yet Ė same case where they are always keen to do something for Royalty who does not in any way need their assistance, so they can play out the first bit where my whole life has been spent making entertainment and now that it is they will send out the low lives that spend money on the products to make me controllable for their own profit as well and if it teases me I will definitely tear up that stupid Hollywood for them as well: so itís the same old case where they think their victims are none the wiser as their whole lives become a story of getting involved with problems that have emerged as a result of state activities involving security or state provided security, which lets the American secret service scumbags especially to set out socialite scum on my income and talk nonsense about the evil as well as the importance of women at the same time, leaving my life and career for all the scum that want to be seen in Las Vegas all of the, to talk rubbish about idiots doing a better version of what I should be doing through their foolish journalists Ė journalists who are obviously this abusive and insulting for being common journalists as it were, assuming absolutely nobody knows how they do it and therefore showing up around my concerns like an obsession. What do I do with a collection of peeping scum who cannot keep their hands of my body and private parts on account they have fears and needs and power to control what apparently is one of their mates all together Ė the part where my academics have suffered and my finances alongside it and a thriving business is unable to earn money; for now the best idea is to make them pass around some messages all the time. In the end they speak of my fatigue and the causes that have served me right as per I couldnít possibly have enough women but the reality is that I am not having any Women, having females and being a womaniser is not what I am doing: I have built a whole website about my Court and nobody is paying an ounce of attention to it whatsoever, so what we are talking about here is what has befallen people because I have been indulging them the having females and womanising bit as well, which we are talking about here again because they must have gained a little bit of reprieve. Thus what happens at Court being that when it comes into my concerns and wise all-knowing immediately goes down to where security services activities are happening, it means that the fools want popular culture goons to show up on my concerns with a statement that can allow them do whatever they please and will go straight down there and not look back from then on etc, so it is the bit I have to cut lose; otherwise itís a simple case of these women telling me they have a habit and the case being that I trust their habits better than I do that of the Politicians as a way of settling public matters, and it all plays into the claim they are taking advantage of me which is utter nonsense i.e. it was entirely expected here that if I had a Court at some point I will want to know about their Children too. I do move on the troublemakers but never making sure they all have sore bottoms; the main case is how I find everybody and keep up with what they have done with our concerns.

I. Uno I

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