I am not unaware it is said that most of what I try to provide leadership for is my fault but it is not the case really; what happens is that nothing I say and do is ever enough and then people make so many comments that are abusive and insulting that I lose everything I have accomplished for every engagement every time, then we hear them complain about not having any done – so it does reach that stage where they will be doing it and the possibility will arise where I will be making the mess too. In the end I understand it is said I am facing an uphill task managing the chieftain characters but that was an old story where people think of themselves as Dad characters for women and for Men as the case my apply and set about chasing my bottom and tummy by making a fuss over my diet, which allows them to sell my public image to celebrities, show up on media to make a mess of my career and finances all the time but if I did anything about it there would be few option left for controlling goons that read insults off a dictionary at me in order to gain their approval while using me as a tool to secure an image as a bully, so they have both security and bully status; so I only get to do anything about it when the fuss about my diet costs me my academic work and is making it difficult at the jobs and money market as well but until then people will complain and wail and gnash teeth and become gay etc; otherwise when people are not paying the Bills, they can easily a certain that the insults will be unpleasant. They however always say my very demeanour is insulting and it is not; what happens is that you get chased around for being a Christian and made a mess of until you have years of unexpressed faith which makes you look like you have talents you are not using and then the abuses can start and go on and on because there is a good reason for it – eventually their involvement with you will affect them a certain way and then it will be time for you to get beaten up and so it all adds up to incredible senselessness which you must try to clear up and explain what is going on in order to avoid being beaten up with that big mouth they have. So the reality is not just a process where they run it until it becomes a frenzy and then the smallest thing done to stop it will make them feel violence as well only, it is the fact that when you consider their thought pattern it is actually criminal and most of them with Media careers actually have criminal records acquired during their teenage years – I mean, no normal human being would respond to me having a patented popularity system where I can keep a circle of popular culture singers by making their own out of it without permission they actually do not need and I was never going to give anyway, then set out criminals that will go about enforcing their patents and rights through access they gain in the private security industry; there is nothing normal about a mind that responds to other people’s excellence in such ways, it is wholly criminal. So, the question of bringing these things on myself is an old one where I might be expecting to earn a living from mid-sized and small companies which will never happen when the big ones and multinationals expect some form of team work from me but as I said, the reasons for involvement with them is because they have criminal minds and nothing they do fails to align with the need to be famous and rich without actually working for it, which is safest way of building a criminal empire without getting into trouble with the law. They do say I think I can just use them and get rid of them but that started with an obsessed for wrecking my finances to ensure I end up in the same part of society as they do, so they might maintain access and a pleasure of it no matter what the cost was and yet they do not actually like me as a person at all; so it’s the stopping me when it comes to filling their heads with information they can run around spreading to make me feel good we are talking about here i.e. do not move into my right hand story leading to outcomes where I move into theirs and use them to smithereens – now it is obvious that even when I do not know how to get rid of them they will show me as there is no other place to learn these things we are not taught at Church from mostly – the advice is still the same as ever i.e. they shelf the insults unless they are paying my fucking bills and I would fancy it much if those clowns they have in Parliament were replaced by real Politicians instead of blaming the Monarchy all the time over me when it is their insults that cause people at the Monarchy to react the way we see them do: the Queen is keeping herself from being influenced by foreign powers and we all know every mess made in this Country and around its image overseas, is made by them thereof. It does not in any way mean I do not fancy small and Medium sized businesses, I mean even if I were not trading with them and they had no value to me, their very existence and their place at my Industrial Domain at the Estate would still serve to tell me much about what is happening at the National Trading standard and its situation, so I need them but as part of a civil way of life and not some real all out business and trading activity; through which I will facilitate the processes of a real work court with female Journalists and not some people who love to play gimmicks with my feelings like we have at present and cannot even accord me a follow on social media when their profile is not being used for personal and family stuff, so I might get a job done - allowing these foolish men to sit about in Public places refusing to roll back the senselessness built all over my life and public image and Book sales service to talk rubbish about how powerful the devil is and expect regular slip up where I get to do things for them until it adds up to something for some incredibly stupid reason that has not gotten serious to them yet since they cannot play up their gimmicks with their own personal finances. So, they say I will not be satisfied with anything but it is an example of people who are better human beings making use of me when they find out what it takes – what it takes to make me and maintain it, what it takes for me to be me. So on this particular matter, they always say taking on the men means I become a toy for women and play into their feminism but it works for me, the way my Estate and its personal finances operate is fundamentally tied to Women running my public image and allowing people access to me where I would not necessarily have given the access but is safe because we have an arrangement and this is the bit that applies to celebrities and dignitaries – the State Provided security was based on surveillance and now people are done playing their games with private security industries I want it back and will never stop burning their own until I have it back – what I do with it includes getting myself entangled with crime leads which security processes is deployed to look after Celebrity peers tied to me or left in my Court by other people at the Monarchy who may have picked them up as a result of mobility matters; so it’s not as simple as spy on people and become what you want to be, we can see the incredible levels of damage done around this matter alone, about which I am the one complaining of hurting bottoms and criminal mobility the last time we checked. In retrospect It has always been very simple and it would be nice when goons who appoint themselves and talk nonsense about those whose influences would have scared me into behaving differently so somebody that is more worthy might be rich and important if I were living in Africa are past it now with their insults talking nonsense about which ones I will not be selling as it is now over for them telling people what to do with a whole existence somewhere else where their mates will appreciate it better and stop making their stupid skin colour into a curse for me, get off to it. We do not know of a point at which these behaviour have not courted consequences - so it has always been clear they are not propelled to do it by the forces of social and cultural change as claimed but knowing I am likely to be vulnerable to stupid girls and Celebrities who want to address me and call to their security guards when I react to them, set out to ensure I am vulnerable and bullied, blabbing all sorts of foolish threats when I mention cults and gang and criminal issues as well. Now they say I am not aware I am a hated person and speak of how I provoke people by making them feel as though they are in a state of war but they have also built me a reputation for smelling badly which happens largely because all day long my main problem is dealing with the insults of women and girls playing with my feelings on the streets, which I am completely tired and fed up with but they do not think they need to stop because they have big boys to back them up, complaining because of a tendency I have to take the big boys from them and have them beaten up seriously to put an end to it; it’s that old question where one gets to put people on a scale of stupidities from 1 to 10 etc. I do not chase their finances especially that of the men because it is a sinful way of approaching an existence but we can all see that it has backup and the only thing it knows is its well-groomed queer face showing up on media to build me reputation that will detach me from my Estate income margins so it can go from putting stupid girls all over aspects of my personality that concern me going to the bank to withdraw some money to me having some products to sell and keep it for itself, meaning I am not just left wondering what will become of that stupid backup which can only affect me if it fucks their arse first as it were but we all know it will never listen when I tell it the comments are unacceptable and they need to stop playing stupid games with me that I can only respond to by dishing out punishment, to issue those fools threats on media all day long; I might be a hate figure so is it also possible I am completely fed up with it too. the grown-ups love to tell me to check my privileges as though there is a law that says moral people do not have a right to their jobs and careers while their stupid community croons attack me to maintain the image of their sale army insulting millionaires I wonder why people never stop from getting rich before they realise it is too late all together – except they do not fancy me spending time with women so they can really get to spend their own time checking it for me too, never stops being so insulting, cannot work out what is really wrong with them, except I put it on a scale of stupidities. The Politicians will be the ones whose fans and children have gotten accustomed to waiting somewhere to discipline me and tell me how to exist except when they are complaining that I think they do not know what they are doing, while the reality is always that they create their own problems to keep Political jobs and others get all messed up for it because every generation at the point of inception comes with its own inbuilt problems, therefore complaining depending on the number of times you get screwed over as a result of their activities, on a scale of stupidities. As I have mentioned before I am ever so lost on what they are complaining about since they do not actually have a reason to complain about me yet; still the old case where I am expecting somebody to pay hard earned money on the Books which means it will be looked after and protected as though it was a sale item – their comments are unacceptable and they need to clear my space. We all know I can always come up with an idea to start a fight with them in which process they will get nothing at all from it, which ending will be that I will regret what the outcome has become with that big mouth of theirs I have to put up with all day long, what happens is that when I put information to culture and society to write those Books and run an intellectual property administration business – the main concerns of their local goons is to complain at a later date about being used after they had their fill picking up the information and setting off on media to please themselves, while they would know the problem of an intellectual property administration business is organised criminals and counterfeiters but show up here to play with me, ruin my books and pass around their insults making mention of a backup somewhere , while we are aware what will happen is that backup fucking their arse before I get hurt all together and it goes on endlessly with the media at the helm all day long; hated when I am completely tired of it, tired of them and tired of their stupidities, while I cannot have the peace and quiet I build at this Office for writing Books if they want conveniences in life all together. It’s all them, their lives and stupidities, has nothing to do with me save the part where they cling to my Books and look after my Estate income margins for me, I am hated because I am really tired of it and they have in turn built me a reputation for making bad smells but are still showing up around my concerns all the time. I mean one cannot even make a statement about their involvement and consign them to a publicly understood history in order to proceed with more important thing with that big mouth they have and I am being hated already; they know what causes the problems however - their comments are unacceptable and it is not okay to pretend to me, then their stupid community croon mothers can tackle me to maintain their shop managers success and millionaire playboy image from there all day long while they complain about hating me as well, loving the sound of their own insanity the whole time. It’s a very remarkably stupid people; half the time they are banding together in some strange socialism that involves people like them and of their age pillaging people’s lives to trade and get rich and keeping others out of the market as well, the other half of the time a moral and religious person does not have the right to his income which we all know is not something the Law sanctions but rather that which they have appointed themselves to do, complaining about consequences that do not exist the whole time while their foolish Politicians cling to my Books considering that it is the arrogance and insults that run the business empires that get to their heads; Hard at it all the time 'we know somebody who may want to take advantage of you to get back into favour with the Monarchy, so better when we finger your bum and you do not finger our own as well', which I do not have to considering it is sinful but their toilet will smell like their Office and their Office like their toilet on my account never the less, on a scale of stupidities. The question I get asked often is whether I carry through most of my actions because I am expecting the Government to complete it, which answer is yes; it is the Politicians that have been elected to run the Country – paying attention to the Americans will mean having no Country as they are always interested in talking about people spoon feeding them morals and religion, meaning they are only interested in making the UK into another republic, never happy with us as we are; so there is always that action and counter action which is picked up by the hordes of goons that have nothing to live for in the US; whereby something has to be done to enlighten them about the sensations of freedom that gets to their heads as well in order to build a leverage that will be used to make them uncomfortable every time they try it on. So, we have interests in the US and it looks like this, the Russian interests are usually strategic and not far reaching and the story is that we are hurting our own allies but which everybody is these days: the next main concern we usually have as a Government looking out to the world is usually the US and we can see at this stage that if we said Obama was a genius he really is one i.e. the Russians do support their own criminals as well but it’s the Obama government that has spent 8 years of its time turning all we do for the American government into a tool for these criminals while sticking us in the thick of it, meaning we have become increasingly unable to tell who is doing what – saved of course by what the Trump Government is currently doing at the moment while they have become quite used to blaming us for their problems at the same time too. I love to think of it as the second Elizabethan Era and the general idea about confusions and people turning on me at the Monarchy is that the modernisation of British defence systems is what tells it apart from all the other British eras and their influences on the world – so the last two Aircraft carriers; the small one and the Arch Royal has an influence on this world that some people think of as the systems they have built their Royal Enterprises on and the general idea people get from the abuses on media is that I am taking that from them which I am not. We now have two Aircraft Carriers and they make a statement about what we are as a Country more than anything else while the case of me having enemies because people are suffering as a result of a neglect of Royal duties is an old matter of the fact I am still the only one that does the Celebrity and popular culture managing better than everybody else and more so at Government/Royal Office too, it is the obvious reason I had decided to release money from the Estate by establishing myself an intellectual property administration business all-together, not trying to take over what influences had existed in the past and whether or not that is also reflected in Hollywood etc: the outcome of all that has been happening is that people have now gotten serious while the apparently ‘moral boring playboy’ who dropped out of University has gotten his own in order again.

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