Now they say people like me know nothing of the way Brexit will work while we support it and it makes me wonder if the government is following the Manifesto for Brexit that UKIP set out or is following their own manifesto or is following the one set out in the terms of the referendum, either way of which we must get rich and control people’s lives on Brexit Media scum and their Politicians need to understand they have a dead line for it and the rest of us are only going to get tired of waiting, become frustrated and angry and somebody will offer an answer like UKIP did and then we will make them understand it is a serious matter again. I personally could not understand it anyway; the Prime Minister is aware these goons have been at it for years since the economic crisis when they claimed establishing relations with consumers to get out of a crisis was not the latest trend but for some reason regardless of other options available to make them understand we all want to keep our jobs, especially when we are elected by the Public, for some reason they end up in the National Cabinet, while people talk rubbish at me of what I do not know of the way Brexit will work, over a decision that need me made concerning where the Government believes National interest is safest, about which in the first place they were asked to negotiate terms of Brexit not redraw everything that was the United Kingdom before the EU and after Brexit. At which juncture they love to claim I want to be out of the EU but also want in on the good aspects – utter nonsense of course as we all wars have happened over drinking water to a stage where International Community has to keep an arrangement going between the various people that live in an Area where they share the same Climate for decades and we are talking about such things here as the English Channel all together as it were, bearing in mind we share the same Climate and weather as the rest of Europe. The point here is that these Multinational scumbags who obvious got rich by being so stupid need to get their sales idiots keeping the fingers off my Bum and laying off my Royal Estate and its Bookshop products to make profits by; the one they are complaining about so far, all the way to Windrush scandal is the one where they grab my property and run off somewhere to get rich thinking they have us all over a barrel, to sit around with the money at tourist destinations passing insults at me and brining in Windrush abusive fools to show up here and make trouble until the Conservatives started their Windrush scandal at the Home Office for it as well. I mean for the part of the government, it has to decide where National interest is safest, to keep funds away from extremists, since it has concluded it is not safest with the most educated and upstanding of the members of the Public but safest with Politicians who want to add their names to a rich persons’ list – for their part the business of the Queen investing her Equities which is how what is printed on National Currency is decided, me investing mine on the Liabilities of the Currency because it is what I am good at and the National Banking system deciding how much money is running in the Pipeline, is not for them since they are multinational anyway and I have tried to explain numerous times the reality about people attending University being that it is a process of securing skills at the highest possible level, that lets them work for themselves if they did not want to sign a contract over the fact a Company had the department they will skilled in and was willing to employ; it is supposed to be a simple investment that when a government spends money over a population on such matters it can calculate and calibrate the results as it goes along. So where they say I do not understand what the main issue is or cannot see I am unable to control it, which is utter rubbish a knowing nothing about Brexit, those insults of theirs I have become very fond of; it has always contrary to the claim I am done over their stupidities expressing the bars I have pulled up over the usage of my public image and personality, been a process of controlling sad sucking bitter idiots at Industry that women have always warned me about because of their newly discovered need to target me all the time – and it will suck and it will stomp and make a mess until I lost the job and then the family as well, whilst being able to take advantage of peoples weaknesses being as nasty as possible as if that was its share in this world, does not like to deal with the problems when its tummy catches up as well; feeds into that business with popular culture where the main theme is that they would like to kill me to satisfy a whole community and it’s the reason I am always being targeted with a big mouth, sort of when I say they can give their evil cultures to journalists that want to drag me out of University over revolution and do so to target me specifically as nothing they will complain about is likely to happen, the big mouth is that any newly developed culture that is put in my face will not be put in my face so for the last time by those who own it and will therefore never see it again on my account as well all together. My Dad used to Run a University system as it were and I have always grown up with these abusive insults, apparently it led to his demise all together and it seems it runs in the family, I have ended up with the same problem going the same way a narcissistic popular culture canopies at Industry to make money off the pocket money of rich kids and give them anything they want at other people’s expense, looking for trouble. At the heart of it of course is that stupid Labour Party that lets them show up to tell me they have support at the highest levels of government all the time; the Socialists who fancy elections and love communists at the same time – I mean I do give it to them when the leaders go into government Office and simply get on with the job but sometimes these sorts of practical jokes over my finances and wellbeing needs to be addressed – so I am usually told I need to take it more seriously than I am which seriously is a matter of knowing every goon that wants my public image and personality to get rich with really comes curtesy of the world tyrants and when they no longer have a popular culture to play with I will have lost all sources of stress as well for my part; like we know it preaches wealth inequality over other people’s lives and property and gang shoots or gang fights anybody that tells people where the Celebrity overseas accounts are located when done at the end. Same as they say I support all the problems that are happening in the Middle East while we have never really heard of a Place Jews live in where the Capital was not Jerusalem all together, so now the Trump Administration has taken steps to say so as well, we know the cults in the area still want to keep some form of power over the population but when Israel is a full state and Palestine is the part that Muslims live in, Administration can be actualised, then all that blabbing all over the world about a half-baked state controlled by the international community being the best idea will be put to the test once we see what it will take to bring Hamas to the negotiating table, as the messy business itself has always been such an impetus. It’s an old story where it needs to settle up on ideas about people it hates in order to get anything done; we see that in Europe we have the same issues in Turkey where the biggest Church in Europe was converted to a Mosque and then converted to a Museum and we find people talk of it with tears in their eyes today as there are still some Muslim hardliners calling for it to be made a Mosque once again and it will seek out people it is superior to and torture those all the time without reason, then we find it will single me out and make a statement about a relative that got killed in the war when the Americans and British came in who looked like me and I am left wondering how the idiots suppose the situation gets made while their abuses and sexual insults are still the only way to satisfy their greed, seeking and drawing blood from people all the time and the same goes when they say it’s what happens with the way a British soldier killed one of their own – same as we see with the popular culture goons that have gone from tackling me over daughters that have joined the Military because they damage good men and expect women to marry fighting incarnate, to joining up with the Military to do my stuff and find out popular culture on my public image will be very disrespectful thereafter, claiming they have done my stuff and I should not be able to get on with my life, thus it will be the gang fights that they will be caught up with next, once I am done tidying up the mess they made at the Military as the Military really does not look like that all together – nothing new, we just see they are worried about the female versions who make it clear to them they will find the trouble they seek when they seek it but think male ones like myself are nothing to worry about; so it has gone far enough to blab about killing me to satisfy whole communities which is why the useless, irresponsible Daddies have picked up jobs at security industry to ensure I sell my Books on my mood if they would stop complaining about the consequences that is in the first place and then follow it on with stock market and capitalist insults where they say I will never sell anything until they wanted me to with that big mouth and this time the gang fights is where they will be doing my stuff all together as well. In the end, these goons really know nothing about Industry, are obsessed with involvement based insults that let them flout peoples authority, love to fake CVs and make arrangements with society to help put up leverage based custom that holds a company to ransom on their account with a finger around my anus in their imaginations for it until it goes terribly wrong and hate women as well; so we find they have no idea what they are doing, black people are never conservative because they were super Men who always did the female bits of culture and society and had the strength for it as it were, never seen letting people buy and sell the way it is written on the tin while never stop beating up the tired women who bump people endlessly at the same time: so the Liberals and socialist goons have worked out how to make money from Celebrity and popular culture, wondering what they have got save the corruption they play with and claim Trump was the problem thereof by.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland