There is this talk they indulge themselves all the time whereby I am incapable of dealing with rejection – reality however is more a matter of the fact they build me new challenges for selling my Books every single day and then ensure I never meet them using media; to start with of which normal people meet writers and build them new challenges for selling Books and not a collection of fools that appear all tidied up for are full of shit as it were. So the details are one of the fact standard business practice every day is chasing peoples private parts and this is because they want to live their lives somewhere around what the enemies of the state get up to and somebody did their bottoms for it, while with respect to my Books directly there is something I have to do every single day to try and sell it, which then provides them with a self-improvement as they absorb it, the general feeling being that they have a means of handling me when I absorb their own for a living too, hence those stupid threats I have to tolerate all the time. I do get told that I sabotage my own security which is a matter of the fact they are the same who have created my state  provided security all together i.e. half of them build up these tasks that are to be completed for selling my Books while the other half are my state provided security tackling them for me all the time but I do not sabotage my security; I am an Arch Prince and what is not taught at Church is that you must act in ways that cause others to do violent things to protect you, so since they need to travel that distance to bother me, it means nobody will be providing security for them as well as a prevalent atmosphere will be that they are big and angry and  bitter enough to do it themselves – it goes back to the days when I was being made to give up my personality to those that are actually able to do the violence that protects people from whom I am said to have stolen it to make excuses with Church for good measure. Hence in the end it is always worth it to create problems for them i.e. the Middle classes are fond of damaging my property and my earnings to run off and start a story on media about how I can tackle them but cannot even think about it when it applies to the Americans and then create a clash between me and the American ones to ensure that what I do leave them collecting the benefits of what percolates between, usually every other provocation is about helping me so as to ensure they create problems for me that makes me fight to provide them the conditions they can get rich by  and the lower classes are the same, except in their case it is about creating the community conditions that helps them run businesses; the result being that the middle class has actually shrunk since and the lower classes now I have set out conditions that let me raise their blood pressure every time they have a go at me to make money and it especially tackles their civil rights, hence their Women have become the Queen herself, talking nonsense at me about what I have lost behind the scenes all the time; in the end of which they do not actually matter, thus building an empire and breaking it up to broker the equities and sell Books for a living is not something I should come to regret and look over the shoulders for like they hope I will by which time it will be too late too – they do not actually matter and I will never stop – damage to my work and income and need to rip up my earnings at the open markets and set me challenges I must complete to sell my Books means I will never ever stop. I mean we hear I Interfere with their jobs all the time while what really happens is that they started this story of a Royal Prince that does not exist unless they acknowledged it and now we have reached a point where they want to trade with Royal alliance built for me to get along with traders and Politicians and diplomats by and are so sure of themselves they are preventing me from earning an income too, blabbing about an interference and yet all I had to do was move them on by making a statement about it, since however they decided to get on media and control my life, getting celebrities and popularity fools involved as well, it had turned to a matter of attrition. Much the same as we see of those stupid jobs as well; where I broker Intellectual property administration solutions and they start stories of how I extract an income from the bits of their work that should be taken up by their wives and children to ensure the money stays in the family – now it seems whenever I work for a system where people take interest in my Books and want to know what the contents are, that whole mystery gets absorbed by spoiled idiots who always get what they want. It is the reason as far as preferences go I fancy the Chinese to the Germans, in fact the Germans do not even come in and you will hear them blab about what it is I cannot do about it whereas everybody knows rather than talk like these I can hurt them as well until the process of doing so conveys my message, so we have to bear in mind that it’s the same way the parents handled the ones that later became the Nazis, where we see them talk rubbish all the time about how I do not stand a chance on account of stupid local community croons that they rely on to do my stuff, whose tea breaks can easily be spent attacking me when I walk down the streets, on account they are hoping to be famous some day and I do not look the part of my own personality because I stole it etc, it is an example of how much of a chance I do not stand especially in terms of looking at the right tools and correct measures for getting them off my Literary Empire at the global markets front as it does not belong to them, what it is worth is none of their business and what happens to my Bank account does not concern them, whether or not a Literary empire which the owner expects will wait for him to show up and cash into at the open markets should not work that way when there is poverty and deprivation in land; about which they are finished and need my Books which they do not want to buy more than everybody else – besides which in terms of poverty and deprivation, we have always had a case where the lower and middle classes want to trap the upper class into working for a locality that helps them run businesses which incomes they cannot account for, to get rich and be that as it may, nobody peddles my faith or my personal life or my Public image in any form or means, lest we end up with a need to stop getting hurt on one hand and those stupid lies and get rich quick nonsense on the other, where one remains and the other goes away (old German leadership nonsense where peoples livelihoods are things they stand around, get used to and make their own; then they keep it after apparently – the Nazis were the same too and I want them to hand my space back and stay off my earnings). Now they say I am trying to impact them and it will not have an effect; I would never know how I try to impact a collection of idiots that make the sort of colleagues where the end of their behaviour will likely be finding out if it is possible to just carry on without dealing with the evils of his society until he throws a punch at you and you try to beat it out of him, talking nonsense all over the place and using media to subvert my Book sales in a bid to get rich quick anyway. I mean another example besides chasing up my work at the Office to sort out problems associated with fertility if the fact I will be punished for not letting their freedom and democratic stupidities peddle my faith has not resulted in outcomes where they block my finances so often I resort to the sex trade, would be the bit where I sit in an Office for five hours and they strike my bottom the whole time, just like I do not want them peddling faith and personal life and public image becomes a main preoccupation to want to do as per it is their wealth to build up the last time we checked thereof; so at the end of my work, it’s not the work that hurts my bottom, the interested parties will not want to know about the bottom hurting bit, there is no connection whatsoever between my career and the fact I am in pure pain that has never been explained, but is regularly used to make me give up what I have worked for and then the extra completely unnecessary work of forgiving it too. I mean the connection between 200 idiots in suits listening to the high rollers share trade secrets in a conference and a Royal Estate is the one that beats my imagination but we all know the reasons they claim I impact them is largely because they believe if I do not let them do what they fancy, the economy will suffer, which is utter nonsense as it is only likely to when others cannot strike what they care about too: so I am impacting them I suppose when I do not want them to get anywhere near parts of my career I am actually either not very good at or do not major in as it were but the question linger still as per what kind of fucking idiot gets involved with other people for that anyway. It’s the way the local community ones do it and then get about blabbing of how my problem can be resolved if I got active when they do not wish to be active if I want them to and I am the one complaining at the moment the last time we found out who will die for wrecking culture – the bit about their Politicians needing me but wanting their community croons to gain access to me which will make me less important all together giving rise to the fools that need a rare person and thing that they can handle and own and fuck in order to recover their confidence and get a society built where they can be successful at selling things, which is the reason the media ones feel that bullying me or more a case of trying all the time is worth its salt, only for every idiot that does not wish to adhere when I do not want faith and public image and personal life peddled to honk their horns at me threateningly each time I push back, then show up to beat the space and keep me down with that neighbourhood big mouth all day long; so I need to beat down culture and society all the time, so whenever they do it that stupid business can have a community to thrive in; as per there is any dream of theirs in which I will get punished for not letting them peddle the faith as it were. I hear it is suggested I think I am making something of myself by getting into some fighting all the time, which is another set of utter nonsense they have brewed up on Media; I do not fight, what happens is me topping up privilege while letting idiots who want to make use of me by needing me but wanting me to be less important than they are first so I might not complain or resist remain where they are because I will not let them top up their own – for example if I spoke about matters of war and violence they could improve themselves with it but if I did as per something I want people to move away from if people are interested in peace, they are stuck where they are and I do not get insulted so often by stupid millionaires who think my Empire exists only when they approve; hence it had come to that point where I needed mention that building it and then breaking it up to broker the equities and sell Books like I am waiting for customers to reward me will millions of pounds that will make me worthy of my Royal position, is actually none of their business and this whole process of indulging them the sensation that I am watching my back and regretting it, is way past its sell by date (if I write a Book and it gets their attention to a stage where it reaches the highest levels of government, at which point the sales get killed off at the highest stages of Media, like we see them give to the frugal - whereby they are now learning that getting involved with a writer either in terms of knowing him before he was one or after should always be about purchasing and reading his Book, especially as there is no known way to sit around somewhere and imagine that others are brewing a Campaign where they are more important and tend to get what they want as a reputation because they are that valued, it only comes round when you are fighting to preserve a livelihood from them, while preserving a public image at the same time and then it will be obvious that Women trained to live off peoples wallets by bullying them are the same as Women who want to sort out financial issues by themselves and have an equal opportunity like the Men get because if they hurt me for long enough it becomes counterproductive and then I make use of it too but nothing explains the reasons the good sensations that comes when hosting a Client at a Party to seal a contract has to be about what people experience when they come into my scared spaces).

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