We hear that talk that I pull a veil over peopleís eyes about ownership of country and sit about pleasing myself with the throes of my own suffering but itís an old story where they wish to decide who owns the Country and ensure that they are the ones that do but we have not seen them decide how they will defend it or who will be paying for it clowning around. In the end itís not a magical case; as ever the deadline is the start of tomorrow which is also the beginning of 2017 September as well year date 31/7/2017 and it shall be clear for the public to see if I am bluffing for the things I have said to them for my part as well; everybody knows my only concern in life should never be the things I have as a result of the fact I belong where I am and am a Citizen of the UK living there, I want a family life as well, I have to get into a relationship and have a wife and these are the things we will see them handle one more time and show up here with insults when its turned to cracked up out of my league stupidities, to ensure its my tummy going to hell instead. All I wish to do with any such energy obviously is find a community to belong in case I have a job and career it does not attract the wrong crowd and their insults will find somewhere else to express all that nonsense about the importance of extremist behaviour on other peopleís personal finances and personal space to praise those who do something about it, which the tiredness of those who are not interested are never really respected as it were. I do get asked if I think they have any right to any feelings at all as such which has nothing to do with it - I mean I live in a big house with my three sisters who have husbands and children and nobody in that house feels like they are decent persons on account of pressure being pushed at them all the time is all good but deploying my Royal Estate structures to make money, escape the pressures, pass them onto me and pass around insults that move the financial structures of my empire somewhere else at the markets and issue threats at me blabbing nonsense about owning me and deserving things around here on account I share a skin colour with them was clearly not anticipated in their view. I mean the threats are all very well that big mouth especially the Americans blabbing about how I wouldnít say it where it matters because they are being spiteful of everything British as a means of making money, useless peasants who have nothing to live for with this nonsense that only has a place in comedy TV shows where they claim the state of their lives was not their fault as it were but itís the insulting threats that constitute the biggest problem we have. I mean an example is the popular culture with the use of structures that I built exclusively for individuals I share a Court system with, who have always been with me since the teenage years when girls needed to gain some form of support to help them cope with boys being more interested in peer pressure issues because they are certain of gender unfairness coming through for them later in life and one of these days I imagine the result will be that somebody in it will get hurt because others are using it as well for some reason, fucking peasants showing up to threaten me as well an American led leadership of the world Ė it goes back to three hour gay and queer TV shows made to mock and abuse and insult me like that is what TV shows are for, result being that I am serving people in abusiness and they are losing a sense of what the business does and stands for right before my eyes, which fucking shows the devil is powerful and I didnít see that coming with that big mouth they have got. Itís always construed the blacks are a problem for me especially which is actually not true; they are just being hateful and I am tired of the personal touchy insults and we are about to find out if I am bluffing for my part too; I mean putting up with their disobedience is one thing, when the threats start to come through the reasons they hate the British empire has become important again i.e. the disobedience will lead to vandalism when it knows you are likely to do nothing about it and then the vandalism will lead to war when it knows you are unlikely to act on that too since the feeling of doing what is prohibited gives it power that continually fills its stupidities and clowning jesting violent nonsense with energy and beyond that is the war that it will lose but people will die for and it does not matter if it gets what it wants along the way either, itís just the sequence by which such nonsense occur and end. I am aware people are concerned about me striking back at them as such and such a time will never come to pass because they will never get a fucking chance as well; peasants that will show up here only when they want a Book. As it stands they complain that I wreck the structures they had put together to get rich because it depended on me like a tool and no matter how hard I got hit never co-operated but at the same time are blabbing that they would want to let me be but that would mean I am important when I am not with that big mouth. Its an old story where they say I am becoming a Man but its more of a story about how the feminists got off making out some imaginary sexual behaviour on my public image which they have never seen me perform, to have financial benefits attached to their feminism i.e. see anything to do with the benefits of being British in peoples lives, grab and toss it to the dogs to sit about playing candy crush in front of them at Public transport etc, it usually leaves me with a sense of how those Men that end up on the right hand side ended up there to show them they will have no Country as well - so I am a little optimistic about my abilities since last I detached the finance based attention seeking wickedness of these other goons from mainstream living as it were, the devil wants what it wants but in order to get by in this world as well, am I clever enough to do it? The answer to this question is what we are about to find out too: so bum got fingered at the Monarchy and by the Armed forces and their temper is the biggest thing that happened in this world so far, especially those of them that are fucking famous. They do say it never gets figured out and of course it never gets figured out; if I am issuing a warning that the Landlord that loves to have a go at me will carry on my behalf or that neighbour that loves to attack me will do instead, I do not expect any of my warnings to be taken seriously until they really are; I mean some will ask why I have decided to deploy the security systems others created to protect their homes in such ways but I never started it, they did - all that paparazzi vandalism and the fact that the best parts of my career are the reasons I could never feel good - so they have heard me warn them they will always get a closure for their stupid problems over the matter as well. What happens is that the Men who decide they will not haveCountry because they grabbed somebody's own and tossed it to the dogs in order to get off in public to dream about the person ending up in a gang fight that will make them feel they as special as they are famous on the right hand side and then there is me on the left who has now been accused of encumbering peoples fame all together and you are left wondering if they are blaming others because somebody else has done this to them but before then it will deploy peoples public image to get famous and return to make a contact with them looking for power and dominance as well - so the fame is clearly the part where its stupidities had turned to madness. The part where it threatens me and calls on a backup is the reasons we are here all together because half the time I feel as though they were off doing that stupid fame with that backup by their side and the other half the time I feel as though I want them to do the back up job on me by themselves; I used to think the whole process of people who have no respect for others no matter who other peoples are or have achieved was identifiable with racial groups but its not how racial groups actually work all together, so now its fucking famous and I am left wondering how they are made as it were. The story of my so called sexual habits is an old one; Church stuff is a world away from mainstream living stuff and mainstream living stuff is a world away from Popular culture and celebrity but for some reason, I am stuck here talking about the benefits of being British everyday, while people pillage my Public image to make fame and fortune that is so perverted it is powerful and appealing; so it was absolute scum to begin with, now it is famous scum all together - they call me very strange names that turn my tummy all day long but nobody has ever seen me start a story that will ensure people see them as cracked up out of my league characters whose careers are always being taken from them for those insults they read of a bloody dictionary all the time and then I will get told that my language is most foul: all I want is to see them clear my space and never show up around my concerns but most of all see them put an end to breaching my copyright everyday at the market place because they are famous. Its a story they are so full of themselves that they never notice but they are always out there in Public blabbing about a job that somebody they know very well can do better than they can, leaving me with this case where it is thought I am trying to solve a problem that is Media which is unsolvable all the time - nobody has ever seen me brew up names for them that go along this line the way I am abused every single Hour in this Country and they are free to keep calling me names as well, I can see it end very well for my part in the matter too (of course the name calling is the product of abuse that my Mum has taught them - the first time such an alliance was a problem was when the whole socialist ideology got into trouble as a whole and then it can be shown that its impossible to win when you are a Christian and the Bible commands you to do whatever your parents want from there). The last time that this gift from my mum issue was a concern, it came with a loss of socialism itself, so this time I suppose I have been clear I will not be tolerating anymore of it but they do say that tolerating is a big word as they are more successful apparently which is an old story about beeline celebrities who know what they want when they do not want people to hit each other and hurt each other but set people out and follow people around to ensure like me everything I do is collected and a case is made of it on their behalf with media, so they can tell me they intend to find out how I will protect my intellectual property and public image from them while they are famous. I have never considered it a crisis, I am not the one complaining that somebody else is destroying show business; it has always been impossible to find a neighbourhood where the Men are not doing things Celebrities hate and the Women are not doing things Celebrities like and when they have set out people they love to punish for frivolity like myself should deploy rogue landlords and stupid neighbourhood goons to collect a public image for them, it does not wreck showbiz as it were Ė I mean I knew celebrities were evil in this respect, itís the reason I never write fiction but I never knew I would have to go for it all together anyway; in the end they damage my broker and any products and Industry I am a part of gets wrecked when advertisement is made and save their own case where they are famous and can do anything they like meaning they hop into peoples market place to extract money at will to avoid laws of diminishing returns, people do not get to lose money from making advertisement and I am clearly not aware that selling Books involves making sure Celebrities are not fucking around with my concerns anymore. Apparently they have turned to the good old gimmicks of claiming I am in trouble with the White House; never fights its own battles by itself the Liberals and Democratic people stuff and it must mess up everything about that aspect of me that left home and picked up some goods and got dressed and prepared to face the world, for reasons that nobody can explain except its stupid actions designed to cause you more trouble over ways of making money by avoiding work; clearly showing there is wisdom in facing the world by yourself, since it is difficult to tell what your parents would do when all that how is your tummy stuff got off to the gimmicks we tend to see all the time: needs to fight its own battles and keep off my Books, I am not in any trouble with the Trump Administration. Now nobody wants to go to the US to make themselves into a riffraff that is caught between the juxtaposition which exists between democrats and republicans Ė the democrat idiots will not be tired of dishing this for me and handling my Books without authorisation, I simply have to start doing something about the fact it is a way in which they express the fact they are just hateful and that I should be interested in every detail of it, like every stupid useless ex-gang scum who wants to be important and rich but keep old habits would want, thus I was in trouble with the Obama Administration in pretty much the same way: I mean I have my choices laid out for me and I need to make them easier and the easy one is to ensure that anything that has been prized out of me by Democrats, amounting to being forced to give up what they think they should possess, should be met with revenge if it is not retrieved.

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