I am said to have earned a reputation for going around looking for trouble at this stage – it is not what this is all about at all, it is really about the interests of some hoodlums in my personal space and the resulting 20-year career mess that had come from it. first time round it spent too much of its time on me and was found talking nonsense about the way I will get into trouble when I am known for wrecking the lives of society idiots with superior sons who had a need to exhibit themselves children, now it engages itself upon having gained a lease with issues none had asked its stupidities questions about, in terms of whether I ended up with a reputation for going around looking for trouble. They do say it is the power of money and it probably is but their own should never have gone past the practical jokes stage here either, if they were complaining – first time round, I dropped out of University and was hanging about somewhere blaming myself to sort it out, only for their stupidities to rip up a Bookshop creating a version of me they will be able to tolerate for gimmicks which suggested they created and owned something which looked like me and my personality in this place. Now I think we are progressing to the part where I will be the one making my way from a business of their employers getting feedback every time their stupidities affects my public life and my Bookshop sales numbers, to the stage where I got to say somebody who was rich could befriend me because they were the scumbags that I bullied all day long, at which stage those stupidities would have been reversed in my favour and they will not be the ones doing it anymore, through which process it would end very badly too. For the time being I have not ended it badly and the idiots needed to get off the life changing insults and find themselves a toy to fool around with, as claims I am the one looking for trouble is thrown around to work controversy that helps their stupidities set out own products to chase my income margins on Media – I have not ended it badly yet, so it is going to continue with the business of a clearly defined clash with both middle and lower classes – where the latter was a matter of idiots with superior sons making a mess here and the stupid women who come up off it to make a mess of my personal relationships and build a sense that they owned me for every fool to take part in, top of the list being Americans that always do when they are not complaining – the latter likes to think that when it busy body shows up here to tackle me because I defend myself from the lower classes, it could then boast about handling me and we have yet done the part where its you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues well off neighbourhood careers did damage that was none existent, before I got off being the one doing it instead. The main problem here is caused by the Politicians as when these idiots were genuinely fearful that I might dispossess them off the stupid country ownership and society, I had control, they could get on and so could I – it leaves the grounds and Houses of Parliament to turn up in my life and fuck around like so but cannot control any of the emerging problems, now thinks its stupidities was in a get rich fast bear bating disposition where it got to cling to my earnings and public image talking rubbish at Parliament as well. No response yet as to what it wants to do about these idiots who cling to my earnings to tell me of the damage they have done and the greater damage they will do if they did not get what they wanted, backed up by communities with fingers up my bum 24/7 but I have not yet seen a Political career take that form yet if it was such fun, needs find a real toy or I will find its Political stupidities one.

They do say that I would suggest none of these activities had an effect on me and that is actually the case – the problem here is that this nonsense was so important I dropped out of University to be made to pay attention to it, now their problem is the way it complicates their issues whenever they thought they ran the world through overseas development activities – it is therefore incredibly important and they need to do it, they need to engage with it every single day. It does appear what I have said here is not enough naturally therefore but there is nothing more to it; their gimmicks should never have gone beyond the dress well, self-exhibitionist narcissism, which had many reasons for tackling other people: sometimes it’s the diet, other times it’s the fact people had careers they envied – I seem to have picked up both, including the part where I owned a personality that could be deployed to get entertainment industries picking them off the streets to make the millionaires, so if I did not use it for such a purpose they would steal it and we are now seeing the processes involved with such things, the Politicians showing up here to fool around all the time and cannot control any of those activities, cannot prevent the abuses affecting them, talking rubbish me all the time and needs to play with its own career, otherwise parliament was a rather serious place for people to work as it were: my personal favourite being that I can handle myself in the Kitchen, runs me down all the time and gets its stupid women to have babies on my public image, recent activities involved being backed by communities that finger my bum and stupid Americans to build restaurants on my peace and quiet, considering that after all the stupidities and vandalism the fucking idiots had to eat in peace at some stage. Soon what we find is that the Police provide people with feedback that the diet they picked on people for is what they were found sharing in a banquet with criminals. I have it under control at all times, in the sense that when it shows up here it ends up with a real fear that I was capable of doing more damage, until the Politicians got involved and now it shows up here to counter all measures it had seen me take in the past, especially the part where it fingers my bum and I twist its stupidities into a difficult position so people get sick or get killed, talking rubbish about the way I am good at looking for trouble because idiots in parliament where helping it hold me down to counter measures I had taken on its gimmicks showing up on my social and personal life, which appears to be the only way they stopped – having they now had it for long enough which I do not think my activities were the bad actions in this either.

It shows up here to get fingers up my bum announcing its incredibly low station in life, as per the unusual decisions its stupidities had made with a dress well self-exhibitionist narcissism that helped it think it was famous and popular, making a mess and the Politicians who think they now had bear baiting decisions to make on what the purpose of such nonsense with respect to my Office was meant to be, alongside famous idiots were the people who will not stop and at the same time will not stop complaining. It should never have gone beyond the practical jokes, as they have now damaged property and caused distress to social, personal and public life, the results are in – leaves the Houses and grounds of Parliament to show up here making a mess, which stupidities cannot control any of the consequences needs to play with its own career.

I am informed that my activities were more in keeping with a Federated system of Government and it is utter nonsense – I mean I know what they are saying but it is utter nonsense: the reality is that they have become quite accustomed to the gimmick of exploring other peoples civic duties and when they had spend all that would make them brave from it, they begin a campaign of running down the owners as people who did not deserve already own careers, for reasons for being too cowardly to. In my view, it means that enjoy so much those processes where a low life shows up on their public image to announce a station in life, in terms of unusual personal decisions made with respect to the location of the prison service and their dream careers – such that the victims did not have to make themselves vulnerable to such things through personal decisions on things that should have done but did not do and were now chasing matters with a sense of urgency in the company of criminals and hoodlums. It is supposed to indicate the corruption they spent their time on, especially in terms of idiots who want the Government to spend public money on their investments. Those gimmicks where they say their money was powerful and decided what people did with me, I had my products and business set out well but due to privacy breaches and bottom chasing abuses, I was infectious with social issues and therefore other peoples wealth was the place the public wanted to be, should never have gone beyond the practical jokes, to this stage where there is a physical contact between them and my Books, academic work and Career. I mean in saying so I have not said anything unusual but I get threatened each time I do, which I suppose is clear confirmation that the physical contact had occurred because they wanted an appropriate response for their gimmicks as well. We have seen these people hijack statements made my armed forces operatives to get a job done, as they always had to get involved with industry whilst they were afraid of markets and a minimum wage will not be enough – then it progresses to a two part story of getting what they want or getting armed forces operatives to commit suicide. The physical contact with my concerns had since built up to such a stupidities as to say that if they did not get what they wanted from me, I would not put food on my table, never mind the part where the society stupidities and pubescent idiots with good looks got to inform me of damage done to my concerns and the way they will do greater damage if I failed to co-operate, it should not have happened if they did not want a response, there are not threats issued here which will progress towards anywhere or anything important.

I do not think the matter is a crisis as such, mainly a case of people keeping their own wealth making systems upon which they had placed products and built a sales army to push it, stay away from mine and stay away from building stupid derivates into public appearances of mine or my Public image, especially silly Celebrities with gimmicks about not living in a world where they got told of things they could not have with a big mouth, chasing an Arch Prince’s personality. They do however claim it’s a matter of people fighting my wars which is completely normal here as some people have seen me in embarrassing situations, so they decided other more important situations were not worthy of respect, until they had to fight my wars, in like manner of my attitude to the issue above which I think that the crisis built up from it indicated that the Politicians and Celebrities wanted to engage with such an issue everyday, so that low lives may show up on their social lives to announce a station in the world, this is the reasons I run it off for them as well – in essence I have not said anything unusual in terms of mentioning they ought to play with their own careers, the gimmicks about money and its power should not have gone beyond the practical jokes stage, alternatively the physical contact means they wanted a response.

Here it seems I may not have addressed the issues about running a federated system properly but I have as the corruption of the Politicians running around Industry to grab wealth, usually hits hardest public mobility – the business of these gits building narcissism that will abuse some woman that is publicly educating the populous of the consequences and meaning of the affairs of the day through the news – we know that they are attacking safeguards all the time; the single mothers and the single mother apartments are not a good look anymore for instance and yet there is no real clash with single mothers currently, they are simply making sure that when they attack, their stupidities got what they wanted. I have been said to have been seen tackling this matter and it did not bother me so much but it does not – the power that other peoples money had should not have gone beyond the practical jokes stage as what they are trying to achieve here is utter rubbish, never mind the fact they were spending my resources to achieve it – it needs to keep its own wealth making structures upon which it placed a product and built a sales army to push it, without handling mine. The suggestion also being that my activities made it difficult for them to control the population which is utter rubbish as they are keenest to get a bunch of idiots with unusual decisions on the location of the prison service as a matter of dream careers, to show up on peoples reputation for gimmicks and I have suffered 20 years of it with disastrous consequences, on account that I have built my own living properly, putting all I worked for my whole life to some stupid relentlessly abusive lifestyle catch up gimmick talking nonsense in Public with big hoodlum posturing.

It is never the case that what I am doing was a waste of time as such – the mess is a product of random hoodlums just taking an interest in the way my personal space and social life should be used; started after all I did to get out of it whilst facing the misogyny of parents never the less, around 2003, making a mess, claiming I was a coward and would not dare stand up to their stupidities, churning my tummy and by 2008 I had dropped out of University and it had taken so many other abusive forms and now finally settled on clinging to everything I did with my career and finances, following me around, issuing threats and showing signs it wanted to get violent. So when I say it needed to play with its career before we got to find out what their stupidities were made of, I am said to think of it as gimmicks but I am talking about gimmicks that show up uninvited to take part in your concerns and make a complete mess of any prospects that you would ever do the best work for your career. In the real sense it does not stop until it ends up with a war on the civil rights people, then borders will be drawn up to leave them in a part of town where they can feel free and according to history it is usually soon infested with crime. Same as the other case where it is suggested I had not reconciled myself to the fact people hated me which is not really the case, as I care so little what they thought unless I was getting opinions about my literary work, which they hijack to grab my attention and play up the house proud, dress well self exhibitionist narcissism getting fingers up my bum and clinging to my earnings like idiots who only understood extreme forms of violence – the problem is that ever since I got published, I have been punished for the fact my Books were useful to Celebrities but it was the need to make statements about my Office, status and anything I did with my publishers which started unprovoked if people were asking, that causes most of the damage – so the frustration is that Politicians started first with the sense if I were trapped somewhere and made to give up my secrets people would win elections endlessly, then I got it under control and finished a Book which the Celebrities of all people picked up for the same gimmick next, the attack on my career will not diminish according to these facts and I need to step up an attack of their career to such an extent that it would mean only 10 seconds had elapsed when it made statements about my Office status, personal relationships and professional relationships, before I had provided the world a response to say it was talking nonsense, which I will need to build up to such an extent that each time I lost money I discredited its famous stupidities until it lost a fortune as well. I do get told I am not necessarily worse off, which I am not – they have money perverting my wealth equity, I have industrial interests, so eventually they block my personal relationships and they can buy when they want to get married etc – Money is king, now that they are more important than I am, could show up here all the time, see if I would be interested in the German and corrupt European cash when there are other forms of narcissistic money to be made. I am said to be a real pain in the backside but it is not a simple matter of just bugging people – it is a case of working public control, two spectrums for instance where money is king idiots have been ripping up my career, making sure people laughed at my CV before reading it at the jobs market, picking up my Bookshop service process to build a version of me that will be easy for their discriminating house proud stupidities to tolerate, a narcissism they claim was linked to fame and therefore made them untouchable, hence now they are more important than I am, I will be interested in cash when there is so much narcissism money to be made or the other spectrum where some gits want to set themselves out as community leaders who drag younger people into crime and violence but because they need to begin by claiming they have been fighting my wars, I am not allowed to do fighting at the Monarchy and this was decided by the highest authority in the land, making it possible to say that they were the ones known to fight my wars. It has been a 12 year campaign of abuse, vandalism and distant violence from celebrities making sure this public control process never works while attacking me because I should be working public control, so their media idiots may goad me to make jobs and money. So I have no other choice but to build it up into a platform that will allow me to say that the problem is never allowed to be, so I am at war with the famous, as it is the only way that it can stop the way I would like it to, since they would not stop it of their own accord – hence most of it is largely utter nonsense, activities performed by idiots who make strange decisions as a matter of where the prison service was, relative to their dream jobs and careers and it is really, really low but the Media, Celebrities and Politicians had decided it was the most important thing in the land wrecking my career in the process, hence I am determined we will do it everyday too. I mean just paying my rent so I may live in an environment where people had access to me for this nonsense over a 20 year period, the last 7 has been spent on negotiating with the famous, as to whether my Bookshop was a real job if I provided a service but people could not buy the products for fear that Media and celebrities will rob their employers of market – paying my rent so that my entire life comes to a stop including my personal relationships, justifies anything I will want to do to completely trash the stupid show business as well, if asking it to fool around with its own career was never good enough.

The question raised a lot is whether I build up these matters so big because I loved to caused myself the harm but I am not the one building it up so big, as mentioned it has been 20 years of getting accustomed to making a mess of my concerns in a bid to get rich while telling lies because I respond and they had to complain to politicians like the typical slimy scum – 2004 to 2008, I ended up crashing out of University, by 2012, its gimmicks to ensure I did not secure an alternative qualification had reached peak performance, now it is getting bolder and bolder at the violent bits, renting me spaces where it watches and abuses all day, picks me up at the bathroom to share with the people from homeless centres and foodbanks, builds communities that get imagination up my bum, gets around with famous idiots, issues threats – the effect is that they show up to trash my career and social life, then make it so big that I would not be able to tackle everybody involved, then mock me over what has changed positively about their bank account, to ensure that I did not have the will to follow it on and I think will to follow it on, I will completely wreck the show business for them too. It’s the boasting all the time about the wealthy people in their races endlessly and I suppose it is fair to suggest those people do not want to lose structures upon which they placed products and built a sales army to push those products, the same way I do not wish to lose mine, hence they were the idiots that will take out a quiet retirement when finished, which I will be waiting to witness as it were and I encourage them to become our middle men. They speak of this idea I am never clear about what I wanted and that I am lacking in self confidence with respect to my Books – in terms of the former, my Bookshop is too big for a little pipsqueak like me, a matter of the things journalists say to their friends about an arch prince’s property and what show business big wigs want to do with it because their show business had faced a recession like all the other industries, the outcome being that like a bunch of idiots who only could make sense of extreme violence, they will keeping up daily a business of no income being good enough for me because the big one was too big and the gimmicks behind the way the big one was too big going unpunished made me unworthy for the small one. I have given them an exit to play with their own career and its not being taken, so I am going to stop it my way. The latter on the other hand was a matter of their world where unlike mine in which it was an issue doing business when I do not get along with society people but one should see what happens when they buy a product from my company whilst I do not get along with them, hence the work was intellectual property administration not a process of letting cracked up out of my league, you, me, employers and bottom chasing issues, well off neighbourhood career with a need to ensure I could not get a job because it did not like to be my supervisor and could do not business with its boss because I would be getting ahead of its stupidities, to spend my Royal commission building men’s sales job after a taking candy from a baby gimmicks with my social media and my Bookshop premises had failed. The same stupidities are the part Celebrities exhibit where a simple matter was that wealth sharing was not recognised in the world of business, if you wanted to return a product, you did and got your money back provided the product was in the original condition – turn my back once and it will completely wreck my career and finances to make me angry enough to tackle people who ask its famous stupidities for wealth sharing. The rest of the time it’s the big mouth all over the place blabbing of how it was at a loss as per the way I would control them, hence making false promises and promises I cannot keep – reality on the other hand was that it needed to stop running off the stupid tribalism raids here, where every public presence is spent shooting off that big mouth about the way that its stupidities and that of its wayward children were superior to me, until it picked up 5 to 6 figure salaries from peoples reputably built companies and returns to make contact with me for power and abuses that will facilitate it, then there is my party piece where it makes a mess of my career to employ stupid criminals in the neighbourhoods that will get imagination fingers up my bum to share the money of the wealthy, the way it would suit them if I made a contribution to the stupid wealth and social inequality they complained about all the time. It appears therefore to have learned anything about me and I suppose it is fair to point out that I see them after the 20 year mess, as idiots who defy the odd to pick up a peaceful and quiet retirement when finished with this nonsense and I will be waiting to find out as well.

In the end I may have many unusual stupid names and tags separately from who I really am but the problem here is that no amount of money or fame can save anybody from me, with regards to this matter where they got to make decisions about their careers as a matter of law enforcement and not make them about mine and those who fought for the civil rights for on their own income margins.

I. Uno I

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