So they are always off talking about how some people referring to me want to have conversations about why immoral and modern people should change their behaviour and so far they are suffering without any body listing a finger which will get violent really soon as well. I don’t know why they like to do it and more so every single day attacking and intimidating me like they love to; as far as I am aware of which the purpose of enmity with them is because there is no way that you can live a normal live in their company or live a normal life among them, it is the most hellish place imaginable that you can possibly find your self about which you must set out a process where everybody that gets involved with you is aware it exists but that is the problem because then they barge into my life and want to run their multiculturalism on it and this temptation is impossible to contain as well, for I find it impossible to figure out how they will beat up the Christian who with personal expense sets about consolidating all their cultures around the world and sits down to write books about it as well; I mean I do not intend to arm it but the talk about a change in my behaviour with respect to what is happening to their worldly and slave to the devil means of getting rich because I am not doing certain things that help to pervade and peddle my faith on a daily basis to their advantage will rather lead to a process where I arm it as well because of course they forget that the way those strong and modern people that will have me beaten up really works is big siblings and their smaller siblings and violently vicious fame and fortune with which to threaten me the middle brother that cannot exercise his seniority because of the bigger brother and cannot his junior status because of the smaller brother and everything such rubbish is based on the right to exist itself every single day with; so it will continue until somebody puts them in order very viciously as well, since the thing about being part of the British Empire and knowing people like me inside and out and how hard we fight and how they can make sure we live our lives fighting things at all times is not enough. We are not talking about these things going on increasingly while they complain about big brother society in Britain either but if they do not want it to happen no body understands really why they cannot shut up – any reasonable person would. As for ripping my Christian global culture consolidation things to pieces with their media however, if they touch it I will rip them as well; I mean they always do those things with a smile on their faces and do not know when they go too far at all; I will most certainly wipe it off. It disappears each time I work for it, like everything else does around here; settling it up and deciding war in not happening despite their Political, social, cultural and business wickedness but then once done its gone already peddled in a bid to surround themselves with cultural diversity to become even richer with and because they cannot leave others alone or shut their mouth, something comes forth from it which is a threat all the time.


The idea the press is after me is so much rubbish too. I mean what they are saying is that when they treat me like I am an item in the sense that if my privacy ends up at their culture which they control and therefore does not welcome those it does not know and I retaliate for it, then they mess up the personal life of senior members of the Royal family, like the Duke of Cambridge of recent for example, it gets to mean that they sort the resulting problem out by attacking me. They also like to make out I ruin the life they are supposed to live and will not let them recover there but in actual fact what happens is that they love to indulge a process of doing things that will bend me over the other way violently and it will only stop of course when I am no longer penniless on account of them; for this I have set out books to sell making sure I make no money selling them of which has become their newest preoccupation. They have always continued to think that their stupdiities are capable of vandalisms that can serve as a means of intimidation and a huge financial asset, especially when they get involved with Royal Property. This of which is actually half the problem, as the other half - the crucial half is that they can never be satisfied, it is always violent and it is never enough. Today they even suggest they have more money than I do and the reason for most of the things they do to hurt me is that they are out of my league and while that is happening will not stop handling my property to get rich and or attacking me when I do something which changes my position and therefore customer orientation with them resulting in a dip in sales; they know they have to attack me but will not be caught dead keeping their hands off. So it does apply that their insults and abuses have paid dividend at long last the politics as far as they are concerned and that they have now settled in on a process of hurting me which is above the powers of the laws of the land, therefore something they are in position to do as much as they please - while they tell me of things I need to give up so that they can live normal lives that is, for I clearly have no power of my own. I really have no idea if when they say the press is after me, it is the former issue of my finances and book sales at their hands or the latter issue of settled conditions of violence against me that the law can do nothing about, that they want to talk about. So it applies they love to pretend that they will do their insolent cultural violence until the result is some kind of revolution. The idea of the press getting after me is in itself as a sensibility quite unfathomable.

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