(Emporium Global Market place and Market strategy)



So I regularly view attacks on Public TV which has to do with the fact my work promised riches through corruption (Financial, Confidence etc) and lots of riches at that but when a stupid girl tried it out, it did not work or she came into resistance that was spiritual especially, which means I am a fraud and based on her male idiots knowing where my market place is, she must be compensated where she stands on TV making an advert, which is a thing that happens every day, with people buying such products too-especially with money extracted from my market place, replacing my book sales with sales for something else they came up with, looking for trouble. 

My biggest worry is always that they make their decisions on the basis of their decadence, especially the Politicians, then expect me to deal with the distant fascisms which emerge so they can have prerogatives and yet I was one of those that was held down by them so that they can flirt with torture and thereof create the pain they are so scared of now. Hence never clear why they would expect me to do something about it when I have never seen them hold board meetings in Public, hence playing around with my privacy in such ways and giving their media idiots such privileges. I am the one with the property that can deal with it and they are not they say and hence do not deserve to put up with it, since it does not exist according to them as a result of a fault of what they have refused to do when people want them to do it. The idea therefore that the contents of this Emporium are simply a process where I have found a way to play around with Intellectual Property which belongs to other people’s business about which they have sought legal advice and discovered there is nothing they can do about it, hence allowed it be for the time being, has no root on fact. The truth is that such notions are created by fools who are of the conception that others will believe what they see belongs to them. These Equities all belong to Tunnel Light Books and Holdings and are HH's property. The reason they have taken the form they have being that they are being recovered and or have been recovered from idiots that seem to ensure that each time they cross the world to look out for the problems of their business on the global stage, the result must be harmful to sales and Equities of Tunnel Light Books and Holdings Ltd and the most popular reason they give about it, not to mention other less frequent ones, is that of the things they are able to do with their money in order to show off. 

They always seem to know everything about the elements around people and it is always an asset to them to get to the point where they can manipulate those things in order to send messages to people to work with elements and not against it, otherwise they get hurt. It is after they had finished this, which they start at a time that people are already grownups and are actually in the process of setting up a livelihood and therefore taken years to make it operable, that they realise they do not have money to pay their way in the world, which is first of all the fault of the victims of their attacks, who probably held out long enough for any money they previously had to run out but this is expressed in such a way that it is a prime consideration of the purpose of their entire means to economic activity and the Politics that they run with it, to ensure that those who look inferior or look the part of slaves, no matter who or what they are, which they obviously became by magic, must not be allowed to have money, otherwise they will not fulfil their purposes as slaves to them but it is the point where you run  your business properly and have therefore already thought about and implemented security, that results in a condition where the whole thing becomes violent and personal, which of course is where fame culture becomes important. 

Popular notion is that once the link had been settled around Media, linked with Pornography and Popular culture along with Popular music, the process becomes invincible but it is not that simple, since it is clear that at a certain point a person would have been working on a career to the extent where each item has a monetary value that can be brought before a Court of Law but for me I intend to repair every damage done by doing the job all over again, especially with respect to my academic work but I will eventually for my part get to use the same Popular culture and Media and Pornography to sell these books (it is the reason that they are books), so that we can find out what the extent of ignorance of those who have been working these things really have been.

I. Uno I on Behalf of the Company

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