Now the Labour party itself continues to show up in public with MPs taunting me about how I am in such a deep mess and they are so powerful they can do and undo with my life and more so at this stage; I have warned before about winding me up in such ways for my part anyway – so the issue I have not mentioned is that they turned up to wreck my finances with the help of my evil mother and then keep it wrecked with government office that is clearly their personal and private property as it were and now they are in a position to tell me that I am too old for my academic work etc and that their stupid children are now the future who will show me how it should be done which is why they are obsessed with controlling government funds to that effect – I mean damaging a person’s life and finances to have this is something you don’t think about on a whim. I have also warned them about the fact what we are doing most of the time bearing in mind what consoles you and keep your head on so you can think of another idea to work a livelihood with is usually that those who damaged it bettered themselves by doing so which means one way or another, somebody else somewhere will get a job friend or not but these Labour idiots know only how to damage your life and finances and turn out clinging to public funds with their problems in public places and trying to keep you out and this is the sort of thing that brings out the worst in people as well. I have done everything to ensure I do not have to take the direct action of handling those stupid socialist politics and ideologies they think are beyond and above career piracies and doing it for them so that I can oppress them when I have had my fill of doing so but they will not let alone the one thing that makes this possible i.e. my book sales – I understand why they hate it since it is a means of making sure their socialist ideologies of whatever it gets up to is largely determined by what the market forces think, so we can find out – it is the beginning of direct action and as long as they let alone the sales and my finances it should be alright for them as well.

The part about the Japanese connection they have which is a matter of power as it were is no new story, it is no news, I have already made it clear to them that in my mind popular culture and popular music and fame and fortune are run by very violent sociopaths with inconsiderate behaviours that border on murder and I and them will never get along. It does not seem to be serious about their stupidities yet as it were, what it seems they expected me to do was to deal with any problems they are likely to cause me during the recession and then when economic recovery arrived they might have settled in on how to get on with their stupid lives and of course it is not how anything works around here; in context of which such examples might apply as British Government responsibilities at the British Islands, so that people might deal with their menacing behaviour they think is something that categorises them as business men of which I have no idea who told them that is how to make a living anyway, in order that they might get on with their stupid lives when economic recovery had arrived, which will facilitate a process where they do girls and boys and loutish behaviour and parties to make a living and extracting an income from my income with popular culture and media ending with a process of wearing very expensive leatherjackets to be popular with younger people and get around doing my stuff for me, such as diversity and ability etc. As I said I have done everything possible to avoid direction action and if they feel they do not wish to keep themselves off my earnings and book sales by which that happens or control those foolish women of theirs with ideas about how I am their responsibility but their children are the priority, I will do it for them.

Naturally this matter is not my area of work necessarily but they never listen and they always have that power and that culture and it will provoke them as it were into thought and or action and they cannot keep their hands to themselves. It’s like a case where I am told my CV is generic and that is the reason I cannot get a job; they always think such things bother me of course but the reality is that anybody that does not employ me gets to lose my skills and that does not tend to bother me in anyway whatsoever. It’s that Popular culture thing you see since we all know that if everybody tailored their CV to the job description like they want us to do in order to get jobs, then what will happen is that they will never be able to employ the right persons for the job and so it is a general issue around employers that wish to control the lives of employees and I don’t have a problem with giving them real difficulties once I get out of bed like I have become notorious for at present; I mean the fact that somebody has a job offer does not automatically indicate we have become equals and if he does not like it can clearly give his job to somebody else. My only concern is with the government who says that wrecking my finances and using the cabinet office to keep it wrecked so that a point might arise where idiots make popular culture songs at my expense due to a created condition where I no longer depend on my parents and also don’t have the funds to market my books as well as my personality indicating there is a great idea I am working on without showing it in public or marketing it in order to ensure it gets on people’s faces so they can spend it for me and so they are doing my stuff for me to sell music CDs and make pop music etc, have not been paying enough taxes to support me as well, hence I am being hounded over unemployment support. So this matter of generic CVs is never a new thing but making sure it is not funny anymore like it is at present when they play games is in itself an achievement since I have never failed to secure a school position in my life as it were but have continually failed to secure an interview – it hammers your confidence and makes you take notice of the fact that they are stupid and it is no longer worth it to simply ignore them; this is the problem, they are stupid and so somebody has to straighten them out and then push them through an academic system, so when that becomes the only thing they think about some of them tend to do well enough to pass their exams and get important jobs which is why I have a generic CV. These are not half the things I may have nightmares about in anyway whatsoever, the reality is that I technically do not want a job from anybody so they can insult me for something they want to pay me to do for them and talk nonsense about a generic CV that will never get a job that they have worked for and therefore have a correct sense of concentration on what is really important to them as it were and they need to keep themselves off my books especially the Politicians and this whole game of spending every little thing I have otherwise they will not exist needs to be shut down or I will shut it down for them and break that stupid popular culture generic CV nonsense they have got. Their Politicians are happy for a game of wreck the finances and attack the book sales every day, put him on benefits and make him homeless but clearly what I have done indicates to them in their view that there is no chance whatsoever that I will make them pay for it in money terms if I were to have become homeless; it’s the same old story about how they have jobs they have never worked for a day in their stupid lives from where they can make noise about how Christians are their problem because they do not stand up for themselves which of course is where the claimed woolly explanation of facts by me comes about and they cannot shut it as it were looking for some all the time. So it brings us to the same old story about the fact this matter comes about as a result of their own short comings and weaknesses and not mine and I am fed up with putting up with that nonsense from them all over the place and all day long sparing no hour whatsoever with that big mouth; the reality is that I do not have the skill to oppress popular culture goons, mainly because I am preoccupied with other things presently – so since this is the case because I have not practiced any of it at all, these activities does mean that I need to start doing so, it does not give me any nightmares that I cannot get a job on account my CV is generic, I only now have to change the CV but it does mean I am likely to get a job from very unreliable scum, like them and I bet somebody will want to fuck that as well as they have ever worked for it a day in their stupid lives, like generic CV; enough is enough and they do need to move on of which the natural most important gain of what I have said is that they are now free to roam around Politics business as well so I win again. There is no such thing as a grand plan and an interesting inter Industry game people are playing to ensure that poor people have a difficult life as they claim; there are two things people do most of the time since the Politicians are not actually that interested in economic recovery and so like to feed their need regularly – one of those is to limit the damage they do to business with their shifty ideas about business and wickedness about which no person with a family is safe and I need to make a statement about not being the small one they are always guaranteed to gain from picking on while they think it is how they were told they needed to make a living by any idiot that raised them. The other thing people do has to do with people they have a personal issue with such as myself which is definitely not that argumentative nonsense while they sit on other people’s business and earnings and income to build their own connections and try to build a people environment where they can do business and secure customer loyalty they think they want to do all the time. I believe they heard me too when I say it has to do with making sure I avoid taking direct action – any normal person would understand that as a warning and I have always said they need a mental health examiner and need to stay off my earnings for it as well.

The deluded view of what life is about and how tough it really is out there they love to throw around is actually born out of a process of an inability to understand what I am saying i.e. they are always finding an evil culture by which to build up abuse and derogation to apply on people generally, then later trade it as power with Politicians – so when they heard of economic crisis they immediately had an idea on how to do it with respect to getting connected with rich businesses and so I have taken time to ensure if they now have money to roam with the help of the Labour Party they should now be able t o roam around any and all aspects of Politics business and media business whenever they want.

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