The Politician I hear ask what my problem with people seems to be and hence why people seem to be impulsively and perpetually angry because of me – it is as though they dont know that the actions of their idiots are derogatory and abusive and that there is no way I will be stuck somewhere doing something filthy and unpresentable so that perceptions can be built up about my personal life for everybody’s enjoyment in order to make them who made it happen famous and privileged; the problem we have now is that the Politicians having supported it must now find the power to make me. I do not have a huge concern about it or lose any sleep on it – there seem to be no second go by whereby we do not have cooing and insulting mooing and all that nonsense from their community croons as a whole in my direction and we need to hear them speak about civil rights when you had taken steps to hide them from the rest of the world as well – I mean they say I am stupid and a dunce but these are the kinds of things that happen when clever people are not being made to spend their time among incredibly stupid people as it were – we all know the purpose is to keep an eye on me and insert something about sex into my affairs whenever I have an assignment or a job or an academic work at hand and how on earth do you make the grades when the sex is taken from you from a distance whether you liked it or not anyway? It is all they are good for and all of it as some form of wickedness or another, ranging from media claiming to control me, to these community nonsense and Politicians making complains about my issues with people, I fight for light it does not make me the weak link and when they wind me up we had better not heard the complains as well, besides which it is around my book sales that it will blow up in their faces and that of their stupid celebrities as well; I mean the big men that protect them they say and more so especially the black ones concerning whom my point is that one more case of them messing with my work especially the Americans and I will settle their case – so now it is up here those who want to take me up on that can kick it off and get back to me as well. I mean as it stands deploying their home wrecking nonsense to make a career based on fame and fortune by which I will be famous as well could be the least of their worries anyway: they complain the things I say is scary but talk stupid insulting threats all the time, they complain getting involved with me results in a process where they come up feeling like pussies but it does not mean that their violence can always be met with weapons here as well and that they need to stay away from me and from my people and stop assuming that a safe world where children can enjoy their youth without being bothered with wickedness to be seen that they come up with is never something that people leave to chance – and then they can set out an original provocation from there and get into government buildings to make bag logs of laws on it that will result in a state of affairs whereby they dominate me whenever they want with a big mouth: I mean we hear how the problem of the world is religious people and how they want to kill or seriously hurt some to make their point one moment and the next they complain the legal state of affairs in the Country and most Countries in the world are made to suit Christians – same old story with how ignoring them means they wreck everything until you show you have had enough of them by wringing your sales out of black people and being a real problem for the whites at the global markets – those talk nonsense about being media bosses all the time, media bosses that work for corporations that know they are not an intellectual property space that belongs to a specific individual who is actually royalty in his right: they work for those and cannot tell the difference between a corporation and what is owned by a single person and like to talk nonsense about whose boss they are on grounds they are media bosses and it never has a limit of course, like the old case of how mentally ill I am when we all know that their temperaments matches that of those who are mentally disturbed and know they are ill than mine does and besides which I do not worry about it because it is the fallout from getting out of bed every day to follow on something idiots get on media when they get out of their own bed to do to see if the media they work on means that they do have that power they perceive they have to make me unemployed and cash strapped, following it on with a process of saying something and doing something that provokes them so intensely they have to keep it going and hold out thereof until we meet and find out how much bleeding we can get out of each other to make their stupid twats understand – I dont do that anymore and this is just the fall out, so I can only say I am not mentally disturbed but I dont have to explain myself to any scumbag either. They do say the problem happens to be that when it comes to difficult decisions about women I back out and when it comes to their sweetness I am known for using them; there is nothing new about it, it’s the old case of black girls getting involved with me whether I like it or not and endlessly trying to get people to ascertain exactly how I feel to that effect of which there is nothing to feel about all those times they had found a Christian that will be bullied into homosexuality so that they might be important of which two issues emerge and one of them was my inability to tolerate their party life and night clubbing alongside handling that stupid culture as well to show that those who give me a taste of their impudence will receive some of mine as well – now they enjoy invading my space – it clearly seems to be the only thing they know and all I can say is that their insults are an abuse and they will complain a lot more than that provided it does not find its level and we are not talking about the Christian that is making them emotional and controls their hearts from a distance for that matter either. Their men complain about feeling like ‘pussies’ when they get involved with me which again annoys them further with that big mouth but over here I make the rules and we are not talking about the big Church syndrome either – we had been there and done that – when they want to be free of me they will take the offer and stay out of my life and my company, there is nothing to feel about it. The media ones are an interesting lot all together – individuals with personalities that are 90% ego – so that everything they do is based on what people tell them their physical appearance can be capable of and so they believe I have gone from the coward they fear to the one they dont anymore with that big mouth and it is much the same thing at all times; for the blacks starting their own off for them as well and wringing your sales out of them but for the whites make the rules because an innocent must suffer for their experiences or else we will never breathe with a big mouth. I do not worry too much about it in any case it is not a crisis but the various forms in which their evil must take and the various flavours they various have about it – they always start off the threats first and we all know they have a problem with seeing you dress piously and attending to your church business and that problem is violent too, knowing perfectly well that whether or not the need to show that Money is God is dependent on whether those Christians that like to come up with ways that others ought to live their stupid lives to suit everybody are becoming a threat to their stupid freedoms or not – and now they say there is a huge big Country in the west called the US where this way in which they want to live and like to claim is freedom is a way of life and hence things I cannot enforce which I have also so far shown I am not quite interested in as well.

The part where I have fallen low at the Monarchy and have been reduced to a state of low culture for my part being utter rubbish since everybody knows they are paying dearly for the fact nobody has the right to breathe unless HM gives somebody else what I have got on the basis of a Birthday or some celebration or even a jubilee, somebody white and preferably, with dark hair: so the bloody fools do need to leave me alone for their part as well. I do not make use of women and their beauties and their sweetness, they simply think along with their idiots who think their own form of wickedness is involved with corruptibility, that when I have female colleagues they can work whatever they like on me and they lost like they never have before, it has nothing to do with my work or my company nor does anything I do that involves women have anything to do with my books and public work and company but you can hardly catch them dead making mention of the fact they are only keeping up – like that old case where they can never be seen saying that they are torturing somebody who has duties with respect to those who put themselves in harm’s way to keep the rest of us safe but is kept out of harm’s way himself – by the way of which my business is Intellectual Property Administration and not some filthy sales. 

Of course it is never true those claims about a future homosexuals have built making me vulnerable to them – it’s a case of a problem with my faith while wanting to be homosexual in peace as well at the same time and when it has come to direct violence distant or contact which is a function of sustained intense abusive and violent invasion of my personal space, I dont think it matters what people say on either side of any civil rights, they know what is wrong and why that should not be what they do and as for the rest that are simply ugly to a fault anyway – those I will respect their celebrities for them the way it should be in order for the whole thing to improve, it does not constitute a problem I need to worry about either and by the way, media bosses bossing me around has no basis on reality they need their access with perceptions they work for the Monarchy on account of something I have done wrong and it does not last long enough for them to have it permanently and everybody knows they are rather hard of hearing – I do love to keep things with them as it stand because you normally use them to extricate the importance of businesses and Industries being able to tell Politicians to get lost and then maybe when Tesco has excess food Tesco will send it to the food bank not have their whole business stifled with red tape so Politicians can make legislation that will force them to account for how much food they have in their throw away bag: these idiots always have these ideas for complaining but everybody knows it is impossible to tell them you working and or studying and or have something important to attend to and because they deploy your possession to get rich you know it is about dominating you because their problems are greater than everybody else’s as far as they are concerned on account admitting otherwise will make you inferior, so they cannot leave people alone and that really is their biggest problem. They expect you to give up your humanity to them as well while your leadership is opened up by them for everybody’s dip on account they are hard of hearing and if they want to extract an income from your purse they can but for the drag Queens or whatever they are called in particular they have a persona that says they want to beat you up – they are one of the prime reasons I will never let it go and they will have that decadence and fame culture somewhere in hell as a result: they can get out and stay out to be free of me if they wanted, my problems are not less or greater than their own but I have been where they are now and have not been that much of a pain to others regardless of my upbringing, they are nothing new, I am not self limiting and do not want to put up with any more rubbish from them and their stupid celebrities. I do love my life considering the number of people who feel the overwhelming privilege of it - the Royalty that is not predisposed to social distant and contact violence that plagues their stupid deviant lives every second, who has an office of state that he deploys to deal with any issues they want to cover under to be safe even though they hate my guts because I am not like them so they might feel dominant whenever they have money but they hate my books and my financial success and feel I can only exist and have a career if there is equality between me and them of what they are going through with that big mouth - it is the sanity of the Office that is contaminated and attacked by them as a result of this particular state of affairs that will bring it up crashing down for them as well.

Of course there is no shred to truth to that claim I turn out to strike up conversations with others – what is true is that these fools love to pull my legs and manipulate my feelings; nobody wants to have a conversation or debate with them on that basis but it has become the only thing they nasty want to do with all their time and each time they are asked about it claim it is their civil rights so that it becomes difficult to tell if their insults or such claims are actually more annoying – every time I try to make them stop it another group turn up to blast off their own rubbish about how their sense of understanding the existence and life itself needs to be based on how I fear them and that is why we are where we are today. We hear the media ones make their stupid threats all the time but everybody knows that although journalists make noise endlessly about their ability to keep me unemployed and cash strapped it is their media bosses I am more concerned about; those work for companies that they dont own and pretend they are my boss in my own company that I own and so it really comes down to some of the things you need to do with the equities of those who do it just days before the business cycle on account you have become determined to ruin them and ruin them properly and finally as it were, so these things are simply the beginning – for the media bosses however it will continue to be a thing by the way side of everything else I say and do so that it become really cheap to handle them and people take note but it does not take up enough attention from them to be significant, so that media bosses can be my bosses. The journalists themselves however can run their insults endlessly like their celebrities but I am prepared to deal with it in my Christian and Church way provided they shut their big mouth, not doing so will mean that just as the Politicians have realised we are paying enough taxes to afford them good personal lives with which to get around with crime and threaten people whose personality they want to own, they will start to become more convincing with that stupid news using their personal lives as well and then it will become a little bit more serious like it is for the celebrities at the moment – the celebrities who turn up here to work their links with organised crime that has as a result of their insults become less and less profitable on account of me and they will not shut their mouth to keep off pulling my legs and I have no idea what makes them think they will extricate fame from these personal life issues I talk about all the time as a result of my involvement with real celebrities who clearly needed me rather than me striking up a conversation where I am not required: so this conversation I were to have struck with them makes no sense whatsoever, what we do know is that they are idiots and complain one moment but chose another victim the next and these days they are doing it better by making sure it is celebrities that stay out of organised crime that are paying the price for it too and that is not something I think they deserve to have as well – so big mouth yapping when they know there is absolutely nothing they can do will only serve to make it a lot worse for them than it is at present. I dont care what anybody says or wants, I need to be able to reach them on the world’s biggest media system and tell them what I do not appreciate them doing with my public work and or possessions and take steps to stop them when they had refused to comply – nobody here wants a stupid senseless conversation with clowns like these ones. Their industry idiots are crazy about what would happen when foolish women that know what they want and have a tendency to kill turn up in the personal life of a Christian then complain about the number of female journalists I have as allies and my hands firmly placed on their business equities to that effect but it continues with the journalists who do it every single day and the best part of it is how funny it is that this is the 12 year of that and the purpose has continued to be that sex has been extracted from me every time I am on my academic work – it is either that or I will never get a job because I am not seen going around looking for girls to have sex with and so on, then they speak of their societies and then they speak of their cultures but have no wish to speak of their impudence here as well and why it is apt that they have got feelings as well, apt that they have got a temper others can manipulate and set them up for evils too. I dont care what anybody thinks or wants at this stage; we are beyond conversations, I dont want anything from the media and dont want anything to do with it, I just want to be on it within a capacity of a process where I tell them I dont like it and they do it anyway to damage my stuff and understand there will be consequences and that those consequences cannot be avoided and that is all I want to do with them. I get told I am on a path to social and cultural genocide but that is what they call it now, when they did it to me people said it was freedom when they continued to wreck my finances after winning people said it was free will and democracy now I want to be on the media and ensure my consequences are not escapable every time I dont want it and they do it anyway, they say it is a social and cultural genocide and I have no wish to turn from that path for my part either – they know they can have their lives back if they stay off my book sales and out of my personal life but are rather more interested only in how I will sell my books if they sell their own products first and so they keep pulling my legs to that effect. I mean for years now I have been stealing women’s beauty and therefore deserve these things – yet it is their insults and women throwing abuses at me from a distance on account they want to make me into something people want to turn away from and deploy my life to make fame and fortune and lifestyle, that makes me feel tired all the time hence looking like a cunt whose very existence winds them up but now to that effect I must do something to change myself so they can be comfortable as though I have no better uses for my time and it is actually about them – now I am the one on the path to social and cultural genocide when if we remember correctly it happens because they hate religious people but will hate the religion and get after the academic work and finances and make up the reasons for their hate as they go along. We do hear the claim that in terms of what is evil and what is not evil I am still the one provoking people but of course that simply leads right back to what I said earlier: their insults and abuses are just as well I can handle them in my Christian way but that will change over that big mouth and process of touching me and my possessions which actually crosses the line and makes this matter a legal issue, whether or not they are only fantasising it and failure to comply with what this means will only lead to a process where they start to work that media and report that stupid news by being accountable over their personal lives and reporting it that way; as I said, they lee[ pulling my leg and will thus stop it when they sell their products and get rich first and I will leave this to the extremists too for my part as were. I dont think that this is a serious matter it is only serious when things happen illogically – if people check me out and have seen me write a book and know I need to raise funds to invest in the books and set me a manipulative ultimatum on media that expires so they can spend my market on their girls knowing I have not told them that they can, which their girls set out as an impetus to abuse me endlessly and boast about it, I am not actually here to save them from the consequences that I should be inflicting to that effect as well; so if they stay out of my life they can have their own and have their freedoms and if not they can keep making so much noise on media and issuing those stupid threats that can only but make everything so many times worse than the first time I did up their fat insolent stock market selves in the first place on grounds they had to dominate me first before I am allowed to do my academic work etc – it only when finished with such things we hear the other side of the story about a view from what is evil and what is not evil which means I am the one provoking people by crossing lines. An example of such lines being crossed is a case of their black people and the need for me to stop being stupid and go along with what my parents want by helping Ed Miliband into government office: I mean I wouldn’t know which one was the hypocritical, selfish and self centred socialist goon with lots of money in the bank who is convinced about the importance of deploying government office to make poor people better off at your expense anyway. All I know apparently is that this whole issue about helping Miliband and being bullied by black people to that effect will lead to more serious outcomes than it is obvious they are able to predict: we hear them say it is the Labour Party that actually sorts out the problem of twisted people from ethnic minorities but where that argument fits in is when you speak of the ills of Conservatives as people who like to handle your possessions and make you a lesser deal so you can ask them if it is their own that looks like that – and for the Liberal democrats, they are always responsible for high unemployment rate among young male adults talking nonsense about how they have a need to control women: the reason Labour is so hated is because it is the only party in the Country that destroys people’s lives on a National scale, it is the only party that deploys government office to protect themselves from how people feel about it and it is the only party that fundamentally gets into people’s lives to make a problem out of things they solve their problems with because if they are not poor and do not have problems socialists will become irrelevant. So I have real reasons for hating Miliband whose rubbish at clubbing and partying and drugs underworld I have no idea how is going to help me in anyway. I do not think that the matter is a complicated one – when you dont wind yourself up or get in the zone you are not exposed to the demons but that is another story when Politicians and media are maintaining a process of damaging your finances and getting on media to twist you in order to make noise about how it is what black people do to them when everybody knows they are the almighty white people that have no respect for other peoples possessions in the first place before anything is done to them but the process of choosing those who have not attacked them as a target to clean their lives with is always something they do because they are the dominant ethnic group: so their insults is what it is but their big mouth will soon mean they are reporting the news with those stupid personal lives so I can start my own as well – same story; when you pay them no attention they will destroy everything so you do need to wring your sales out of them when the time comes especially black people. They do say I am misunderstood but as far as I am concerned I only am more embracing of people than their alternative lifestyle twisted nonsense accepts – it’s just that when and if I am not talking to them, getting involved will lead to alienation because they know the biggest problem a diverse society faces is those girls whose needs they love to wreck people’s lives to feed and talk nonsense about evils they do to people because the race people belong do it to them and they never get this chance unless socialists wreck people’s lives to run small businesses they can keep an eye on everybody with which is not going anywhere – it is rather simple, if they want their freedoms they stay away from me and stay away from my earnings, no point clinging to products they have no wish to purchase, respect or appreciate like that – no point thinking there will be no consequences for talking rubbish in public about inclusion and civility after wrecking people’s lives to make them a target for extremists which is what these abuses are all about with that big mouth seeking to make people commit murderous crimes and talking nonsense about detaching Church from Parliament and so on and never keeping those stupid cultures and societies where they are nice to those it applies. So they do say I speak but am scared of them but everybody knows what that means and how it will end and that each time I deal with it they always say I am on a path to social and cultural genocide. I am not being forced by them to do anything as they normally claim all I say and do is propelled by them – I mean dirty old bastard is a media boss and has a problem understanding the inane danger involved is feeling as though he needs to handle my anus and penis and put me right all the time; he also says he belongs in a secret society concerning which matter I have warned them to work hard to keep the address outside of my knowledge because I will become a real problem as well if I find out since it is not clear why people think those whose faith holds together their government office should be having their anus and penis probed by their perversions and vile nonsense they claim is associated with their culture. It is not something I lose sleep over, it just makes sense that some people love to play their game for them and find others to goad all the time and for the industry ones I have warned them that I might be a happy person for a change in their stupid lives but for the rest especially civil rights ones I say little about these matters because we will hear the stories on it very soon enough indeed too. They do say I expect to make people’s lives so violent they take it out on celebrities they raised to create problems for me but I have not actually been thinking about that when we have instead been dancing around this power issue for enough times and something needs to be done to shut them up: we on the left and we on the right are the power mongers and the rest of you are just low lives, where everything they want as a result must involve handling me and or my possessions and have a real problem taking a hint. Their black people have no principles and need to be seen having voted for the party that ends up in government at all times: thus for that somebody must be made an object of suffering which I am not just because I provoke myself to invite them and they chose to see it how they interpret it on media which is their salvation but every time they recover with it they start again – they say they are the ones solving real problems for society on this basis of course whereas the reality is that they get into government office to spend tax payer funds on these spiritually twisted scum that then gain an impetus from that too and now they have personal life problems and want to sacrifice somebody in order to feel important and their stupid eyes have been set as high as it can look with a big mouth as well: otherwise it is usually a self resolving issue that fools like these who do the devils work for him with their own hands are likely to keep an eye on your personal space to the effect of being able to get sex out of you while you are trying to study which makes you so angry that you are unable to make the grades happen all the time so they might claim you are stupid – no matter how intense they feel their foolish behaviour should be to3ward you however the point is that at a certain stage they move on unless there is tax payer money and media involved and that is the problem we have and yes we do hear them say they handle my business and I have no idea as such thereof why it is that they complain when they have no wish to put an end to accumulating the costs of that behaviour considering I had sanitised my business to a point where anybody else’s involvement amounts to criminal activity while for them the need to bully royalty and equate is the answer to everything and it will go on for eternity as well and I am not in any way fatigued either. I am not in any way worse off by any means – the reality around that is the simple fact that they are not going anywhere with my work and I will invest in it whenever I see fit and am not in any way concerned about the black community ones either, those know I have a reputation of impudence to live up to with respect to their cultures and societies, like they love to get on public places and pull my legs all the time otherwise they cannot get by. I mean they are lazy and they are lazy; the way a merit society works for them is when civil rights gets it from others but the laziness that beats me is the part about their relationships with their close family being other peoples fault and so on – it is actually on a unique scale that have never been seen before and is about nothing but black idiots controlling their kids who have talent and counting me as one of them being something they do because they have respect for nothing in their stupid lives – in the 80s it was a matter of hunting those who looked like they have the personality of Kings, in the 90s it was about popular culture fame and fortune, now we are in the 21st century and it starts off being about Political dominance, so I do wonder if anybody has seen a pattern emerging thus the idea I need to do them favours all the time and more so do them those thus favours whenever anyway. The whites like to think they are a problem but they are the ones that show the case for idiots that will attend school in hell unless they have a hate figure that you wait for at the jobs market for wrecking your academic work only to find that was never enough and hence it will thus be like that the next time as it were: they say I get to feel the way they feel living among those they hate but that is always after coming to their country means that they take a long time to cause you a lot of suffering and distress just so that might take everything from you and then see fear in your eyes whenever they say something about leaving their Country when you fail to co-operate with their needs: so when they tell me they are only doing to me what black people have done to them it makes no sense whatsoever from that angle as it were and not least because they complain thus but seek out and attack those who are not doing it on account they are the almighty dominant population. So when I say a need to wring my sales out of them they think I am bluffing and there is no way of making that happen but it is the same old story i.e. when they feel that you will extract with interest from their side of society damages they do to your work they will understand and the none white ones will lower class rich people with a big mouth tend to extricate some shame for their actions from that as well but I couldn’t care less – we all know this does not work unless they feel you are a problem for them at the global markets as well. The question of giving away everything because I cannot be bothered about taking advice is not based on factual assessment – what is happening is that games of perception by media has resulted in Americans providing leadership that fosters the use of my Royal order to solve problems and they even issue such insults as how that is not my size and how that is more suitable for them and so on; so it does get to a point and I intend to suffocate them over the time period they spend in my world just as they know staying out of it and the markets and the Literary empire is the way to get their silly lives back at present: I am aware the questions are about whether or not this matter can be identified but of course with respect to which we all know that working together to resolve crime small and serious and or organised as a co-operative community is an entirely different thing from one extricated from somebody’s government office and State provided security for those who are not availed to chase the matters by themselves – they know that they dont get to use Tony Blair or Ed Miliband or Barrack Obama’s office in that way but have become increasingly comfortable with using mine and will do nothing about their issues except deploy it at Popular culture and television and radio and so on and it is something I intend to break and crush as well – they know the one they are messing around with is unique to me. It never makes any sense people clinging to products they do not appreciate or like in that way and it is always before they complain about wealth inequality or bad treatment working for a Company.

I hear it is said I am known for messing up men but they will complain, certainly not when women tell them they cannot see my face or get involved and that they should not – so that when I keep an open reception for my Court they think they should talk through to me with my media equipment and complain: apparently of which in their stupid minds the only problem there were to be would have been popular culture scum looking into my face like the ladies do when things are tough and then it would be the only problem and then I would have to put my back to it and then it would be over and that would have been the end. Like that old case of a problem it is said I have with socialists who seem to be able to impose on others the sensibility that they are bad so others can better know how to be good and then share the wealth at a later date which is why wealth distribution is so important to them. The part about not being candid about extremism is all very well – these days their white counterparts with that big mouth say I am a plaything for their so called underground organise army of really disturbed greed freaks who know a thing or two about violence and love the filthy acts of bullying so much but most of all which it seems that it is not being considered that it is those who hold Christians responsible for extremism of Muslims that are not being candid about extremism. The Black golliwog types whose deviance is out of your league and beyond your financial reach each time they have found ways of getting hands on your earnings to pay for it as well – they look like they want to beat you up like a big brother all the time from that angle and claim you are destructive when it comes to other peoples fame and fortune careers: it is never my fault that they are the best physical representation of all that is filthy about being evil, it is their problem to reconcile being that filthy with a process of having a career is bullying and extricating fame and fortune from it. I hear they say nothing I do pleases them but nobody really cares, they are where the rock bottom is and everything beyond that is the way up and they need to keep their filthy hands off my book sales. It does seem they have not yet understood my deep hatred for wickedness excused on claims it makes people do good things and least of all because of the activities of Americans who are actually with their insolent celebrity culture democracy and popular culture of corruption, the biggest beneficiaries of what I get up to in that respect as well: they would rather believe like idiots love to think they are Gods gift to the world, that they can control me and whom I want to have International relations with.

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