Industry goons and Celebrities have said it is quite great that in all I have done, I have ended up in a difficult situation as well. The truth is rather that I have not ended up in anything that remotely appears as they have described, if I had only ended up chasing the business of a spike in my stress levels and a sickening feeling that comes with it because the whole business of being myself has been blocked by fools who are superior to me and were using it to facilitate their own financial wellbeing, by which my whole life had come to a stop yet again and it did not matter if they were having so much fun disobediently - it simply means I have ended up doing so to a stage where I had adopted the mind state of a miserable person while I am really an excessively happy individual. The Moral of the story being that they might want to keep an eye on a need to ensure whenever they get jobs from Companies, they concentrated on those jobs, instead of dig up the Company and search it for characters that may be doing a special thing for it and set about wrecking whatsoever they wanted to make their stupid lives easier, I will be getting my hands on the jobs all together, the next time I feel completely detached from my existence itself in such ways and therefore completely unable to control my own body. For their part they say I have omitted the reason they hated me besides everything they needed to do to find an excuse and ensure they got to share what I had and spent it on their stupid selves at any cost and that it concerns a time that I took up a job as a Private security Industry guard which I did and the time was spent being abused by them running off pinhead insults at me with CCTV, that allowed their idiocy build communities that got to chase my bum even while I was at the role, while I ended up with a mind state that was weaved into the whole process of what people were doing in terms of their imagination getting around my backside and private parts, I too for my part had made it quite clear where I stood and now there is no love lost on both sides where they promise another excuse to spend my property on themselves was a matter of disciplining their stupidities showing up to play with the security guard job the same way they play with the academic work and Bookshop, since neither they nor their children can now put me out of their minds and tend to beat themselves to the loo every day as well, they will spend my property to recover but then again which the main case still stands i.e. I supposed they wanted to know what usually happened with a shop - so I had made it clear it was a matter of good arriving at the Ports and being carried down in very big Cars to the Shops where they were displayed and people only needed to take the one they were interested in and get down to the tills for it, while what happens in a Bookshop is that an Author puts pen to paper and then sells it as it were and I have caught up with my own life again, now determined to ensure any who repeats this nonsense gets to feel me for it too - I tired of tolerating the media comments about my concerns and I need to get around to my Public image and my Books thereof.

By far the biggest problem we have here is that of Journalists and Celebrities picking up my work as something which helps to support their own, instead of buying Books at the Shop and I really cannot tell how hard it is for them to stop doing this and to acquire Books I have written each time they showed up near the shop anyway. The consequences in question being that they start their day making comments about my concerns and end their day the same way, trashing the market to improve their lives, if I had managed to move them on during the day, they perform routines that trashed client interests, most popular of those routines being the claim I simply cannot handle the fact they were financially better off than I am. So, I am rather done with it – needs stop picking up my work and ensure it did not leave without a paid for copy of my Book for every involvement with my concerns and needed to stop making comments on my Public image to pursue its concerns in safety after the stupid personal decisions it had made which is incredibly rude thereof too.

I. Uno I

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