The claim is rife of course that I like women that are past their days of youth and beauty so that they do not get to bother me as it were but of course we will never be caught dead seeing a girl stay off fame and fortune and the process of getting around to find evil and stupid men who will aid them with money and protection so they can run errands between me and extremists. Maybe they will marry me and I will kill them and they will let me be, I have no idea but itís usually the way it goes or something like that. Maybe I will marry the older version of them whether I like it or not, I donít know, I just think that somebody will end up one day opening heir doors to their worst nightmare before it becomes something important. I donít think it is apocalyptic as such however for my part; its just the way they like their stuff and I cannot tell them not to like their stuff that way i.e. while you act as an adult to protect Children from Pornography, Popular culture and media corruptions, some children grow into it; its their stuff the way they like it and I cannot stop them, the problem is that rubbish about how my life hinges on how they feel in their tummy and how they must have access to things I own that will help them enforce their stupid irresponsible will around here and it will not lead to a good ending either because I always feel there is something they need to loose to exist where they orientate with their thoughts normally so I can have some peace of mind. I mean how many Popular culture do I prevent them from getting into anyway, how many media corruptions and how many pornographies even when they wreck something as important as my earnings bearing in mind they need access to it to enforce that their stupid will around here? in the end the way their grown ups say it works is that they want to have things the way I am having it but more importantly in a condition where their age is reflected and therefore preferences made and no body hears them complain about that yet as it were, with media life will be explained obviously. They have not done these things to me as such, I just like the fights; some will claim it is a process of looking for trouble but anybody would if his successes are explained away as some injustice that the powers that be create to give things to children that children do not deserve in order to ensure they are being insulted; fuck them and fuck those stupid girls of theirs too Ė the fights I really love anyway. There is now an aspect of my career that completely depends on it and I intend to spend all of that culture in the processes as well like the child that insults his fathers. I am not saying it is a fight all round the peaceful part is where they think children should grow into popular culture, pornography and media corruptions and no body holds it against them until they change their lives and want to order you around claiming it is what your Christianity promised; so I want to spend all of it as well, hence the financial benefits. Crushing daddy wants to be famous thing is just the job on the other hand, I have simply going through a few things that mean it is a clear cut profession; as I said before they think children should grow unto media corruption and pornography and popular culture but those who think otherwise will always end up doing things that serve them anyway, so we can see that while they complain about some damaged culture around here everybody who looks can see the damage they have done in the first place before that started to happen. And we have not even begun to discuss what happens when I set up my firm and write some books at this early stage of my career while they want to do damage to my finances and use it as blackmail to have the latter stage and use it as means to effect social equality, not begun talking about their insolent social equality and the link between an idiot that hates work wanting to play out his deviances in your office instead of find a job which gets support from politicians and brings about economic crisis, we have not even begun to talk about what is supposed to have been a latter aspect of my firm which they think I keep secrete so that I can continue to be superior to others and how it means none of the books written at this early stage will sell while they are at it and worse still the books written at the latter stage which they seem to demand have an even worse forecast, these are just some of the games they love in the worst imaginable places to do them as it were, knowing how quickly they will spread, while they complain and seek social equality, social justice and wealth equality to.

So naturally there is always the talk I speak like I do but will get into trouble reason being that they like to vote their Labour Party that wants criminals to gain access to peoples finances so they can use their position for power and while they are at it, when it is impossible use the welfare system to push themselves beyond the edge, claiming they do it because they wanted to be me and I refused to them. They love to say they are not trying to kill me of course even though they threaten it all the time and link me with any deaths reported on media but that if I did die it would have been my fault as well with a big mouth and it makes me wonder as I have mentioned before, how Mr Idiots son or daughter got elected into government office to sit around doing such things. I have mentioned popular culture offensively forcing itself on and getting involved with me anyway so it should not be a mystery at this point. All they do suggests they know nothing about me however while they boast all the time especially the really insolent black bully girls, that they know me inside and out.

Of course there is talk I never let popular culture people get involved with women like they should. The problem first of all being that we are not pals and there is the fact I am somebody whose temperaments is a fantasy for many people who hold positions of government at the British establishment, of which their stupid women on the other hand are things that everybody wishes a wind from somewhere will come and clean up because of their appetite for destruction and wickedness but it gets worse because then they abuse me so intensely I cannot sell my books in these circumstances and set out to have sex with women I get involved with through earning the perks of my job for a living and leaving me penniless so they can boast about hurting me again when I refuse to cooperate all the time. Of course there was always going to be revenge for it and real ones at that too, we are not mates. My point at this stage therefore is the question of what will happen if I block people from getting involved with women? They know that stupid fame and fortune as they do it these days is done on the basis of attacking and abusing me, so it is something they know happens faraway from what they deserve but expect to keep it for the rest of their lives and are actually hoping that to be the case, so when I am finished with it, depending on how I feel, I will chase and cut it down and destroy it completely as well, so they can continue to hang around if they want, even when I have made it clear they can end a process where I am penniless on account they exist by moving on. Its just one of those matters about which people get off and gamble their civil rights; they say there is little I can do to defend myself because so many things exist which count against me and one of those they say is the colour of my skin, the other is whether or not I have marriage to a white person in my family to lean on etc and it is not the only occasion they turn up to compare sizes with me and do the winding up of people until they become extremists, then trap me somewhere to share their suffering as the people who look into the matter in order to secure decadent futures for their stupid children where they can be rich and famous; it seems to have been really cheap for the scumbags too as it were. In 2001 I was the wind from another place that came in to blow away those their stupid evil women for the Queen, today it seems everything is working against that property and that I am loosing it and so the only thing that shows for that as well is that it happens because they cannot live in their own lives, so which are these women I prevent them from getting involved with exactly anyway?

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland