Now the idea I am being bullied is utter rubbish; there is a lot of bullying being targeted at me but it does not necessarily mean I am being bullied. I mean it happens so many times I can describe how it works i.e. people annoy me so often that I build it up in public for them and they get angry all the time without knowing why endlessly, this therefore also means that they approach me with their regular bullying every time taking not into account the fact I have had enough of them and basically always think they do because they want to see a reaction and then because I refuse to react they will then copy my tenacity and my self confidence and my self control and use it to solve their problems immediately which is where I in turn also want their personal lives and they can go get the gangs. It does not mean in any case that I do not feel like getting hold of them and establishing a relationship between me and them and their boyfriends so I can enforce sex all the time at every point they do anything either – I feel that way all the time and it is the old story of how people like me live in a Country that is killing us but we are living through anyway, provided it does not kill them first that is as it were; the important thing is of course that if their modern and flashy lives means something to them they will live like that and leave me alone lest I do their own as well again. As for the part where terrorist attacks in London is people that are linked to me because such persons come from Nigeria where my Birth Parents come from, there is not an issue with that either from where I am; the reality of it is that old matter of how I interfere with peoples work in places of government that I should not, when the fact remains that all the people I speak about and do things with are directly affiliated to me and not them and hence have nothing to do with any of them but the bottom line of what they think and say must always be that I endure some form of violence while the facts are being cleared up. Hence on this occasion they have been cleared up over terrorism on British soil hence may it continue to be that important before they get a response from me, since it could be so easily sorted out by a process where they get involved with a writer through his books? The reality of course is that all these women I get involved with are women that are at the helm of running the Country, in Business, public service, Civil Service, the NHS etc and so the Consortium was finished a long time before even the Working Court was created and these women have never really been happy about the idea of me doing something that is sexually inappropriate because they live on the temperaments that I share in my relationship with God – so it has got nothing to do with anybody else and I cannot make out where their opinions have popped up from except I imagine it is the usual stuff where they impute violence into all I say and do and wait around for more and yes they think they are stupid to that effect and will know and will be clever and will understand by the time I am done as well, even though they believe having mentioned such things create risks; for of course it is common knowledge to all except them that I am considered the figure head of Saxon Heritage in the Country and yet do speak and act to reflect that too, when I mention men that shave their heads are usually men that a certain group of women consort and racism is not something that was either invented or is actually practiced in the UK or more so frequently, so yes when they speak like that it does indicate they want one of those stories about social inequality to emerge since we all know they are a public menace who believe that others should fold their hands and watch them while they lie their way and conspire their way into controlling public services and industries and the business world. Apparently of which it seems that when I speak it means nothing only that more violence needs to be imputed and will continue with such stubbornness until it goes badly wrong as well.

I. Uno I                                                                        

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.